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Updated November 20, 2018 - 9:09 PM EST
Bomb at Kabul Religious Gathering Kills 60
  Taliban: No Deadline for Ending Afghan War Reached in Meetings
  Trump, Pakistan PM Engage in War of Words on Twitter
Saudis Resume Attacks on Yemen's Hodeidah
  Yemen's Houthis Seek Truce, Halt Attacks
  House Dems Mistakenly Cast Votes Blocking Yemen War Debate
Pentagon Denies Killing Civilians in E. Syria
Hawks Putting US on Course for War With Iran: Report
Saudi FM Dismisses CIA Assessment of Khashoggi Killing
Pentagon Backs Off Report of Border Troop Drawdown
item Nexus of Evil: The Cynical Saudi-Israeli Alliance  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item Pentagon Fails First Audit, Neocons Demand More Spending!  by Ron Paul
item How the New York Times Deceived the Public on North Korea  by Tim Shorrock
item Still No Peace on Earth  by David Stockman
item Trump Didn't Wreck the 'Liberal International Order'  by Ted Carpenter
item The Reason for Killing Iranians  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Societe Generale Fined $1.3 Billion for US Sanctions Violations
Dem Senator Demands Public Intel Assessment on Khashoggi Killing
China's Xi Visits Manila to Deepen Ties With US Ally
Trump Admin to Designate Venezuela as State Sponsor of Terrorism
Bodies of Kidnapped Pilgrims Found; 22 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Children Continue to Suffer Conflict, Inequality in Last 7 Years: UNICEF Report
Shi'ite Militias Prevent US Planes From Landing at Iraq Airbase
General Electric Pursues Power Sales in Iraq, but Report Spotlights Corruption
US Now Openly Endorsing Israel's Annexation of Syrian Golan
Syrian Army Says ISIS Cleared From Southeastern Desert
Israeli Fire Wounds AP Cameraman, 24 Palestinians
Palestinians Welcome Airbnb Settlement Ban as Israel Fumes
Haley Scolds UN Envoy for Saying Israel, Gaza Should Both Show Restraint
US Cuts in Palestinian Refugee Aid Mitigated by New Pledges
'Israel Stopped Winning': Bennett Slams Netanyahu, but Won't Quit Government
Lieberman Slams Bennett for Staying in Government
Russia Brings Kabul and Taliban to the Table
Taliban Holds Talks With US Envoy in Qatar
Afghan Peace Deal Crucial Before Elections: High Peace Council
Cambodian PM Says Won't Allow Any Foreign Military Base in His Country
Russian Arms Exporter Is Lowest Bidder for India's $3 Billion Air Defense Tender
US Navy Hospital Ship Anchors in Colombia, Provides Care to Venezuelan Refugees. Caracas Is Upset.
US Charges Venezuelan Tycoon Tied to Government for Bribery
Violent Protest at New Venezuelan Migrant Camp in Colombia
Cuba Eyes EU's Planned Iran Sanctions-Busting System
Red Cross Worker, 3 Police Dead in Attack in Southern Mexico
Haiti: Six Killed in Anti-Corruption Protests
EU Open to Iran Sanctions After Foiled France, Denmark Plots: Diplomats
Rouhani Says Iran to Continue Oil Exports and Resist US Economic War
Iranian Kurdish Fighters Kill, Injure Three Iranian Soldiers
Yemen's Saudi-Backed Govt to Attend Peace Talks
Yemen's Ansarullah Says Ready to End All Military Operations
Saudi Arabia
Trump Seeks to Preserve US-Saudi Alliance as CIA Links Crown Prince to Khashoggi Murder
Trump: I Don't Know if Salman Lied to Me, Skips Question on Weapons Sales
After Khashoggi Murder, Some Saudi Royals Turn Against King's Favorite Son
'You Traitor': Turkey Paper Reveals New Khashoggi Murder Audio
Saudi King Praises the Crown Prince, Insists Palestinian Issue Top Priority for the Kingdom
Germany Imposes Travel Ban, Arms Freeze Over Khashoggi
Saudi Aramco Halts Plan for Massive Corporate-Bond Sale
Raids in Turkey Over Failed 2016 Coup
Putin Says Russia Will Retaliate if US Quits Nuclear Missile Treaty
Russia Accuses Kremlin Critic Browder of Ordering Lawyer's Murder
Russia, West Clash Over Chemical Arms Watchdog's New Powers
Brexit Turmoil Delays Deal on Britain's EU Defense Ties
'Yellow Vest' Protests Block Fuel Depots in France, Retailers Hit
US Treasury Places Sanctions on Libyan Islamist Commander Badi
Rebel Attack Forces Closure of Sole Libya Hospital
DR Congo
DR Congo Spy Agency Informant, Army Colonel Deny Role in UN Experts' Killing
Three Arrested in Alleged Terror Plot in Melbourne
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