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Updated November 12, 2020 - 9:10 PM EST
Pentagon Shakeup May Lead to Troop Withdrawals
  New SecDef Advisor Wants US Troops Out of Afghanistan
  GOP Lawmaker Seeks Withdrawal of Troops From Afghanistan, Iraq
Biden's Pentagon Team Funded by Arms Industry
  Biden Landing Team for Pentagon Announced
Biden: Defense Treaty Covers Senkaku Islands
  China Drafts Law to Expand Coastguard's Powers
  Pentagon Denies Reports That Marines Are Training Taiwan's Military
IAEA Details Iran's Stockpile of Low-Enriched Uranium
Intra-Afghan Peace Talks Struggle, Fears of Early Collapse
10% of Global Oil Tankers Linked to Venezuela Trade
Protesters in Armenia Demand PM's Resignation
Philippines Extends Military Pact Allowing US Troops
item The Unconstitutional War in Yemen Grinds Life and Liberty Under Its Wheels  by Mike Maharrey
item To Save the Iran Nuclear Deal, Think Bigger  by Trita Parsi
item These Veterans Want More Than Corporate Perks and 'Thank You for Your Service'  by Hunter DeRensis
item The Origins of US Global Dominance  by Daniel Larison
item 'Playing for Time': the Non-Strategy of Mahmoud Abbas  by Ramzy Baroud
item Trump Should Now Pardon Snowden and Assange  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Biden Could Reverse Germany Troop Removal
TikTok Asks Court to Delay Divestiture Deadline From Trump Order
Aung San Suu Kyi Poised to Stay in Power in Myanmar
China Urges US to Stop Increasing Ties With Taiwan
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia: Several Wounded in Blast at WWI Memorial in Jeddah
Most Saudis Think Israel, Not Iran, Is Region's Biggest Threat, Poll Finds
Saudi King Urges World to Take 'Decisive Stance' Against Saudi's Regional Foe Iran
Saudi Arabia's UK Embassy Denies Report of Clemency for Female Activists
UK Urged to Boycott G20 Over Saudi Arabia's Plans to Displace Bedouin Tribe
Coalition Airstrikes Kill Hezbollah Military Experts in Yemen
UN Food Chief: Yemen Faces 'Looming Famine,' Needs Millions
Arab Coalition Intercepts Two Explosive-Laden Boats Launched by Houthis in Yemen
Israel Demolishes a Palestinian Residential Building in Jerusalem
Israeli Forces Suppress Arafat Memorial Rally in Bethlehem
Delegation From Illegal Israeli Settlements Meet With Dubai Businessmen
Israel, Lebanon Resume Talks on Disputed Maritime Border
UNRWA to Delay Workers' Salaries Over Lack of Funds
Gantz Okays Recognition of Southern Lebanon Occupation as Official IDF Campaign
Lobbyists: Trump Will Push Israeli Annexation Before Jan 20 – and Israel Might Grab 'Once in a Lifetime' Chance
Iran Willing to Take 'Any Opportunity' to Lift US Sanctions, Rouhani Says
Iran's Rouhani Says Trump 'Abjectly Struck Down'
In Iran, a Massive Cemetery Struggles to Keep Up With Virus
Iraq Daily Roundup: 10 Killed in Security Operations
Washington Delivers Advanced Military Aid to Kurdistan Region
Saudi Arabia and Iraq Agree to Intensify OPEC Cooperation
Iraq Planning to Buy Dassault Rafale Aircrafts From France
Turkey Offended by Pompeo's Plan to Discuss Religious Issues
Turkish Foreign Minister to Snub Pompeo During Istanbul Visit
Middle East
Syria's President: US Pressure Obstructing Return of Refugees
War of the Maps: Lebanon and Israel Battle Over Sea Border in New Round of Talks
Bahrain's Security Hawk PM Khalifa Dies, Succeeded by Prince
French Embassy in UAE Calls on Residents to Maintain Vigilance After Jeddah Attack
'We're Not a Colony': Mexican President Stands Firm on Not Recognizing Biden Win
Mexico Confirms Talks With US Over Ex-Defense Minister's Arrest
Bolivia's Morales Ends Homecoming Tour With Rally
Bolivia Restores Ties With Iran, Venezuela After Socialists Return to Power
Colombia Hopes to Maintain US Investment Under Biden
US Military
Robot Dogs to Patrol Tyndall Air Force Base Soon
Former National Guard Employee Sentenced for Billing Army $6 Million for Fake Repairs
Senate Committee Wants to Cut Marine Corps Even Smaller, Keeps 3% Troop Pay Raise
Tigray Crisis: Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Rejects Peace Talks
Explosion in Ethiopia's Capital Injures One Man
Islamic Extremists in Mozambique Blamed for Mass Beheadings
Civilians Reel as Violence Spins Out of Control in Mozambique
Ivory Coast
Clashes Over Ivory Coast Vote as Neighboring States Urge Talks
Ivory Coast President Meets Rival for Talks on Election Crisis
UN Hails Libya Elections 'Breakthrough' at Tunis Political Talks
Guinea Arrests Opposition Figures After Contested Vote
Angolan Police Fire Tear Gas at Illegal Protest
Egypt Assembles Bipartisan Lobbying Team for Post-Trump Era
China/Hong Kong
US Warns of More China Sanctions Over Hong Kong Moves
Hong Kong Disqualifies Legislators for 'Endangering Security'
Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Lawmakers to Resign as Beijing Moves to Quash Opposition
South Korea Urging Biden to Prioritize Denuclearization Talks With North
North Korea Dubs Global Atomic Watchdog a 'Dancing Marionette'
North Korea Border Shutdown Raises Food Security Concerns at UN
Red Cross: Afghanistan Remains Deadliest Country for Civilians
Seven Killed in Three Separate Incidents in Kabul in 24 Hours
Two Killed in Afghan Army Helicopter Crash in Nangarhar: MoD
India to Regulate Online News and Social Media Sites
India's Ruling BJP, Allies Win Regional Polls in a Boost to Modi
Thai Monks Ordered Not to Join Protests
Armenian Parliament Fails to Discuss PM's Resignation After Nagorno-Karabakh Ceasefire
Armenian Police Make Arrests at Protest Against Karabakh Peace Deal
Erdogan Says Turkey, Russia to Monitor Karabakh Ceasefire
'They Are Scared': Armenians Flee Istanbul Amid Anger Over Nagorno-Karabakh
Yerevan Reels From Defeat in Nagorno-Karabakh
Southern Gas Corridor Project From Azerbaijan Into Europe About to Come on Stream
Quarter of British Soldiers Could Be Robots by 2030s, Top General Says
Libyan Pleads Guilty to Murder Over UK 'Terror' Stabbings
Sanctions on Russia Gas Pipeline Included in Annual US Defense Bill
Putin Reveals Existence of New Nuclear Command Bunker That Is Almost Complete
Austria Govt Agrees to Preventive Arrests, Ban 'Political Islam'
Greece, Egypt Seek Biden Role in Eastern Mediterranean Dispute
Orban Proposes Change to Hungary's Election Law, Opposition Cries Foul
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