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Updated November 2, 2019 - 9:39 PM EDT
French Warplanes Conduct Airstrikes in NE Iraq
  Iraq Protests Reach Record Levels, Defying Curfews and Crackdowns
Trump's Oil Claims Complicate US War in Syria
  Bradley Fighting Vehicles Deployed in 'Operation Turn the F**k Around'
  After Pullouts, New Deployments, Troop Levels Close to Unchanged
  Turkey Releases 18 Syrian Soldiers After Russia Talks
  2nd Whistleblower Emerges From Probe Into Douma Chemical Attack
CIA 'Whistleblower' Named, Worked for Brennan
Trump Halts Lebanon Military Aid Against Politicos' Wishes
US Drone Base in Niger Operational, Armed Flights Ongoing
Russia: Too Late to Replace New START Before Expiration
Mali Govt Says 54 Dead in Jihadist Attack on Army
item The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinian Christians Nobody Is Talking About  by Ramzy Baroud
item The Sudden Martyrdom of the Government Whistleblower  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item The Problem With the Blue Angels  by Christopher D. Cook
item Donald Trump's Withdrawal of US Forces From Syria  by Gilbert Doctorow
item The Lynching of the Charismatic Geek  by Diana Johnstone
item Life in the Most Drone-Bombed Country in the World  by Ali M. Latifi

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Corbyn Would Be 'Bad' for Britain: Trump
As Protests Rock Baghdad and Beirut, Iran Digs In
Iran's Zarif Calls on US to Return to 2015 Nuclear Deal
Trump Says He Wants to Read Ukraine Call Transcript in TV 'Fireside Chat'
Syria's Assad: Trump Is 'The Best' Because He's 'Most Transparent President'
Russia Claims US Will Smuggle $30 Million of Oil Out of Syria Every Month Under Trump's 'Criminal' Plan
Turkey, Russia Hold First Joint Patrol in Northeast Syria
Turkey Captures Two Suspected ISIS Members Near Syrian Border
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 433 Killed in October; Thousands Wounded
Iraq's Grand Ayatollah Says Foreign Actors Must Not 'Impose Will' on Protests
Hezbollah: Lebanon's Next Government Must Heed Protesters
Nasrallah on Bid to Down IDF Drone: We Will Purge Lebanon's Skies of Israeli Violations
Lebanese President Aoun Calls for 'Non-Sectarian' System
Yemeni Rebels Claim They Shot Down a US-Made Drone
Two Killed in Saudi-Led Airstrike on Yemen
US Drone Strike Kills Two Suspected Al-Qaeda Operatives in Yemen
Report: UAE Still Occupies 9 Economic Sites in Yemen
96 Palestinians Injured in Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in Eastern Gaza: Official
Amnesty Slams Israel for 'Punishing' Palestinian Human Rights Defender With Travel Ban
Israel to Extend Sovereignty Over Settlement Roads in the West Bank
Israeli Shooter's Light Sentence 'Renews Grief' for Family of Slain Palestinian Teen
Israeli Guards Fire Tear Gas Into Prisoner's Hospital Room
Sderot Home Hit in Rocket Barrage From Gaza Strip
Hunger-Striking Palestinian Moved to Israeli Hospital as Health Deteriorates
Spanish Authorities Ready for Election Eve Protests
Spain's Socialist PM Rules Out Grand Coalition With Conservatives
ISIS Wives Start Repatriation Case in Netherlands
Russia Enacts 'Sovereign Internet' Law, Free Speech Activists Cry Foul
Saab and Raytheon Successfully Flight Test Guided Carl-Gustaf Munition
Mali Says at Least 35 Soldiers Killed in Militant Attack
Terrorist Attacks Increase in Africa's Sahel, US Warns
Trump Scraps Trade Benefits for Cameroon Over Rights Abuses
DR Congo Launches Large-Scale Operation Against Rebels
Frontline Clashes Ebb and Flow as Libya's War Hits Impasse
Algeria Protesters Call for 'New Independence' on Revolution Anniversary
Americans Still Dying
Soldier From Billings (MT) Dies While Deployed to Iraq
Gainesville (FL) Soldier Killed in Army Training Accident
The War at Home
US Debt Surpasses $23 Trillion for First Time
US Looking at New ISIS Leader and Role in Organization: Official
Students and Faculty Push Back on Pro-Palestine Censorship
Biden Says It Would Be a 'Gigantic Mistake' to Condition Military Aid to Israel: 'I Find It to Be Absolutely Outrageous'
20 Dem Lawmakers Urge End to Mass Phone Data Collection
Senate Confirms Nuclear Commander
Watchdog Sues FBI Over Facial Recognition Secrecy
US Border Agents Can Now Get Classified Intel Information. Experts Call That Dangerous.
Kansas City Vet Suspects Cancer From 'Trash Pile' Burn Pits in Iraq
China Wins WTO Case to Sanction US $3.6 Billion in US Products Following Anti-Dumping Dispute
China's Top Leadership Will Not Tolerate Change to 'One Country Two Systems', Official Says
China Says It's Reached a Consensus With the US During This Week's Trade Talks
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Police Find Pressurised Gas Canisters Used to Make Bombs and Arrest Man Selling Stun Guns Online
How Beijing Plans to Use Powers Contained in Basic Law to Tighten Control Over Hong Kong
China Signals Greater Role in Hong Kong's Schools, Elections
Hong Kong University Students Descend on President Zhang Xiang's Office and Home, Demanding He Condemns Police Handling of Protests
SIGAR Reports High Number of Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan
Proposed Taliban Prisoner Release Gets Mixed Reactions in Afghanistan
Language Politics in India: Why Modi Wants to Demote English
Indian Kashmir Losing Migrant Workers as Militants Find New Target
India, US to Enhance Cooperation in Combating Terrorism
Indian Activists, Lawyers Accuse Government of Spying on Them
North Korea Says It Conducted Successful Test of Multiple Rocket Launchers
Pakistan Opposition Protesters Pressure PM Imran Khan to Resign
Thai King Creates Boot Camp-Style 'Unity' Courses
It Isn't Just the Rohingya. Myanmar Is Now Attacking Buddhists in Rakhine State, Too.
Thousands Protest to Maintain Pressure on Chile Government
Cuba Denies Stoking Latin American Social Unrest
Mexico Says US Fentanyl Crackdown Led to Botched Arrest of El Chapo's Son
Bolivia Split as Opposition Calls for Morales to Step Down, Rejects Audit
At Least 42 Killed in Haiti Protest Violence Since September: UN
Honduras Joins El Salvador in Obtaining Protected Status Extension in US
Ex-Salvadoran Soldiers Confirm El Mozote Massacre Victim Accounts
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