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Updated May 1, 2022 - 9:50 PM EDT
Bill Would Authorize Biden To Wage War in Ukraine
US Is Training Ukrainian Forces in Germany
  Pentagon Official Sees No Threat of Russia Using Nuclear Weapons
  US Will 'Strongly Support' NATO Membership for Finland, Sweden
  Russian Cyber Attacks Fail to Materialize After Biden Warning
  Former US Marine Working for Military Contractor Killed in Ukraine
Ukraine Arrests Hundreds for Supporting Russia
  More Blasts Reported in Moldova Breakaway State Bordering Ukraine
  Poland Sends Over 200 Soviet Tanks to Ukraine as NATO Escalates
Biden's Whopping $33b Ukraine Bill In Context
  Biden's Ukraine Aid Request Hits Early Snag Over Covid Funding
  Lockheed CEO on Excessive Govt Contracts: We Do What They Ask
Millions of FBI Searches of Americans' Data Last Year
item We Can't Wait a Decade to Close Down Leaking Navy Fuel Tanks  by Col. Ann Wright (ret.)
item Bennett Must Tread Carefully: The 'Sword of Jerusalem' Could Be Unleashed Again  by Ramzy Baroud
item Biden's 'Disinformation' Czar Is Latest Assault on Free Speech  by James Bovard
item The American Media Is Failing Us on Ukraine  by Dan Froomkin

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Kim Warns North Korea Would 'Preemptively' Use Nuclear Weapons
Solomon Islands PM Says Won't Accept Militarization of Pacific
ISIS Attacks Warn of a
Re-Emergence in NE Syria
President Zelensky Misspoke When Referring to a '900-Body Mass Grave': Aide
Ukraine's Zelensky Sees Big Risk That Russia Talks Will End: Interfax Ukraine
Russian Submarine Strikes Ukraine With Cruise Missiles: Defense Ministry
Russia Says Struck Kyiv Rocket Plant With Missiles
Radio Liberty Producer Killed in Kyiv Missile Attack, US Broadcaster Says
Ukraine Rails at Russia After Deadly Strike on Kyiv During UN Chief's Visit
First Ukrainian Corn Cargo Leaves Romanian Black Sea Port
Israel Shuts Ukraine Field Hospital After Six Weeks, Medical Team Returns Home
Netherlands Reopens Embassy in Ukraine's Kyiv
Russia Does Not Consider Itself at War With NATO, Blames Kyiv for Talks Deadlock: Agencies
NATO Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Planes Over Black and Baltic Seas
Russian Parliament Chief Says Ukraine Is Mortgaging Itself to the United States
Russia Releases Video Showing British Man Captured in Ukraine
Russian Jewish Billionaire to Donate $100 Million for Ukrainian Refugee Relief
Gazprombank Account Not Necessarily Breach of Sanctions: German Ministry
UK Organization Says Russian Forces Holding Two Aid Workers in Ukraine
Sanctions, Bans, Shortages
Inflation Hits Record High of 7.5% in Countries Using Euro
Poland Threatens to Seize Russian Pipelines
New Gas Pipeline Boosts Europe's Bid to Ease Russian Supply
Gazprom Says Poland Buying Russian Gas From Germany
Norway Shuts Borders, Ports to Russian Goods, Exempts Fishing Vessels
How Military Technology Reaches Russia in Breach of US Export Controls
Russia Faces Threat of Sanctions on Nuclear Power Industry as Germany Backs Uranium Ban
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Tensions High on Borders of Moscow-Backed Transnistria Region
G20 Host Indonesia Urges Zelensky, Putin to 'Forge Peace'
Germany Considers Sending Howitzers to Ukraine: Security Source
8,000 British Troops Will Join Allied Exercises in Europe, Officials Say
Sweden to Boost Military on Gotland Island Amid Russia Fears
Ukraine Sought Turkish Weapons Worth Hundreds of Millions of Dollars From EU
