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Updated August 31, 2018 - 11:01 PM EDT
US: Syria Quagmires Will 'Get Us What We Want'
  In Syria's Rebel-Held Idlib, Fighters Brace for Upcoming Offensive
Israel DM Says Iran's Activities Slowing in Syria
  DM: Israel Won't Honor Deals Reached on Post-War Syria
America Has Blood on Its Hands in Yemen
  Yemen Data Project: Air Raids Intensify in Sa'ada and Al-Hudaydah
US Announces Defunding of UN Refugee Agency
  240 Palestinians Injured by Israeli Forces in Friday's Protest
  Obama's Options Were Limited by Netanyahu, Lobby: Ben Rhodes
Iran Rejects French Call for Talks, Citing 'Bullying'
  Will Iran Leave Syria?
  IAEA: Iran Fully Complies With Nuclear Deal Restrictions
US Intel Agencies See Afghan War Going Poorly
item The US Has Blood on Its Hands in Yemen, and Can't Wash It Off  by Jonah Shepp
item The Terrifying Take-Away From Maduro Assassination Attempt  by Michael Horton
item Your Government Has a Secret Kill List. Is That OK With You?  by Tom Emswiler & Will Isenberg
item McCain as Confederate  by Sam Husseini
item Israel's Lynch Mobs Hunting Arabs Are Fueled by Govt Incitement  by Noam Shuster Eliassi
item US Military Presence in Africa: All Over Continent and Still Expanding  by Arkady Savitsky

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Will Iran
Leave Syria?

by Mohammed Ayoob
Rebel Leader Alexander Zakharchenko Killed in Explosion in Ukraine
Pakistan Closes Consulate in Jalalabad
Colorado Man Sentenced to 11 Years for Aiding Uzbek Militants
Putin to Attend Syria Peace Talks in Iran
Nicaragua Orders Expulsion of UN Rights Delegation
US Sees Assault on Idlib as Escalation of Syria Conflict: Pompeo
Russia Says Syria Has Right to Chase Rebels Out of Idlib
In Syria's Last Rebel Stronghold, Fighters Prepare for Final Battle, Aid Workers Brace for Disaster
Syria Rebels Destroy Bridges in Anticipation of Offensive
Turkey Designates Syria's Tahrir Al-Sham as Terrorist Group
494 Killed in Iraq During August
Turkey's Erdogan Says Turkey Needs S-400 Missile Defense Systems
Turkey Must Free Prisoners to Mend Ties With EU, Germany Says
Germany to Boost Funding to UNRWA as US Pulls Back
Netanyahu Supports US Move to Halt Funding of Palestinian Refugee Agency
US Aid Cuts for Refugees Won't End 'Right of Return,' Palestinians Say
Video: Palestinian Child Forced to Scale Israeli Military Fence to Reach Home in Hebron
Libya Closes Tripoli Airport After Rockets Fired
Aid Group Warns of Militia Fighting in Libya's Tripoli
30 Dead in Tripoli Militia Clashes as Rights Groups Warn Refugees, Migrants Caught Up in Crossfire
Ugandans Protest After Lawmakers Detained at Airport
Russia in Talks With Eritrea to Set Up Port Project
13 Ex-Chiquita Aides Face Trial on Paramilitary Funding
Whereabouts of Two Former Colombian Rebels Unknown
Colombia Says Rebels Must Free 19 Captives for Peace Talks to Resume
US Sells 11 Mln Bbls of Oil From Reserve to Exxon, Five Other Firms, Before Iran Sanctions
UK Minister Visits Iran for First Time Since Trump Quit Nuclear Deal
Gulf Nations
UAE Used Israeli Spyware 'To Target Qatari Emir, Saudi Prince'
Saudi Arabia Hints at Plan to Turn Qatar Into an Island
Saudi Arabia's Mohammed Bin Salman Charmed the West, but Rules at Home With an Iron Fist
11 Killed in Afghan Forces Operation in Nangarhar
Roadside Bomb Kills 5 Afghan Border Police
Officials Concerned Over Taliban Movements in Kabul District
Peace Activists 'Threatened and Insulted' by Taliban in Baghlan
US Accuses China of 'Super Aggressive' Spy Campaign on Linkedin
China Says Lots of Countries Take Steps to Prevent Terrorism
Japanese Defense Ministry Requests Record Budget of 5.3 Trillion Yen
Myanmar Military Releases 75 Child Soldiers From Service
Terrorists Release Abducted Kin of Kashmiri Cops
Russia to Treat Killing of East Ukraine Rebel Leader as 'International Terrorism'
Blast at Russian Explosives Plant Kills Three, More Missing
Dutch Police Identify Amsterdam Stabbing Suspect as 19-Year-Old Afghan
Germany Warns on Serbia-Kosovo Land Swap Idea
Guatemala Not Renewing Mandate of UN Anti-Corruption Body
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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