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Updated May 22, 2022 - 8:51 PM EDT
Report: US Plans To Sink Russian Black Sea Fleet
  Russia Sets Conditions to Ease Black Sea Blockade
Biden Signs $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Bill
  Ukraine Hopes $40 Billion Aid Package Means High-End Weapons
US and UK Say There Is No Exit Ramp for Putin
  UK, Allies to Arm Ukraine, Moldova With 'NATO Standard' Weapons
  US Likely to Keep 100,000 Troops in Europe for Foreseeable Future
Israel Attacks Syria Base in Damascus, Killing 3
  Syria Says US Must Pay for Civilians Killed in Strike, Withdraw Troops
House Bill Expands Federal Anti-Terrorism Mandate
Israel: Soleimani's Son-In-Law Smuggling Arms to Hezbollah
Hillary Clinton OK'd Leak About Alleged Trump-Russia Tie
item Cotton Picks Fight With Legacies of Washington and John Q. Adams  by Daniel Larison
item Civilian Victim of US Drone Strike Starts Gofundme to Save His Legs – and His Life  by Nick Turse
item The Decline of Diplomacy  by Edward Alvarez
item By Banning Russian Oil, Europe Forgot How It Won the Cold War  by Bas Spliet

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Bush Admits US Broke Promise on NATO Expansion
Yellen's Global Tax Plan Meets Resistance Abroad and at Home
Biden Secret Service Agents Sent Home After Drunk Assault Report in S. Korea
Pentagon Mulls Whether to Use Commercial or Military Planes to Fly Formula to US
Russia Says Troops Close to Claiming Full Control of Ukraine's Luhansk Region
Russia Claims to Have Taken Full Control of Mariupol
Ukraine Says Giant Nuclear Plant Won't Supply Russia
Ukraine's Zelensky Proposes Formal Deal on Compensation From Russia
Russia To Build New Military Bases in Response to NATO Expansion: Minister
Russia Makes Early Debt Payment Dash To Avoid Default
Russia Adds Kasparov and Khodorkovsky to 'Foreign Agents' List
Google Moves Employees Out of Russia After Bank Seizure
Proposed Russian Law Would Allow People Over 40 to Enlist in Its Military
US Consular Officer Visited Detained Basketball Player Griner in Russia on Thursday
Russia to Cut Gas Supplies to Finland on Saturday
Turkey Tells Sweden to Cut Support for Syrian-Kurdish Militia
PKK Central to Turkish Opposition to Sweden, Finland Joining NATO
Swedish Officials Ask Pentagon to Increase US Naval Presence in Baltic Sea
US Says Turkey's Approach to Sweden, Finland NATO Bid Not a Bilateral Topic
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Belarus Buys S-400, Iskander Missiles From Russia: Lukashenko
Serb Leader Tells EU Bosnia Cannot Join Sanctions Against Russia
G7 Countries to Provide $19.8 Billion in Economic Aid to Ukraine
Tennis: Wimbledon Stripped of Ranking Points by ATP, WTA Over Russia, Belarus Ban
More Nations Expected to Sign Up for Pentagon's Ukraine Aid Group
US, Italy Paratroopers Complete Air Assault Training Mission
Cargo Vessel Set to Ship US Medical, Defense Supplies Towards Ukraine
German Ex-Chancellor Schroeder Leaves Russian Oil Firm
Northern Ireland Row Risks Western Unity, US Warns
Bulgaria Rejects EU Pressure to Allow North Macedonia to Join
Belarus Charges Dissident With Organizing 'Terrorist' Group
Germany, Qatar Sign Energy Partnership Agreement
UN Says Army Blocked Patrol of Malian Town
Germany's Bundestag Extends Troop Deployment in Mali
Mali Soldiers on Despite Growing Isolation
Chad Urges Mali Junta to Reconsider Withdrawal From Anti-Militant Force
Three Italians Kidnapped in Southern Mali
Moscow Accuses France of 'Colonial' Approach in Mali
Concerns Grow Ethiopia's Fragile Truce May Break
Journalists, General, Militiamen Arrested in Ethiopia's Amhara
Ethiopia's Tigray Forces Announce Release of 4,000 Army POWs
11 Soldiers, 15 Gunmen Dead in Burkina Faso Attacks: Army
Sudan Frees Detained Anti-Coup Figures
Pandemic and Explosions Worsen Equatorial Guinea Prospects: IMF
IMF Extends Somalia Funding to August Following Election
UN: 18 Million People Facing Severe Hunger in Sahel Region
Tunisian Military Court Sentences Prominent Opposition Lawyer to One Month in Prison
UN Adviser: Libyan Committee Reached Consensus on 137 Articles of Draft Constitution
Joint List MK to Submit Bill to Begin Process of Dissolving Knesset Next Wednesday
New Footage Shows No Fighting Before Abu Akleh's Killing
Israel Refuses to Probe Soldiers Who Killed Shireen Abu Akleh
Russia: Palestinian Journalist's Assassination Is 'A Disaster That Shook the World'
Army Filmed Protecting Settlers Taking Down Palestinian Flag in West Bank Town
A Year on From Israeli Bombing, Gaza Families Still Can't Rebuild
Palestinian Identity and Israel's Long Attempt to Suppress It
'This Is Not a Life': Palestinians in Violence-Hit Jenin Camp
Fatah Leaders Resign Over Crushing Defeat at Birzeit University Election
US Removes Inactive, Ultranationalist Israeli Group From 'Terror' List
Iraq Daily Roundup: 16 People Killed
German Journalist Released From Prison in Iraq
Iraqi-Kurdish Interior Minister 'Secretly Visited Iran'
Key Iraq Irrigation Reservoir Lake Hamrin Drying Out
UK Lifts All Restrictions on Defense Exports to Turkey
Opponents of US Arms Sales to Turkey Mobilize in Washington
US Urges Swift Formation of Lebanon Government
Lebanon Cabinet Passes Financial Recovery Plan
Amnesty Urges Yemen Rebels to Free Journalists on Death Row
Former Afghan Security Advisor Apologizes in BBC Interview on Fall of Kabul
Afghan Government Bans Export of Wheat
US State Dept Wants 'Action' Not 'Rhetoric' on Afghan Schools
Lack of International Flights Harming Afghan Industry: ACCI
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
US, Taiwan Trade Officials Discuss Deepening Relations
Taiwan Delays Scheme to Help Hong Kongers Over Spying Fears
China's State Council Appoints John Lee as Hong Kong Chief Executive
India Accuses China of Illegal Construction in Border Area
Biden Begins Asia Tour Aimed at Boosting Indo-Pacific Ties
'We Are Going to Die': Food Shortages Worsen Sri Lanka Crisis
Pakistan's New Foreign Minister Pledges Support for Palestine
Cuba/Summit of the Americas
US Tags Cuba as Uncooperative in Counterterrorism Efforts
Biden Officials Consider Inviting Cuban Representative to Americas Summit
US Sends Out First Batch of Invitations to Americas Summit
Ecuador's Ex-Vice President Arrested, Headed Back to Prison
Nicaraguan Bishop, Alleging Police Harassment, Goes on Hunger Strike
'Butcher of the Andes' Victims Laid to Rest Decades After Military Massacred Almost Entire Peruvian Village
US Military
Sailors Are Deserting the US Navy at a 'Staggering' Rate
Navy Desertions Have More Than Doubled Amid Suicide Concerns, as Sailors Feel Trapped by Contracts
Navy's Top Enlisted Sailor Denies Telling George Washington Crew to 'Lower Your Standards'
USAF to Build $604 Million F-35 Maintenance Complex at Tyndall
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