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Updated December 10, 2021 - 8:48 PM EST
Assange Loses, High Court Allows US Appeal
  Assange To Appeal High Court Decision Backing Extradition to US
Biden Prepares 'Other Options' if Iran Talks Fail
  Iran Nuclear Talks Resume in Vienna, EU Sees 'New Sense of Purpose'
  In US, Israel's Gantz Calls for 'Joint Military Readiness' Against Iran
  US Officials to Work on Tightening Iran Sanctions in UAE Visit
US: No Ukraine NATO Membership for a Decade
  Russia Says US Doesn't Want to Cooperate to Resolve Diplomatic Row
US Ends Combat Mission in Iraq, but No Troops Leaving
  Three Turkish Soldiers Killed in Iraq; PKK Targets Hit in Retaliation
House OKs Bill To Ban Imports From China's Xinjiang
Casualties Surge in Escalation of Saudi Air War in Yemen
item Trump-Biden and the Foreign Policy Establishment's Nightmare  by Ted Snider
item Ukraine Conflict: Do Americans Realize What Is at Stake?  by Maria Francesca Gritsch
item What Will Be the Casus Belli for War With China?  by Peter Van Buren
item Biden's Full Plate – Ukraine, Taiwan, Tehran  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item The Horn of Africa Heads Toward Apocalypse  by Doug Bandow
item Biden's Hypocritical Democracy Summit  by Scott Ritter

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Arab Activists Cautious Over Biden's Democracy Summit
Pandemic Exploited to Normalize Mass Surveillance, Watchdog Warns
Defense Spending Could Rise, Wall Street Analysis Say
CPJ: Record Number of Journalists in Jail Worldwide
The War at Home
DoD Has No Clue How Many People It's Exposed to Toxic Chemicals
After Years of Delays, Congress Prepares 2-Year Deadline for Pentagon to Finish Testing for 'Forever Chemicals'
Defense Spending Bill Contains 'Most Significant' UFO Legislation Since 1960s
Commanding Officers Must Help Troops Get Mental Health Care Under New Legislation
'A Diplomatic Boycott Is Not Enough': US Lawmakers Press Corporate Sponsors of Beijing Winter Olympics
China Dismisses UK, Canada Olympic Boycott as 'Farce'
Abe's Comments on Taiwan Prompt Beijing Threat to 'Reconsider' Bilateral Relations
Taliban Denies Pledging to US Plan for Inclusive Govt
Govt Struggles With Plummeting Value of Afghan Currency
EU Countries Agree to Take in 40,000 Afghan Refugees
IOC Announces 'Humanitarian Aid' for Athletes in Afghanistan
India Test Fires Air-Launched Brahmos Cruise Missile
Tata, Lockheed Martin to Build
F-21 Fighter Wings in India
US Slams Myanmar Military Over 'Credible' Reports Soldiers Killed 11 People
Dozens of TTP Members Freed as Truce in Pakistan Holds
Japan PM to Push for Progress at NPT Meet to Scrap Nuclear Weapons
Journalist Shot Dead in 'Cowardly' Killing in Philippines
Azerbaijan Says Soldier Killed in Clashes With Armenia
Armenia, Azerbaijan Trade Blame for Border Clashes
French Warplanes Tracked by Russian Fighters Over Black Sea: French Army
France Says It Will Fight for Every UK Fishing License as European Deadline Looms
French Envoy Says Australia 'in Denial' Over Subs Row, Trust Regained With US
Croatia Can Join Border-Free Schengen Area, EU Govts Say
Newly Discovered Mass Grave Is Reminder of Painful Search for Croatia's Missing
Biden Pledges Central Europe More 'Military Capabilities': Lithuania Official
$2 Million in Diesel Stolen From US Army Base in Romania
Four Employees Arrested Over Leaks From Danish Intel Services
Turkey Says Russia to Host Initial South Caucasus Peace Meeting Friday
'Why Did They Bomb Us?': Urban Civilian Harm in Gaza, Syria, and Israel From Explosive Weapons Use
Classified Docs Reveal Massacres of Palestinians in '48 – and What Israeli Leaders Knew
Jerusalem: Israel Acquits Two Police Officers Over Killing of Palestinian
Kushner Oversees MoU Enhancing UAE, Israel Normalization
Israeli Forces Detain 30 Palestinians in West Bank Raids
Israeli FM Lapid Visits Cairo to Discuss Gaza Reconstruction With Sisi
UK Wants to Pay Off 'Legitimate Debt' It Owes Iran, FM Truss Says
Pipeline Blast at Iran Gas Refinery, No Casualties: Reports
Tehran Furious Over France's 'Destructive Role' in Nuclear Talks
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Turkish Soldiers Among 11 People Killed
Motorbike Bombing in Iraq's Basra Targeted Officer: PM
Iraq Hands Over to Iran Remains of 55 Soldiers Killed in 1980-88 War
Biden Nominates New Iraq Ambassador, Awaits Rare Senate Confirmation
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Activist Loujain Al-Hathloul Files Lawsuit Against UAE-Based Cyber Firm
Saudi Crown Prince Talks 'Regional Security' With Qatar's Emir During Visit
Middle East
Lebanon Currency Nosedives as Central Bank Raises Exchange Rate on Dollar Deposits
Yemen Jewish Children Were Separated From Families, Leaked Israel Government Report Suggests
Aid Groups Warn of Rise in Darfur Violence, Dozens Killed
Compromised Hamdok Battles to Save Sudan's Political Transition
Current Tunisian Constitution No Longer Valid, Presidency Says
Tunisia: Man Sets Himself on Fire at Ennahda HQ, Killing One and Injuring a Dozen
Gunmen Kill at Least 14 Militiamen in Burkina Faso Ambush
North Cameroon Violence Between Farmers, Herders Kills 22; Residents Flee
Alleged Central African Republic Rebel Leader To Face War Crimes Trial at ICC
Ghost Towns, Rockets, and Drones: Polisario's War in Western Sahara
Nigeria's Borno State to Limit Food, Aid Distribution to Some in Northeast
US Adds Former Angolan General Dino to Sanctions List
Canadian Military Finds Cracks in Most Ch-148 Cyclone Helicopters
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