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Updated March 14, 2019 - 8:43 PM EDT
Senate Joins House To Nix Trump 'Emergency'
Israel Bombs Gaza After Rocket Attack on Tel Aviv
Senate Votes to End US Support of Yemen War
  Chief of Staff: Senate Trying to Undermine Commander-in-Chief
  US Report Faults Saudi Arabia in Killing of Journalist
US Airstrike Wipes Out Afghan Army Post
  US-Taliban Talks End With Draft Agreement
ISIS Launches Counterattack Around Last Village
  Media Reports 300 ISIS Militants and Families Hiding in N. Iraq
Pentagon to Test Long-Banned Nuke Missiles This Year
  2020 Budget Request Reveals Slow Shift Toward Great Power War
  Boeing's Ties to Washington Run Deep
US To Be More Aggressive in Taking Iran Oil Exports to Zero
  Iraqi Cleric Shows Iraq Will Not Follow US Sanctions Against Iran
item The Problem With Trump's Foreign Policy Is It's Too Much Like Cheney's  by W. James Antle III
item How Will Palestinians Combat the 'Deal of the Century'?  by Ramzy Baroud
item It Might Be Time for a 'War Dogs' Sequel  by David Dayen
item Did the US Cause the Blackout in Venezuela?  by Chris Ernesto
item War Spending Is Bankrupting America  by John W. Whitehead
item The Battle for Control Over US Foreign Policy Has Begun  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Senate Roll Call Vote on Ending US Support for Saudi War in Yemen
CIA Implicated in Attack on North Korean Embassy in Madrid?
Pentagon Sets Limits on Transgender Troops
Jewish Comic Who Plays President on TV Leads Ukraine's Presidential Race
Security Council Members Report No Progress on Yemen Deal
Houthis Attack Pro-Govt Military Base in Yemen's Hodeidah
ISIS Executes Another Truffle Hunter; Two People Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Tells Iran's Rouhani Ties Must Respect Sovereignty
Iraq Rules Out US Sanctions Against Shi'ite Militia Group
Iraqi Shiite Spiritual Leader Welcomes Boost of Ties With Iraq's Neighbors
Russian and Syrian Air Strikes Intensify on Last Rebel Bastion
Long Recovery Ahead in Former Syria Rebel Enclave Eastern Ghouta
Iran Warns of Firm Response if Israel Acts Against Its Oil Shipments
Iran Threatens Defense Overhaul to Counter 'Suspicious Nuclear Projects'
US Drops 'Occupied' From Description of West Bank, Golan Heights
Video Shows Convicted Soldiers Laughing While Beating Bound Palestinians
Four Palestinians Die by Israeli Fire
Video Shows Israeli Soldiers Beating, Humiliating Palestinian Father and Son
Israel Investigating 11 Palestinian Deaths in Gaza Protests
Selling Jerusalem: How Palestinian Homes End Up in Settler Hands
Gantz Threatens to Kill Hamas Leaders, Resume Targeted Killings
Attorney General Urges High Court to Disqualify Ben Ari From Elections Over 'Extreme' Racism
Toward 'Fort Trump': US Makes Poland a 'Serious Robust Offer'
Russia's Parliament Backs Fines for Insulting the State Online
Estonian Intelligence Flags Russian Civilian Vessels as Would-Be Spy Ships
Georgia Detains Two for Trying to Sell Radioactive Uranium
China Offers Help to Venezuela to Restore Power
The War at Home
Senate Talks Collapse on Avoiding Trump Showdown Over Emergency Declaration
Survey Points to Strong Connections Between Jews and Muslims in US
US Warship Quarantined at Sea Due to Virus Outbreak
GOP Senator Requests Meeting With Air Force Leaders to Discuss Sexual Assault
Pentagon Officially Stands Up Space Development Agency, Names First Director
In Memo, Air Force Secretary Slams Space Development Agency as Not Ready for Prime Time
Amid Border Debate, Air Force Head Tells Senators That All Military Projects Essential
AIPAC Annual Conference to Feature Israeli Settler Leader Discussing the Future of the West Bank
Ghani Orders Strict Rules for Preventing Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan
Kidnapping and Killing of Six-Year-Old Girl Enrages Afghans
Pakistan Wants 'Responsible' Troop Withdrawal in Afghanistan
Peace Is Possible if Taliban Cut Ties With Insurgents: Abdullah
Japan Inks Deal With Kongsberg for F-35 Standoff Missile
Japan Not to Submit UN Resolution Condemning North Korean Rights Abuses
Wife, Son of Suspected Indonesian Militant Blow Themselves Up
Algeria Leaders Ready to Discuss System Based on 'Will of the People'
Army Says It Will Preserve Algeria's Security in All Circumstances
Sensing Advantage, Algeria Protest Leaders Hike Pressure for Change
Niger Says Army Killed 33 Boko Haram Fighters in Lake Chad Region
Somalia Army Kills Eight Al-Shabaab Militants
DR Congo President Pardons About 700 Political Prisoners
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