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Updated November 30, 2018 - 9:56 PM EST
Saudis, UAE Block UN Call for Yemen Ceasefire
  Pro-Saudi Lobbyists Paid 5 Senators Who Voted Against Yemen Bill
Trump Cancels Putin Meeting at G-20 Summit
  Ukraine Urges NATO to Send Warships to Confront Russia
State Dept Open to Military Option Against Iran
  Israeli Airstrikes Hit 'Pro-Iranian' Targets in Southern Syria
Trump: Experts Say US Needs to Stay in Afghanistan
  CIA Tortured Afghan to Death but Refuses to Say Where His Body Is
South Korea Groups Ready to Welcome Kim Jong Un
item A Savage 'War to End All Wars,' and a Failed Peace  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item Trump Must Not Fall for Poroshenko's 'Wag the Dog' Ploy  by Edward Lozansky & Jim Jatras
item Is Trump Admin. Pivoting the Fight in Syria Toward a War With Iran?  by Seth Harp
item Is Putin the Provocateur in the Kerch Crisis?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item The Double Standards of US Foreign Policy  by Marcelo Guadiana
item Insisting on a North Korean Nuclear Declaration Up Front Is a Big Mistake  by Siegfried S. Hecker

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CNN Commentator Fired for 'Free Palestine From River to the Sea' Comment
South Korean Conscientious Objectors Released on Parole After Landmark Ruling
Murder of 12-Year-Old Girl Shows Human Rights in Israel Are Only for Jews
Australian Spies May Get Broader Licence to Kill: Govt
Woman Killed in Saudi-Led Airstrike on North Yemen
Yemen Rebels Say Hope to Attend UN-Brokered Peace Talks
Militia Leader Among Three Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Says Yet to See Progress Under New PM
Rare Photo of Iraq's Most Senior Shi'ite Cleric
Israel Denies Report It Lost a Warplane Over Syria
Syria State TV Says Air Defenses Repelled Missile Attack
Kurdistan 24 Captures Completion of First US Observation Post on Syria-Turkey Border
US Touts New Evidence of Iranian Weaponry in Yemen, Afghanistan
Iranian Bitcoin Users Are Already Being Affected by US Sanctions
Hamas Leader Appeals to UN to Thwart 'Aggressive American Endeavors'
US Circulates UN Resolution That Would Condemn Hamas Rockets
Israel Detains 10 Suspected Palestinian Militants in West Bank Amid Night Raids
Saudi Arabia
The Saudi Women Detained for Demanding Basic Human Rights
Canada Imposes Sanctions on 17 Saudis Linked to Killing of Khashoggi
Gunfire, Threats, and Curfews Slow Congo's Fight Against Ebola
Egypt Launches Human Rights Committee, Critics Forecast No Change
Nigerian Leader: Islamic Extremists Are Now Using Drones
Uganda Helped South Sudan Breach EU Arms Embargo: Monitoring Group
Thousands at Zimbabwe's First Anti-Govt Rally Since Crackdown
Cuba Says US Unfairly Denying Diplomatic Visas
Mexico Rights Agency Slams Missing Student Probe, Cites 19 Burnt Remains Found
Ukraine to Impose Restrictions on Russian Citizens: President
EU Plays It Cautious Over Ukraine-Russia Tensions
Ukrainian Leader Says Putin Wants His Whole Country, Asks for NATO Help
Kremlin Denies Ukrainian Charge It Is Restricting Shipping Near Crimea
Russian Gas Pipeline and Ukraine Crisis Are Separate Issues: Germany
European Defence Force Would Be 'Out of Its Depth' if Deployed on Numerous Fronts, Report Claims
Kosovo Not Backing Out of Trade War With Serbia
Thousands Evacuated as WWII Bomb Defused in Cologne
Death Toll of Car Bomb Attack in Kabul Rises to 15
Powerful Former Security Chief to Run in Afghan Presidential Vote
Why Are Afghan Officials Not Announcing Election Results?
Rights Body Ask Afghan, Foreign Forces to Protect Civilians
Critics Skeptical of Afghan Govt's Will to Deliver on Its Promises
Fearing Espionage, US Weighs Tighter Rules on Chinese Students
China Says 8,000-Strong UN Peacekeeping Standby Force Ready
Google Shut Out Privacy and Security Teams From Secret China Project
Philippine Court Jails Three Police Officers for Drugs War Murder
The War at Home
Pentagon Looks to Exoskeletons to Build 'Super-Soldiers'
Microsoft Wins $480 Million Military Contract to Bring HoloLens to the Battlefield
White House Seeks Alternatives to Independent Space Force
A DC Neighborhood Group Just Voted to Rename the Street in Front of the Saudi Embassy for Jamal Khashoggi
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