"My illness has sharpened some of my perceptions, and focused on others, one of which is the question: Okay, so what have we accomplished, exactly, after 23 years of Antiwar.com?" asks Justin Raimondo, in his tour de force column.

Without Antiwar.com, ordinary readers may never have learned about neoconservatism, a term once reserved for political scientists, and its role in shaping public policy for support of the Iraq war. This meant going up against the USG, political elites, post-911 nationalism and often other libertarians.

For our trouble, Justin notes that Antiwar.com doesn't receive awards or public recognition. We don't need it. We have the support of our donors. And the biggest reward of all: being right.

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Updated October 5, 2018 - 7:48 PM EDT
US Gen. Warns of Rising Afghan Battlefield Losses
  US Soldier Killed in Combat in Afghanistan
  Afghan Govt Says No to Private and Profit-Driven War
China Warns US to Show Military Restraint
  Pence Says China Meddling in US Elections Despite Lack of Evidence
Mattis: US to Respond to Russia 'Violation' of Arms Treaty
  US Envoy: Should Preemptively Destroy Russian Warheads
As Fighting Escalates in Hodeidah, Risk of Famine Grows
Pentagon Claims Broad Power to Conduct Strikes
Scientists: US Military Program May Be Seen as Bioweapon
item Don't Let Skepticism Kill a Chance for Real Detente With North Korea  by Andrew Yeo & David Kang
item The Forever War's Liberal Cheerleaders  by Lyle Jeremy Rubin
item The Saudi Lobby Juggernaut  by Ben Freeman
item NATO Welcomes Another Military Midget  by Doug Bandow

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Pentagon Quarantine 'Sparked by Castor Seeds' Not Ricin Poison
Trump May Fire Air Force Secretary Over Space Force Pushback
Navy Vet Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Poison Mattis and Top Navy Officer
Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE Pledge $10b for Bahrain
Basra Water Sickens EU Envoy; 14 Killed in Iraq
Pompeo Says Iran Is Source of Threats to Americans in Iraq
US General Slams Russia's Deployment of S-300 Missiles in Syria
Turkey Demands List of Names, Weapons of Rebels in Planned Demilitarized Zone in NW Syria
Turkey Will Not Leave Syria Until Syrian People Have an Election, Erdogan Says
Some Aid Agencies Halt Use of Syrian Border Gate, Citing Jihadists' Taxes on Trucks
ISIS Execution of Druze Woman Enrages Community
No Longer Under ISIS Control, How Has Raqqa Changed?
US Not Seeking War With Iran: Top General
Iran Faces Sensitive Time Due to America, Economic Woes: Khamenei
Yemen at Risk of Famine as Fierce Battle for Port Causes Chaos
UN Envoy Says Top Priority in Yemen Is Fixing the Economy
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Embassy Video Claims al-Qaeda Likes Iran but Proves the Opposite
Saudi Ambassador in Turkey Summoned After Journalist 'Vanishes' From Consulate
Seven Turkish Soldiers Killed, Three Wounded in Kurdish Militant Attack
Erdogan Says He Will Consider Referendum on Turkey's EU Bid
Official Documents Prove: Israel Bans Young Americans Based on Canary Mission Website
Israeli Court Rejects American Visa-Holding Student's Appeal; to Be Deported for Backing BDS
Israel Reinforces Troops Outside Gaza as Border Protests Enter Seventh Month
Jerusalem to Remove UNRWA To 'End Lie of Palestine Refugees'
Border Cop Imprisoned for Killing Palestinian Teen Requests Pardon
China/Hong Kong
China Slams US Over Shelved Security Talks
Pence Accuses China of 'Malign' Campaign to Undermine Trump
Former Hong Kong Minister Patrick Ho Accused of Being Illegal Arms Dealer by US Prosecutors
North Korea
Pompeo Optimistic Pyongyang Trip Will Yield US-North Korea Progress
US Sanctions Turkish Firm, North Korean Diplomat for Weapons Trade
US Urges Afghan Taliban to Seize Opportunity for Dialogue
Pakistan Urges Restraint by New US Envoy for Afghan Peace
Pakistan Tells 18 International NGOs to Leave
Two Teenage Girls Killed, 16 Injured in Landmine Blast in Southern Afghanistan
French Army Carries Out Air Strikes in Burkina Faso After Islamist Attack
Congo Accuses EU of Election Interference for Maintaining Sanctions
13 Killed in Central Nigeria After Farmer-Herder Clash
Last of South Sudan Rebels in Congo Exile Leave for Home, Third Countries
Ethiopia Government Failing to Protect People From Ethnic Violence: Rights Commission
UNSMIL Reports 40 Civilian Casualties, 18 Deaths and 22 Injuries in Libya During September
Russia Calls Dutch Chemical Weapons Watchdog Hacking Claims Absurd
Protest Erupts in Southern Russia Over Land Swap Deal With Chechnya
As Russia Courts India, Help From a Surprising Corner: US Sanctions
Ukraine, Hungary Expel Consuls as Passport Row Deepens
Ex-Argentine President Menem Found Not Guilty in Arms Case
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