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Updated September 3, 2020 - 9:02 PM EDT
US Court: NSA Surveillance Program Was Illegal
Pompeo: Whole World Uniting Against China
  Pentagon: China Could Pull Ahead of US Military by 2049
  Pentagon Accuses China of Massing Anti-Satellite Weapons
  Is China an Economic Threat?
Report: UAE Letting Israel Send Spies Into Yemen
Israel Attacks Airport in Syria's Central City of Homs
Owners of US-Seized Oil Tankers Deny Headed to Venezuela
DoJ: New FISA Rules Limit Surveillance of Candidates
item Journalists Cheered Assange's Abuse. They've Paved His Path to a Gulag  by Jonathan Cook
item Trump Is Reducing the US Troop Presence in Iraq to Where It Was in 2015  by Christian Britschgi
item NATO's 'Unified Front' at Breaking Point  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item After Beirut Explosion, Beware the Helping Hand of France and the US  by Habib Battah

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Pelosi Claims She Was 'Set Up' by San Francisco Salon
US Sanctions International Criminal Court Officials
US Cuts Aid to Ethiopia Over Nile Dam Quarrel
Maduro Invites UN, EU Observers to Venezuela Election
Israel Approves Policy of Withholding Bodies of All Slain Palestinians
Israeli Soldiers Attack Elderly Protester, Journalists in Tulkarem
French Reform Proposal for Lebanon Delves Into Details
'Unlawful': Metal Pellets Again Used Against Lebanese Protesters
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Officially Allows All UAE-Israel Flights Through Its Airspace
Saudi Arabia Sentences Seven Islamist Militants to Death Over Killings of Shi'ites
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 102 Killed in August
Former UN Official Charged With Lying About Rape in Iraq
Macron Backs Iraq 'Sovereignty' on First Baghdad Visit
Middle East
Qatar Emir Presses for Two-State Solution in Meeting With Kushner
Turkey Rejects Austria's 'Baseless' Spying Allegations
Turkey Backs Libya Ceasefire but Doubtful After Haftar's Rebuff
Russia Steps Up Support for Private Military Contractor in Libya: UN Report
Egyptian Activist Dies in 'Scorpion' Prison After 'Deliberate Medical Negligence'
Egypt's Al-Azhar Slams Charlie Hebdo for Mohammed Cartoons Reprint
French Anti-Jihadist Forces Kill Civilian in Mali
UN Deploys Troops to New Base as Violence Surges in South Sudan
Sudan and Rebels Meet to Implement Peace Deal
Zimbabwean Protest Leader Freed on Bail in Fourth Attempt
Nerve Agent Novichok Found in Russia's Alexey Navalny: Germany
Russia Says Germany's Statements About Navalny Are Unsubstantiated
Russia Accuses Ukraine Over Crisis in Belarus, Says It Won't Engage With Opposition Council
Indian Special Forces Member Killed in China Border Skirmish
Tibetan Soldier's Death Near Tense India-China Border Sheds Light on Covert Unit
India Bans 118 More Chinese Apps as Border Dispute Escalates
US Further Restricts Chinese Diplomats Travel, Meetings
China: US Report Hyping 'China Military Threat Theory'
Verizon Sued by Dissident Claiming Yahoo Ties to China Crackdown
Afghanistan Frees 200 Taliban Prisoners to Push Peace Talks
Afghan Negotiators Head to Doha as Prisoner Release Resumes
Residents in Nangarhar District Take Up Arms Against Taliban
'We Are Not a Vassal State': Philippines's Duterte Won't Stop Infrastructure Projects With US-Sanctioned Chinese Firms
Philippines Court Orders US Marine Who Killed Transgender Woman to Be Freed
Facebook Removes Pakistani Accounts Over 'Inauthentic Behavior'
Pakistan's PM Orders Release of Sick, Older Female Prisoners
UN Atomic Watchdog: North Korea Still Enriching Uranium
Thai King Restores Titles to Once-Disgraced Royal Consort
Dozens Injured as Protesters, Police Clash in Bulgaria
Spanish Court Strips Late Dictator Franco's Heirs of Summer Palace
The War at Home
Video Shows NY Police Put Hood Over Black Man, Pressed Him to Pavement Before Asphyxiation Death
DHS Plans Expansion of Biometrics, Increased Use of DNA for Immigration
Stars and Stripes Could Cease Publication on Sept. 30 Without DoD Funding, Lawmakers Warn
Test Aircraft Have Been Lugging DARPA's Prototype Hypersonic Cruise Missiles Around
Fort Bliss Soldier Killed in Vehicle Collision During Training
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Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
NATO's 'Unified Front' at Breaking Point

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America Was Supposed To Be a City on a Hill, Not Model Its Foreign Policy After Nazi Germany

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Is China an Economic Threat?

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What's in the Israel/UAE Agreement? Here's Five Things That Aren't

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Matt Taibbi on the Origins of the Russiagate Hoax

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Regarding Seth Rogen: Some Feelings Ought To Be Hurt

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Jackson State and Forgotten History

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