The United States has been mired in fruitless war for going on 18 years. In 2019, for the first time in American history, young men and women who were born in a time of war will serve in that same conflict. This stunning fact alone is an existential threat to the health of our republic. Mainstream media and establishment politicians largely ignore the disease of American militarism. But not

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Updated January 23, 2019 - 9:13 PM EST
US Frees American Anchor for Iran TV
US Recognizes Oppo Chief as Venezuelan Pres.
House Votes To Bar US Exit From NATO
Iraq Lawmakers Push for Timeline for US Pullout
  US Demands Turkey Give Security Guarantees for Kurdish YPG
SK Troop Talks Stall on US Demands for More Funding
  US, North Korea Wrap Up 'Intensive' Denuclearization Talks
  US and North Korean Spies Have Held Secret Talks for a Decade
Israeli Election Ad Brags Bombing Gaza Back to Stone Age
item South Korea Must Get Sanctions Relief or Be Isolated From NK's Economic Opening  by Stu Smallwood
item The Dangers of Romanticizing Regime Change  by Jerrod A. Laber
item Is the PA Using the 'State of Palestine' to Remain in Power?  by Ramzy Baroud
item The NATO Fetish of the Progressive Left  by David Stockman
item What Activists Today Can Learn From MLK's Bold Antiwar Stance  by Naomi LaChance
item NATO Is a Danger, Not a Guarantor of Peace  by Robert W. Merry

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House Roll Call Vote on Staying in NATO
US Will Seek Extradition of Huawei CFO From Canada
Supreme Court Authorizes Trump's Ban on Transgender Military Recruits
Ukraine Opposition Leader Tymoshenko Launches Presidential Bid
Northern Ireland Police Deal With Hijackings After Weekend Car Bomb
Turkish Jets Cross Border to Target PKK; 14 Killed in Iraq
Sunnis From Anbar Plead for the Release of Loved Ones by Iraqi Security
Toll From Israel's Syria Strikes Rises to 21
Car Bomb Kills One, Injures 14 in Syria
Nearly 5,000 Flee Last ISIS Enclave in Eastern Syria
Assad Blocks Access to Damascus for EU Envoys
UAE Hosted Syrian Businessman on US Sanctions List
12 Wounded by Houthi-Fired Mortar Shells in Yemen's Taiz
Yemen War: Accidental Blast Kills Foreign Demining Experts
Pompeo: Peace Efforts to Begin 'Immediately Following Israeli Elections'
Palestinian Killed by Israeli Tank Fire Near Gaza Border: Gaza Ministry
Gaza Escalation: Israel Strikes Hamas Targets in Strip, Withholds Qatari Cash
Israel Warns of Further Strikes if Gaza Unrest Continues
US Aid Cuts Hit Palestinians, Further Dimming Hope for Peace
Israel's Arabs to Embrace Netanyahu's Anti-Arab Slogan in Election
Poll: Likud to Lose Four Knesset Seats if Netanyahu Is Indicted for Bribery
Chad Has an Appalling Democracy and Rights Record. Why Is Netanyahu Courting It?
Middle East
Iran Looks to Boost Oil, Gas Production Capacity With $1b Deals
UN Envoy: No Access for UN Peacekeepers to Lebanon Tunnels
Zimbabwe Troops Assaulting People in Capital
Zimbabwe Court Orders Restoration of Internet
Zimbabwe President Condemns Crackdown, Backers Raise Impeachment Fears
Zimbabwe Rights Commission: Security Forces Instigated Systematic Torture After Protests
Egypt Says Dozens of Militants Killed in Sinai Peninsula
Sudan Protesters Clash With Police in Ongoing Unrest
DR Congo Army Kills Mai-Mai Simba Militia Chief in Ituri Operation
Abiy's Ethiopia Pardons 13,000 Accused of Treason or Terrorism
Italy's Salvini Bashes France Over Libya Role in New Diplomatic Spat
'Hola, I'm Mike Pence': US VP Delivers Message of Support to Venezuelans
Venezuela Accuses US of Trying to Engineer Coup
Venezuela's Maduro Orders Revision of Diplomatic Relations With US
Venezuelans Clean Up After Violent Protests in Capital
Venezuela Government Says Opposition Linked to Military Revolt; Party Denies Charge
Colombia's ELN Rebel Commanders in Havana Deny Role in Blast
Colombia's ELN Rebels Ask for Government Guarantees After Peace Talks Fail in Cuba
Rio Police Arrest 5 From Militia Gang That 'Terrorized'
US Military Service Member Killed in Afghanistan
US Confirms Taliban Talks in Qatar
Huge Attack Shows Taliban Strength at Outset of Talks
Protesting Candidates Want Kabul Votes Declared Invalid
Ex-Soldier Sues UK's MoD Over Q Fever
Indian Troops Kill Three Rebels, Wound Journalists in Kashmir
Pakistan Turns to Gulf Countries to Keep Economy Afloat
Mutilated Thai Bodies on Mekong Shore Are Activist's Aides
Indonesia Backtracks on Unconditional Release of Cleric Linked to Bali Bombing
State Secrets Were on US Man During Russia Arrest, Says His Lawyer
Russia Says Any Deal to End Land Row With Japan Needs Public Support
Nuclear-Capable Russian Bomber Crashes Amid Snowstorm
Ship in Deadly Black Sea Blaze Was Turned Away From Port Over Sanctions
France, Germany Try to 'Show the Way Forward' for Embattled EU Project
Top US Diplomat for Europe Resigns, Cites Personal, Professional Reasons
Latvia Halts $206 Million Armored Vehicle Contract Amid Controversy
The War at Home
Three Michigan Residents Arrested for Conspiring to Provide Material Support to ISIS: DoJ
Navy Finally Has One Weapons Elevator Working on Its Newest Carrier
Lockheed Martin Wins $542 Million US Defense Contract: Pentagon
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