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Updated December 28, 2018 - 8:13 PM EST
Dems Vow to Curb President's War Powers
Iraqi MPs Demand Withdrawal of US Troops
  Trump Tweets Video of Secretive SEAL Team Active in Iraq
Let Down by US, Kurdish Leaders Look to Russia, Assad
  SE Syrian Rebels Ready to Surrender After US Pullout
  Despite Pullout Orders, US Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria Continue
  Turkish State Media Exposes Locations of French Army Bases in Syria
US Commanders Dismiss Afghan Drawdown as 'Rumors'
  Afghanistan to Postpone Presidential Election by Three Months
item Maria Butina & the Criminalization of Citizen Diplomacy
 by Sarah Lindemann-Komarova
item The Kremlin's Trojan Horses  by Paul Robinson
item The Enduring Legacy of Reagan's Drug War in Latin America  by Michelle Getchell
item Trump – The New Antiwar Champion?  by Reese Erlich
item Thank Goodness for Trump, the Ugly American  by Gilbert Doctorow
item Our Poor, Defenseless Military Industrial Complex  by Alan MacLeod

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Declassified Papers Reveal UK Political Concerns Over US Attack on Gadhafi
Saudi King Orders Major Government Reshuffle
HSBC Divests From Israeli Arms Maker Elbit
Germany Would Oppose New Nuclear Missiles in Europe: Foreign Minister
Russia Warns Turkey to Stay Out of Syria and Let Assad Take Back Areas
Trump on Syria Withdrawal: We Give Israel Billions of Dollars, They'll Be Okay
Satellite Images Show Damage From Israeli Airstrike in Syria
Syrian Airline Makes 1st Trip to Tunisia in Years
UAE to Reopen Damascus Embassy After Seven Years
Thousands of Civilians Flee ISIS in Deir Ez-Zor: Monitor
Syria's Return to Arab League Requires Arab Consensus: UAE Minister
Bodies of Three Kidnapped Policemen Found; Six Killed in Iraq
Qais Khazali, Asaib Ahl Al-Haq Militia Head, Threatens to Expel US Forces After Trump Visit
Israel Vows to Block Palestinian Bid to Become Full UN Member
Nearly 300 Palestinians Killed, 29,000 Injured in 2018
Israeli Ex-General, Polling Closest to Netanyahu, Joins 2019 Election Race
Palestinian Govt to Ban Israeli Agricultural Products as Retaliation
France Urges Israel to Reconsider Settler Home Approvals in West Bank
Palestine Slams Israel for Destroying Two-State Solution With Settlement Expansion
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Ceasefire Breaches in Yemen's Hodeidah Continue Despite UN-Led Monitors' Presence
Saudi Dissident Vows to 'Keep Fighting' After Year of Intimidation, Arrests and Murder
Germany Considers Recruiting Foreign Nationals for Military
Explosive Device Close to Church Wounds Two in Central Athens
Mexico Says Military to Play Bigger Role in Stopping Fuel Theft
Miller Says Afghan Fight Will Continue Until Political Settlement
Airstrikes Kill ISIS Spokesman in Eastern Afghanistan
US Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan, a Step in the Right Direction: Russia
Taliban Urge US to Exit Afghanistan or Face Soviet-Style Defeat
Ex-Taliban Leader Urges Direct Talks Between Govt, Taliban
Afghan Interior Ministry Issues New Directives for Police
11 Govt Forces Wounded in Clash With Rebels in Southern Philippines
China Criticizes Outgoing US Secretary of Defense, but Offers Praise Too
Small Bombs Hit Popular Southern Thai Beach, Damaging Statue
Mongolia: Thousands Protest Corruption in Ulaanbaatar
Pakistani Party Blames Security Establishment for Killing of Former Lawmaker
DR Congo
Protesters Ransack Ebola Isolation Center
Soldiers Fire in Air to Disperse Election Protesters
DR Congo Expels EU Ambassador Ahead of Presidential Election
Boko Haram Sacks Two Military Bases in Northeast Nigeria
Suspected Killers of Nigeria Ex-Defense Chief Arrested: Police
Sudan Govt Says 19 Killed in Bread Price Protests, as Journalists Strike
Ten Burkina Faso Police Officers Killed in Ambush
Armed Chadian Group Attacks Forces Loyal to Haftar in Southern Libya
Tunisia: Police, Protesters Clash Again After Journalist's Death
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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