How Strong Do We Look Now?: Juan Cole
Bush's Empire or Kerry's: Nebojsa Malic
Sudan in the Crosshairs: John Laughland
Israel's Bedouin Losing Ground: Am Johal
Right, Left Want Draft: Nicholas Von Hoffman
Usually, terrible things that are done with the excuse that progress requires them are not really progress at all, but just terrible things.
– Russell Baker
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Updated July 29, 2004 – 8:50 pm EDT
Kerry 'Will Not Change Foreign Policy'
Soldier: I Was Ordered to Push Iraqis off Bridge
Why the US Helps Iranian Terrorists
Iran Increases Defiance Over Nukes
How US Blurred the Line Between Soldiers and Aid Workers
Kay Tells US Officials: Give Up 'Delusional Hope' of Iraq WMD
How Strong Do We Look Now?
by Juan Cole
A 'Good' War to Silence the Peaceniks   by John Laughland
Bush or Kerry? Sharon Wins Either Way   by Nonna Gorilovskaya
Rumsfeld's Failed Tenure
by Ed Offley
Too Hot for Fahrenheit  by Ciro Scotti
Intelligence 'Reforms': Not So Fast
by Julian Sanchez

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Whistle-Blowing a Factor in an FBI Firing
Ricin Found in Baby Food Jars; Still None in Iraq
Afghan Foreign Minister Backs Karzai Rival
Bush's Cuban Hooker Search Goes Awry
Lawyer Says Saddam Has Had a Stroke
Iraq, Syria Try to Restore Ties
Women Fighters in Sadr Militia
Halliburton Loses $18 Million in US Gear
Iraq Praises Saudi Plan for Islamic Troops
Doctors Without Borders Leaves Afghanistan After 24 Years; Says US Turned Blind Eye to Violence
Violence Continues
Car Bomb, Fighting Leave 115 Iraqis Dead
Iraq Insurgents Kill Two Coalition Soldiers
Five Iraqi Security Officers Killed Near Kut
2 US Aircraft Damaged, 11 US Troops Wounded in Western Iraq
Bombs Are Deadliest Enemy for Troops in Iraq
Iraqi Police Face Charges of Brutality
Kidnappings Soar
Iraq Captors Kill Two Pakistani Hostages
Three Sons of Iraqi Provincial Governor Abducted
Much More to Come in Iraq Hostage Crisis
Hostage Truckers Forced to Enter Iraq
Tales of Torture & Murder
US Soldier Faces Iraq Murder Charge
Defense Contractors Sued Over Abu Ghraib Torture
UK: High Court Challenge Over Iraqi Civilian Deaths
Web Site Solicits Funds to Pay for Lynndie's Defense
Global Iraq Fallout
Eastern Europeans Angered by Powell Remark
France Threatens to Block NATO's Iraq Mission
Oil Prices Hit Record High Over Yukos Troubles, Iraq
Bosnia to Send 36 Troops to Iraq
Philippines Scolds Aussie Envoy Over Iraq Stance
UK Defense Minister Accused of Wasting Billions
Bulgarian Opposition Wants Troops Out of Iraq
Iraq War Satire a Hit in Syria
Now Karzai Has a Fight on His Hands
A 'Heartbreaking' Decision: Leaving Afghanistan
Six Killed, Including Two UN Workers, in Afghan Mosque Bombing
NATO Sees Militias as Main Threat in Afghanistan
US 'Proconsul' in Afghanistan
New Flurry of Diplomacy Swirls in North Korea
North Korean Refugees: Beginning of a Flood?
South Korean President Axes Defense Minister
South Korea Reforming Military
Okinawan Mayor Fights to Close US Base
India, China Fail to Resolve Border Dispute
Top Taiwan Military Brass to Visit US Amid Tensions with China
China to Help Pakistan Build a Nuclear Plant
Gujarat Riots Continue, 10 Injured
Seven Die in Kashmir Gunfight
Thai Govt Inquiry Criticizes Security Force's Massacre in Mosque
US Insists on 'Clear Threat' of Sudan Sanctions
African Union Discusses 1st Intervention in Member State
Sudan Refugees a Major Burden for Chad
Kenyan Press Attacks Sudan Over Darfur
Australia Offers 30 Troops for Sudan
Arab League Tries to Prevent Sudan Sanctions
A Macedonian Protest Not Sponsored by the CIA
Milosevic Accused of 'Hijacking' Trial
Democratic Convention
Convention Protesters Penned in Cage
Breaking Out of the 'Free Speech' Cage
War and Terror Dominate Convention Talk
Kerry Flogs Vietnam Record
Neocon Currents in the Democrats' Platform
Kucinich Blasts Free Speech 'Concentration Camps' at DNC
Stars of Convention: Bloggers
Bush Camp Welcomes Showdown on Security
Today's Army
US Army Practices for Home Invasions
Children Having Trouble Coping with Parents' Deployment Overseas
Naval Reservist Sues to Get His Old Job Back
Mistrial in Air Force Murder Case
Hot Demand for New Warplanes Propels US 'Big Ticket' Orders
'Homeland Security'
US Wins Dubious 'Big Brother' Award
Arab-Americans Report Abuse Since 9/11
Judge OKs Random Bag Searches in Boston
Immigration Officials Detain Saudi in Seattle, Seize Computers
Pakistani Ambassador Subjected to US's Harshest Search Procedures at Airport
Pressure Building for Response to 9/11 Report
'War on Terror'
Lawyers Meet in Bahrain on Guantanamo Detainees
Moroccan Poor Targeted for Recruitment by Terrorists
Police Won't Charge Cleric in Bali Bombings
Ex-Official Challenged on Madrid Bomb Inquiry
'Pieces Don't Fit' in Madrid Bomb Investigation
NATO Patrolling Greek Coastline
Al-Aqsa's Stupidity – and the IDF's
Israel Expands West Bank Settlements
Israeli Military Leaning Toward Cutting Mandatory Service Length
Israeli Closure of Rafah-Egypt Crossing Strands Palestinians
Gunmen Blockade Gaza Road
Palestinians: Arafat Must Deliver on Promises
Israel Blows Up 18 Abandoned Rafah Buildings
Jewish Demonstrators Blocked from Entering Dome of the Rock
Israel's Bedouin Losing Ground
Gaza Town Inhabitants Complain Israeli Army Wrecking Land
The Intangible Vision of the Temple Mount
200 French Jews Moving to Israel
Middle East
Top Commander Says Iran Military Is Ready for Combat, Matyrdom
Parents Sue US Over American Held by Saudis
Powell Meets with Egypt to Discuss Arafat, Sudan
Russia & Her Neighbors
Georgia Accused of Shelling Ossetian Homes
Leader: South Ossetia Determined to Join Russia
Russia Condemns Georgia's Seizure of Military Sites
Official: Russia's Military 'Riddled With Corruption from Top to Bottom'
Colombia: Paramilitary Commanders Address Congress
US Grudgingly Accepts Bolivia's Drug War Plan

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Don't Call it a Wall

Matthew Barganier
The Honest Case for War

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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