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Updated November 26, 2018 - 8:15 PM EST
Ukraine Sets Martial Law as Russia Tensions Rise
  Russia Blocks Ukrainian Navy From Militarizing the Sea of Azov
Russia Hits Rebels Who Launched Gas Attacks
  US Envoy: US, Russian Forces Have Clashed a Dozen Times in Syria
  ISIS Kills 47 Kurdish Fighters in Eastern Syria Fighting
  US Training 30,000 Syrian Kurdish Fighters to 'Contain Iran'
27 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Mosque Bombing
  US Service Member, Two Afghan Troops Killed in Afghanistan
At Least 25 Killed in North Pakistan Bombing
Saudis Strike Houthi Supply Lines Near Hodeidah
Hamas Fears Israel Operating a Secret Base Inside Gaza
UN Waves Sanctions for Inter-Korean Railway Survey
GOP Senators Split With Trump Over Murdered Journalist
item Saudi Arabia: Brothers in Foreign Policy Crime  by Peter Van Buren
item Prosecution of Assange, America's Betrayal of Its Own Ideals  by Nozomi Hayase
item CIA's 'Surveillance State' Operating Against US All  by Sharyl Attkisson
item Trump's Foreign Policy War on Americans  by Sheldon Richman
item A Big Step for a Greater Israel  by Eric Margolis
item Who Says Economic Sanctions Work?  by Scott Ritter

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The Case for Leaving Syria
Col. Douglas Macgregor
US Agents Fire Tear Gas as Some Migrants Try to Breach Fence
Constitutional Questions Emerge About Expanding Role of Troops on US Soil
US Sought Secret Korea Talks in 1979: Documents
Israel Has Injured 24,000 Gazans in Eight Months of Protests
South Korea President Unveils 'Peace Gift' Puppies
Five UAE Soldiers Killed in Attack in Yemen
Four Yemeni Security Soldiers Killed in Suspected al-Qaeda Checkpoint Attack
Six Suspected al-Qaeda Militants Killed in Yemen Drone Strike
Bernie Sanders Confident Bill Stopping US Support of Saudi Arabia in Yemen Can Pass
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Royal Says Crown Prince Is Here to Stay
Top Democrats Accuse Trump of Lying About CIA's Jamal Khashoggi Report
Senior Saudi Prince Says CIA Cannot Be Trusted on Khashoggi Conclusion
Trump Shows He Will Turn Blind Eye to Khashoggi Killing, Turkey Says
Tunisian Activists Call for Protests Over Saudi Crown Prince Visit
Police Lieutenant Gunned Down; Four Killed in Iraq
Iraq to Open Baghdad's Fortified Green Zone to Public
Shelling Kills Five in Idlib: Syrian Observatory
'Immense Loss for Syria': Gunmen Kill Idlib Activist Raed Fares
Syrian Government and Rebels Swapped Detainees, Turkey Says
Israel Holds Major Drill to Practice Fighting Hamas and Hezbollah Simultaneously
100 Palestinians Injured in Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in Eastern Gaza: Medics
After Rescue, Gaza's Only Grand Piano Makes Public Comeback
Israel Said Working to Forge Ties With Bahrain Amid Unprecedented Gulf Opening
Israel Rearrests Palestinian Jerusalem Governor
Wikimedia Publishes Treasure Trove of Historical Pre-Israel Photos
Jerusalem Teen Dies a Week After He Was Shot by Police for Alleged Attempted Stabbing
Weekend of Hate Crimes: Anti-Arab Slogans Scrawled in Palestinian Village in Latest Act of Vandalism
Middle East
Iran Says US Claims on Tehran Chemical Weapons 'Groundless': State TV
Turkey Continues Crackdown, Arrests Kurdish Film Director
Two Colombian Soldiers Killed in Bomb Attack Blamed on ELN
Digging Up the Dead in El Salvador to Find the Truth
Protesters Clash With Police in Haiti as Death Toll Rises
Afghan Forces Bear Brunt of Rising Taliban Attacks
Head of Kabul Ulema Council Assassinated in Afghanistan
Protest at Arrest of Afghan Hazara Commander Turns Violent
UN Says Hopes for Peace in Afghanistan Are Well Founded
Residents Protest Joint Military Operation in Parwan, Afghanistan
Afghan IEC Announces Parliamentary Elections Results
Two Killed in Kandahar After Afghan Air Force Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing
Terror Attack on Chinese Consulate in Karachi Foiled; Three Terrorists Killed
Pakistan Mortar Shell Blast Kills Children
Pakistan Arrests Top Leader of Islamist Party in Lahore
Pakistan Arrests 1,100 Supporters of Detained Cleric
Indian Troops Kill Six in Kashmir as Annual Death Toll Hits Highest in a Decade
Former Special Police Officer From South Kashmir Abducted, Killed
Will EU, Japan Follow US Lead in Waging Tech Cold War Against China?
ISIS Claims 118 Killed in 'West Africa Province' After Nigeria Army Bases Attacked
Nigeria's Military Acknowledges Major Attack by Extremists
Nigerian Soldiers Lash Out in Video After Bloody Boko Haram Attack
Ahead of Nigeria's Election, Opposition Weaponizes Soldier Deaths
Nine Dead in Suspected ISIS Attack in Libya
ISIS Strikes Again in Southern Libya, Kidnaps 11
Egypt and Sudan Set Up Joint Patrols Against Cross-Border Threats from Libya
France Says Puts 30 Jihadists 'Out of Action' in Mali
Mali Says It Confirms Death of Veteran Jihadist Leader Koufa
Armed Men Kidnap 15 Girls in Southeastern Niger: Mayor
Be 'Brave' to End Deadlock, Jailed Catalan Leader Urges Spanish PM
Poland 'Intimidating' US-Owned Broadcaster Over Expose on Neo-Nazis
Three Kosovo Serbs Arrested Over Politician's Murder
Over 100 Border Markers Between Greece, Macedonia Removed
From Cyber to Military Mobility: EU Members Endorse New Defense Objectives
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