Ukraine War Fails to Nudge Neutral Switzerland Closer to NATO
North Carolina National Guard to Lend Support to Ukraine
Florida Guardsmen Heading to Germany to Continue Training Ukrainian Troops
US, French, UK Nuclear Submarines Rendezvous in Scotland
Cuba Denounces Expected Summit of the Americas Snub by US
Biden Talks With Mexico's AMLO To Discuss Migration, Ukraine
UK Set to Impose Direct Rule on British Virgin Island as Premier Faces Cocaine Trafficking Charges
The War at Home
Dem Bills to Hold Pentagon Accountable for Civilian Deaths in Military Ops
UK-Born 'Beatle' ISIS Member Sentenced to Life by US Court
Boeing's Low-Ball Defense Bidding Has Come Back to Bite Them
Faith Leaders Join Rep. McCollum in Calling for End to Incarceration for Palestinian Children
US Navy Envisions Larger Fleet Despite Long-Range Plans Reflecting Budget Crunch
Blast Kills More Than 50 at Kabul Mosque, Its Leader Says
Death Toll of Thursday's Blasts in Balkh Rises to 11
Blinken: Kabul Fell Back on Promises About Girls' Schooling
US On-Budget Reconstruction Aid Stopped, Off-Budget Aid Continues
Taliban to Hold Loya Jirga on Afghan Situation
Taliban Supreme Leader Urges World to Recognize 'Islamic Emirate'
Biden Admin Split Over Trump-Era China Tariffs as Inflation Looms
China's DM Visits Oman as Beijing Eyes Foothold in Arabian Sea
New Pakistan PM on 1st Trip to Saudi Amid Political Division
Pakistan Stops Afghan Produce Imports if No EIF Form
Sri Lanka President Agrees to Remove Brother as PM, Says Lawmaker
India Halts Passenger Trains to Free Up Track to Move Coal Amid Power Crisis
42 Injuries as Israeli Forces Storm Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Compound
Israeli Forces Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque on Last Friday of Ramadan
Palestinians Cross Israeli Checkpoints for Ramadan Aqsa Prayers
Israeli Forces Injure Nine Palestinians, Including Two Children, in Kafr Qaddum
Teenage Palestinian Violinist Recounts Horror of Abuse in Israeli Detention
Israeli PM Bennett Gets Two Death Threats in Two Days
Israel's Lapid and Mansour Abbas Agree Ra'am Will End Boycott, Return to Battered Coalition
Iraq Daily Roundup: 63 Killed
No Agreement Reached Between Rival Iraqi Shiite Parties, Say Sadrists
British and German Tourists Detained in Baghdad Accused of Smuggling Antiquities
Iran to Resume Gas Supplies to Iraq in Summer
Iran Arrests Outlawed Marxist Kurdish Group Members
Iranians Hold Annual Pro-Palestinian Rallies Nationwide
Turkey Acquits Bloomberg Journalists Over Report on Economy
Turkey Accuses Greek Jets of Violating Airspace
Erdogan Meets With Saudi Crown Prince in Jeddah After Years of Animosity
Germany Summons Turkish Envoy Over Kavala Sentencing
Middle East
ISIS Attacks Warn of a Re-Emergence in Northeast Syria
Five UAE Military Jets Land in Israel Over Two Weeks
Thousands Stuck as Lebanese Authorities Suspend Passport Renewals
Three Killed in Latest Deadly Violence in Darfur
Court Orders Return of Key Sudanese Islamist Group
Sudan Needs Credible Govt in Place to Receive Aid: Western Officials
Mass Arrests in Ethiopia After Anti-Muslim Attack at Funeral
Ethiopian Peacekeepers From Tigray Seek Asylum in Sudan
Central African Republic: Six Soldiers Killed in Rebel Attack
Libya Is Losing $60m a Day in Oil Shutdown: Oil Minister
UN Condemns Mali's Ban on French Media
'General Arab Conference' Calls on Morocco to End Normalization With Israel
Tunisia President Unwilling to Compromise as Democracy Fears Grow
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