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Updated October 16, 2018 - 9:16 PM EDT
Saudis to Admit Journalist Died by 'Interrogation'
  Saudi Embassy in DC Cancels Annual Diplomatic Reception

US Companies Back Out of Saudi Events as Tensions Mount

  Turkish Police Have Audio of 'Khashoggi Killing in Consulate'
  Saudis Break 45-Year Taboo With Threat to Use Oil as Weapon
Yemen on Brink of 'Worst Famine in 100 Years'
  Saudis Strike Bus in Yemen, 17 Civilians Killed
  Aid Groups Decry 'Routine' Killing of Yemen's Civilians
Afghan Council Slams Talk of US Withdrawal
  Scores of Taliban Killed in Afghanistan Fighting
US Mercs Hired to Assassinate Mideast Politicos
Koreas, US-Led UN Command Discuss Disarming Border
Syria Warns They'll Fight Jihadists if They Reject Idlib Deal
item Is This the Break With Saudi Arabia We've Been Waiting For?  by Michael Horton
item Khashoggi Was No Critic of Saudi Regime  by As'ad AbuKhalil
item US, Saudi Arabia in the Wake of Khashoggi Affair  by Mohammed Ayoob
item Gaza: The Most Important Story Not Covered by MSM  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item Few Democrats Offer Alternatives to War-Weary Voters  by Jeff Cohen
item Making Amends for Korematsu  by Mike Riggs

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Jerusalem Jews Behind the Israeli Conduit Funneling Money to Canary Mission
Microsoft Employees Urge Company Not to Pursue $10 Billion Pentagon Contract
Military Installations Eyed for US Fuel Exports
Ecuador Tells Assange: Curb Speech, Look After Cat
Saudi Arabia
Donald Trump Sends Mike Pompeo to Meet With the King of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia to Hold Investment Forum Despite Key Speakers Pulling Out

Saudi Media Casts Khashoggi Disappearance as a Conspiracy, Claims Qatar Owns Washington Post

Trump Says 'Rogue Killers' Could Be to Blame for Saudi Journalist
Report Says WWE Talent Uncomfortable With Performing in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Threatens Anyone Spreading 'Fake News' Online With 5 Years in Prison, Heavy Fines
Khashoggi Situation Won't Stop Saudi Arms Sales, but Could Slow Them
Bahrain Minister Backs Boycott of Uber Over Khashoggi Case
Three Pakistani Forces Killed, Eight Wounded in Battle With Afghan Forces: Official
Rocket Attack Kills Civilian, Wounds 15 Others in Afghanistan
Three Million Afghans in 'Urgent' Need of Food: UN
Kim Says North Korea Has Made Many Concessions to Japan on Abduction Issue
Google CEO Tells Senators That Censored Chinese Search Engine Could Provide 'Broad Benefits'
Catholic Priest Killed in Northern Mexico
US: Cuba's Political Prisoners Are 'Affront' to Democracy
In Rare Remark, Trump Envoy Greenblatt Condemns 'Reprehensible' Killing of Palestinian Woman
Israeli Fire Wounds 32 Palestinians in Gaza Beach Protest
Palestinian Shot Dead Trying to Stab Israeli Soldier
Israeli Forces Injure 5, Arrest 4, as Tensions Rise in Khan Al-Ahmar
Bucking Boycott, Palestinian Eyes Seat in Jerusalem City Hall
Australia Considers Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital
Middle East
Iraq Roundup: 51 Bodies in ISIS Mass Grave; Three Killed in Iraq
Yemen's Hadi Sacks PM as Country Struggles Amid Ongoing War, Economic Crisis
15 Injured in Palestinian Refugee Camp Fighting in Southern Lebanon
Syria's Gates to Neighboring Countries Start Opening After Years of Isolation
Pompeo to Visit Turkey After Saudi Arabia: White House
British Academic Charged With Spying Charges in UAE
Libya's Haftar Prepares to 'Liberate' Tripoli
Egypt Says Security Forces Kill Nine 'Terrorists' in Nile Raid
'Dark Days' Over: Gambia Launches Truth, Reconciliation Body
Aid Worker Killed in Nigeria After Islamists' Deadline Expires: Government
Serb Official Denounces US Ambassador Over Kosovo
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