The United States has been mired in fruitless war for going on 18 years. In 2019, for the first time in American history, young men and women who were born in a time of war will serve in that same conflict. This stunning fact alone is an existential threat to the health of our republic. Mainstream media and establishment politicians largely ignore the disease of American militarism. But not

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Updated January 22, 2019 - 8:54 PM EST
House Votes To Bar US Exit From NATO
Taliban Kill Over 126 Afghan Police Near Kabul
  Hours After Major Attack Taliban Holds Talks With US Envoy in Qatar
US Troops Targeted in Second NE Syria Bombing
  Israel Destroyed 8 Syrian Air Defense Targets, Killed 11 Troops
Israeli Election Ad Brags Bombing Gaza Back to Stone Age
US, N. Korea Wrap Up 'Intensive' Denuclearization Talks
Al-Shabaab Ambushes Ethiopian Troops in Somalia
item Syria's Sunken Cost Fallacy: Not a Reason to Stay  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item Beyond Buzzfeed: 10 Worst Media Failures on the Trump/Russia Story  by Glenn Greenwald
item What Should We Learn From 40 Years of US Intervention in the Middle East?  by Alireza Ahmadi
item Korean Summit: It's Not About Us  by Justin Raimondo
item Make No Mistake: ISIS Needs the US to Survive  by Scott Ritter
item Curious Bedfellows: The Neocon and Progressive Alliance to Destroy Donald Trump  by Philip Giraldi

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Prominent Saudi Cleric Likely Died of Torture in Prison: Rights Activist
Philippines Holds Referendum for Muslim Autonomy in Troubled South
Northern Ireland Police Respond to Three Security Alerts, Days After Car Bomb
Israel Intends to Persecute Palestinians, Rights Groups Say
Turkish Jets Cross Border to Target PKK; 14 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Scientist Says He Helped ISIS Make Chemical Weapons
Syria Shot Down More Than 30 Israeli Cruise Missiles, Bombs
Why Hasn't Syria Used the S-300?
Raqqa's Local Council to Exhume 600 Bodies Found in Mass Grave
Iran Says Japan Restarts Oil Imports
Germany Bans Iranian Airline From Its Airspace After US Pressure
Trump Envoy, Top PLO Official Feud on Twitter Over US Peace Plan
100 Palestinian Prisoners Injured in Israeli Prison Clash: Organization
Palestinian Shot Dead While Trying to Stab Israeli Soldier
Leading Palestinian Activist Wins Payout After Terror Blacklist
Jordan Protests Against Israel's New Ramon Airport Violating 'Airspace Sovereignty'
Israel Backs Down and Will Now Allow Deported Colombian Sisters to Visit Their Israeli Mom
Middle East
Qatar Muscles in on Saudi Arabia With Lebanon Investment
Girls' School Torched in Afghanistan
Khalilzad Says Afghan Peace Efforts Moving in the Right Direction
What's Behind Autonomy Vote in the Philippines' Muslim Mindanao?
Pakistani Activist Arrested, MP Says, Amnesty Calls for Release
Murders in Mexico Rise by a Third in 2018 to New Record
Mexico Journalist Murdered, as 2018 Sets Homicide Record
Nigeria Troops Repel Boko Haram Attacks in Borno and Yobe States, Army Says
Nigeria's Ruling Party Accuses Opposition of Plotting Pre-Vote Violence
Kenya Stops Another Suspected Al Shabaab Attack
Libya Militias Agree to End Clashes South of Capital
Sudan Freezes Credentials of Two Journalists Covering Protests
Mozambique Journalist Charged With Espionage
Zimbabwe Court Says Internet Shutdown Illegal as More Civilians Detained
Portugal Paratroopers Counter Armed Groups Around Bambari, Central African Republic
Burkina Faso Names New Government Amid Extremist Threats
Russia Acknowledges New Missile but Says It Does Not Breach Treaty
NATO, Russian Ambassadors to Meet Friday
Trust in Russia's Putin Falls to 13-Year Low: State Pollster
EU Sanctions Russians Over Salisbury Chemical Attack
Russian Rescue Amid Explosion and Deadly Blaze on Two Cargo Ships Off Crimea
Kosovo's President Will Go to Hague Court, if Summoned
Rheinmetall and BAE to Create UK-Based Land Vehicle Joint Venture
Venezuela Arrests Rogue Officers After Military Revolt in Caracas
Venezuela's Top Court Declares Parliament Leadership Illegitmate
Venezuela Gold Holdings in Bank of England Soar on Deutsche Deal
Colombia's ELN Rebels Say Deadly Car Bomb Was Legitimate Act of War
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Korean Summit: It's Not About Us

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