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Updated November 26, 2021 - 8:07 PM EST
Israel Warns US Against 'Partial' Iran Deal
  Israel's Gantz Says Differences Over Iran Must Not Ruin Ties With US
  CENTCOM: US Military 'Prepared' if Iran Nuclear Deal Talks Fail
2nd US Congressional Trip to Taiwan This Month
  China Open to Good Relations With US Military, Sovereignty Respected
US Sends Another Warship Into Black Sea
Ethiopia Warns US: Stop 'Spreading False Info' About War
Germany's Incoming Govt To Keep Hosting US Nukes
item 'Honest Mistakes': How US and Israel Justify Targeting and Killing Civilians  by Jonathan Cook
item To Stabilize Yemen, the United States Must Stop Selling Arms to Saudi Arabia  by Gabriel Rodriguez
item When Will the US Realize Bosnia Is a Zombie State?  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Eight Reasons Why the US Should Ditch Turkey as a Military Partner  by Doug Bandow

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Emirati General Accused of Torture Elected President of Interpol
Poland Downgrades Mission to Israel, Says It Won't Return Ambassador
US Official Says El Salvador Relations 'Paused' for Lack of Interest
China Denounces US 'Arm-Twisting' in Honduras Election
Chinese Embassy in Lithuania Suspends Consular Services Amid Taiwan Row
US Targets Chinese Hi-Tech and Defense Sectors in 'Deepening Crackdown'
Solomon Islands
Australia Deploys Troops to Solomon Islands as Riots Continue
Solomon Islands PM Blames Foreign Powers for Unrest as Protests Spread
'Nothing Left': Solomon Islanders Wander Torched Capital as Australian Troops Arrive
Why Rioters Are Burning and Looting in the Solomon Islands
Taliban Delegates Leave Kabul for Doha Meeting With US Envoy
'Foreign Troops Extracted Passport Data': Taliban Officials
Taliban Pledges Education for Girls in Coming Year
Afghan Teachers Defy Taliban by Secretly Schooling Teenage Girls
Afghan Women Speak Up Against New Taliban Media Guidelines
Kabul Family Caring for Infant Lost in Evacuation
Philippines Rejects China Demand to Remove Ship From Shoal
France Offers Rafale Fighters to Replace Indonesia's Aging F-5s
Dozens Killed in Clashes in Sudan's Restive Darfur
Thousands Rally in Sudan to Demand Full Civilian Rule
Despite Deal, Sudanese Rally to Demand Military Rulers Leave
Al-Shabab Blast by School in Somali Capital Kills at Least 8
Two Chinese Nationals Killed, Others Kidnapped in Eastern DR Congo: Army
Three Soldiers, 11 Jihadists Killed in Burkina Faso: Army
UAE Air Bridge Provides Military Support to Ethiopia Govt
Five Killed in School in Troubled Anglophone Cameroon
Libya Fighters Disrupt Gadhafi Son's Election Appeal
Egypt Sentences 22 Terror Convicts to Death by Hanging
Algeria Says It Was 'Targeted' by Israeli DM's Visit to Morocco
Gambian Commission Urges Prosecutions for Yahya Jammeh-Era Abuses
Israel Backs Off Housing Project at Jerusalem's Atarot Airport Site Amid US Pressure
Dozens of Palestinians Detained, Injured in Israeli Raids in W. Bank
Israel Looking to Deepen Ties With Morocco, With Plans for Arms Sales, Joint Drills
Israel to Bar Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and UAE From Importing Its Cyber Tech, Says Report
Hunger Striking Palestinian Prisoner to Hospital After His Health Deteriorates
Israel Parliament Pushes for School Trips to Al-Aqsa to Learn About Jewish Heritage
Winter Rain Floods Gaza Homes Damaged in Last Spring's War
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Launches George Floyd Video Game
Iranian Press Review: Fertile Soil Smuggled to Gulf Countries
Lebanon Court Rejects Suits Over Beirut Blast by Former PM, Ministers
Lebanon's Central Bank Vows to Cooperate With Audit as Pound Dips
Families of Beirut Blast Victims Rally for Probe to Resume
Turkey Police Fire Tear Gas on Women Protesters
Turkey's Central Bank, Banks Discuss Rates After Lira Tumble
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: 13 Killed
SDF Hit Back at Claims of Releasing ISIS Prisoners for Money
French Defence Minister to Investigate Misuse of Intelligence Reports in Egypt
France Takes Legal Action for Breach of Defense Secrecy in Egypt Operation
French Fishing Associations Threatens Retaliatory Measures
Russian, Belarusian Fighter Jets Jointly Patrol Belarus Border
Manchester Bomber 'Probably' Fought in Libya, Inquiry Hears
Belgium to Label Products Made in Illegal Israeli Settlements
14 Clandestine Graves Found in Northern Mexico
Haiti Prime Minister Forms New Cabinet Amid Political Turmoil
Colombia Receives US Extradition Request for Accused Drug Lord
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