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Updated January 1, 2019 - 9:35 PM EST
Giuliani Says Assange Should Not Be Prosecuted
Trump Slows Syria Pullout to Four Months
  Syria's Deaths at Wartime Low in 2018 as Assad Regains Control
  Iraqi Warplanes Strike ISIS Target in Eastern Syria, Claim 30 Killed
  US Admits to Handful of Additional Civilian Deaths in ISIS War
CIA's Afghan Forces Leave Trail of Abuse, Anger
  Pentagon Peace Deal Proposes 'Job Opportunities' for Taliban
Poll: Narrow Majority Back Trump’s Drawdowns
Food Aid to Yemen 'Snatched' by US-Backed Saudi Allies
UK UFO Mystery Was 'Prank Played on USAF by SAS'
CCTV Shows Men Transporting 'Khashoggi Body Parts'
item An Anti-Militarist New Year's Resolution for America  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item What the Syria Hawks Refuse to Acknowledge  by Conor Friedersdorf
item The Benevolent Bureaucrats of Military Occupation  by Maureen Clare Murphy
item How the War Party Lost the Middle East  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Secretary of Defense Jim Webb?  by Curt Mills
item Powerful US Forces Work Against Pullout of Troops From Syria  by Robert Olson

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Poll: Majority Want Trump to Declassify Documents From Russia Investigations
Strategic Command Deletes New Year's Eve Joke About Dropping Something 'Bigger'
Suspect's Twitter Messages Played Role in NSA Hacking-Tools Leak Probe
John Bolton to Visit Israel
365 Killed or Found in Mass Graves in Iraq During December
Iraq Sentenced More Than 600 Foreigners for ISIS Links in 2018
Shi'ite Residents Trickle Back to Sinjar, Iraq Rebuild Shrines
Mass Grave Discovered in Iraq's Northern Kirkuk Province
Syria Army Allows More Pre-2011 Conscripts Home
Kuwait Expects More Arab Countries to Reopen Embassies in Damascus
'The Poor Get Nothing': in Yemen, Corruption Keeps Food and Aid From Reaching Those in Need
Baha'is Fear for Members Excluded From Yemen Prisoner Swap
US and Israel to Leave UNESCO Over Listing of Palestinian Sites
Election Polls: 6-14 Seats for Bennett and Shaked's New Right-Wing Party, Labor Party Crashes
Netanyahu: Will Not Resign During Possible Indictment Hearing
Palestinian President Says Jerusalem 'Not for Sale'
Three Minors Arrested in Connection to 'Jewish Terror Plot'
Palestinian Sentenced to Life for Selling Land to Israelis
Middle East
UAE Court Upholds 10-Year Jail Sentence of Rights Activist Mansoor
Turkey Bars German Man From Leaving Country
Bahrain Top Court Upholds Sentence Against Activist Rajab: Lawyer
Iran's Revolutionary Guards Plan to Upgrade Speed Boats With Stealth Technology
Iran Says Afghan Taliban Arrived in Tehran, Held Peace Talks
Six Civilians Killed in Afghan Operation: Residents
52 Militants Killed in Afghanistan
Colorado Guard Helicopter Unit Will Deploy to Afghanistan
Takhar District Police Chief Killed in Afghanistan Explosion
MOI to Reduce Number of Checkpoints in Kabul
Afghan Govt Appoints New Representative to UN
Indian Forces Kill Woman, Injure Nine Others in Cross-Border Firing in Kashmir
Indian Army Kills Two Suspected Pakistan Soldiers in Kashmir
Bomb Outside Shopping Center Kills Two, Wounds 28 in Philippines
China to Kick Off Year of Sensitive Anniversaries With Major Speech on Taiwan
Jimmy Carter Says US, China Should Partner in Africa
10 Troops Killed in Niger Border Clash With 'Bandits'
Burkina Faso: Islamist Attacks Prompt State of Emergency
Families Urged to Check Morgues After Egyptian Security Crackdown
Nigeria Army Masses in Monguno, Moves to Clear Boko Haram From Baga
Russia Detains US Citizen in Moscow for Suspected Spying
French Defense Minister in Jordan to Visit Troops Fighting ISIS
85 FARC Members Killed in Colombia Since Peace Accord: UN
Mexican President Decrees Tax Cuts for US Border Region
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