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Updated January 20, 2019 - 9:41 PM EST
US Kills 23 in Eastern Syria, Mostly Civilians
  US Bombs, Destroys a Mosque in Syria's Safafiyah
  Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Shells ISIS Forces in Eastern Syria
  Syria Attack Gives US Hawks, ISIS What They Want
American Anchor for Iran TV Still Jailed Without Charge
Second Trump-Kim Summit Will Be Held in Late February
Trump's Missile Policy Relies Heavily on Unproven Tech
White House: Israeli TV Report on Peace Plan Not Accurate
item Trump's Mission Impossible: Making His Unrealistic Missile Plan Work  by Joseph Cirincione
item Will Nothing Sate John Bolton's Lust for War?  by Jacob Heilbrunn
item Bill Barr's CIA Resume: Cover-Ups, Covert Operations, and Pardons  by Jefferson Morley
item Where Is the North Korean Road Map?  by Michael Haas
item Living the Nuclear Past – and Future  by Susan Southard
item War Whores Scramble to Say Syria Attack Means Troops Must Remain  by Caitlin Johnstone

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NBA Backs Decision by Knicks' Enes Kanter Not to Come to London
4,141 Latvians Were Just Outed as KGB Informants
Navy Dumps Hazardous Substances Into Puget Sound
British Officials Worried About Angering Trump Over ISIS Captives
Russia Says New US Missile Strategy Will Unleash Arms Race in Space
Russia Says Putin Has Allowed German Experts to Monitor Kerch Strait
Russian Jets Collide Over Sea of Japan; 2 Dead, 1 Missing
Ukraine Foreign Minister Says Arms Talks With US Ongoing
UK Court Rejects Case Brought by Mother of ISIS 'Beatle' Suspect
US to Lift Cyprus Arms Embargo in Security Boost
Bulgaria Detains 43 People in Raids on Suspected Terrorist Financing Ring
Oslo Stabbing Investigated as Terrorist Attack
France to Try 14 People Over 2015 Militant Attacks
Former Afghan Security Adviser Enters Race for President
Pakistan's Imran Khan's Govt Sees No Role for India in Afghanistan
US Navy Chief Does Not Rule Out Sending Aircraft Carrier Through Taiwan Strait
US Senate Revives Bill That Could Sanction China Over Treatment of Its Muslims
China, Germany to Deepen Cooperation in Financial Sector
Most South Koreans Think Moon, Not Trump, Is Leading the Way on North Korea Talks
Myanmar Army Kills 13 Rebels in Rakhine Clashes
Pakistan Army Steps Up Security Along Border With India
Indonesia to Release Suspected Bali Bomb Mastermind Bashir From Prison
Two Buddhist Monks Shot Dead in Thailand's Restive South
Singapore to Buy a Few F-35 Jets, Eyes Fleet Replacement
Four Nicaraguan Police Killed by Gang Near Costa Rica Border
Nicaragua Paper Runs Blank Front Page in Protest of Ortega Government
Colombia's ELN to Blame for Bomb Attack That Killed 21: Officials
Americans Still Dying
'Precious Son:' Army Ranger (TX) Dies From Afghanistan Combat Wounds
Fort Hood Soldier (GA) Killed at National Training Center
New Mexico Soldier Dies in Grafenwoehr Training Area, Germany
Weekend Reviews
John Mearsheimer and the Future of the Damaged Liberal Dream
Making Up Monsters to Destroy
The Jungle Grows Back: America and Our Imperiled World
Online Petitions Launched to Secure Hashemi's Release
Iran's FM Mocks John Bolton With '10-Year Challenge'
US Likely to Cut Number of Iran Oil Sanctions Waivers in May: Analysts
China's Sinopec Ready to Pour $3 Billion in Iran Oil
Bombing at Jihadist Munition Depot Kills 11 in North Syria
Rep. Ro Khanna: US Troops Are a 'Sitting Target' in Syria; It's Time to Bring Them Home
Lebanon Urges Arab League to Readmit Syria
Defense Dept Releases Names of 3 US Casualties in Syria Attack
30 Palestinians Injured in Clashes in Eastern Gaza: Medics
USAID to End All Palestinian Projects on Jan. 31st
Gaza Hospitals About to Run Out of Fuel
Palestinians Go Unpaid as Israel Holds Back Qatar's Gaza Grant
Palestinian Authority Feels the Heat at Palestinian Digital Activist Forum
Private Jet Reportedly Takes UAE and Israel Officials From Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv
Middle East
Basra Protests Turn Violent Again; Two Killed in Iraq
Turkey Sentences Detained Judge Who Won Human Rights Award to 10 Years
Eastern Libyan Force Says It Killed Senior al-Qaeda Operative
UN: Libya Reconciliation Conference Delay Could Fuel Military Solution
Thousands Flee as Militants Kill More Than 100 Soldiers in Northeast Nigeria: Aid Agencies
Nigerian Troops Repel Boko Haram Strike Near Army Chief's Home
DR Congo
Dozens Killed, Wounded in Wake of DR Congo Election Results: UN
Mounting Evidence of Fraud in Congo Vote Prompts Rare Rebuke From the African Union
Sudan Activists: Third Protester Dies From Gunshot Wound
Sudan Police Fire Live Rounds Outside Home of Slain Protester
Zimbabwe Groups Say at Least 12 Killed in Unrest
Zimbabwe Blocks Social Media as Crackdown Intensifies
New Ethiopian Offensive Suggests Difficulty in Managing Peace Process
Burkina Faso Cabinet Resigns
Comoros Leader Stirs Anger by Questioning Outcry Over Khashoggi Killing
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