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How to Blow $700 Billion Matt Taibbi, 3/21/2019 Ari Fleischer and the Iraq War Ghouls Are Proof the Republican Party Needs a Total Reset Charles P. Pierce, 3/21/2019
Somalia: Shroud of Secrecy Around Civilian Deaths Masks Possible War Crimes Amnesty International, 3/21/2019 Eight Years of Corrosive Lies About Syria Michael Brendan Dougherty, 3/21/2019
US Media Ignore, Disparage Palestinians' Right of Return Gregory Shupak, 3/21/2019 Charles Beard: Punished for Seeking Peace Andrew J. Bacevich, 3/20/2019
Mystery in Madrid: Who Raided the North Korean Embassy – and Why? by Justin Raimondo, 3/20/2019 Is Democracy the Answer to the World's Problems? by Edward Lozansky, 3/20/2019
Bloomberg Becoming a Marketing Tool for the Pentagon by Adam Johnson, 3/20/2019 Why Did Bush Go to War in Iraq? the Answer Is More Sinister Than You Think by Ahsan I Butt, 3/20/2019
Somaliland: a Success Story Without the Billions and Bombs by Michael Horton, 3/19/2019 Uniting Fatah, Not Palestinians: the Dubious Role of Mohammed Shtayyeh by Ramzy Baroud, 3/19/2019
Why the Dust Won't Settle After Mueller's Report by Patrick Lawrence, 3/19/2019 Congress Can Deliver Another Rebuke to Trump, This Time on His Fealty to MBS by Washington Post, 3/19/2019
The Death of Peace: How the US Empire Starts Wars, But Refuses To End Them by William J. Astore, 3/19/2019 Exposure of Another Pro-War Lie Doesn't Make Media More Skeptical of Pro-War Claims by Janine Jackson, 3/18/2019
With Mueller Office Emptying, Dramatic Predictions Remain Unfulfilled by Byron York, 3/18/2019 Let's Hope These Rebels Never 'Court Extinction' by Bill Kauffman, 3/18/2019
Ilhan Omar Spoke the Truth by David Spero, 3/18/2019 Arms Sales to US Allies in Yemen Are Endangering American Lives by Doug Bandow, 3/18/2019
John Bolton's Great Game of Nuclear Chicken by Daniel L. Davis, 3/18/2019 Is Trump Really About to Attack Venezuela? by Ron Paul, 3/18/2019
Empire of Absurdity: Recycled Neocons, Recycled Enemies by Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.), 3/18/2019 Korean Ghosts by Justin Raimondo, 3/18/2019
We Must Apply Our Universal Values to All Nations. Only Then Will We Achieve Peace. by Rep. Ilhan Omar, 3/18/2019 Good Iraqi-Iranian Relations Are Not a Reason to Worry by Paul R. Pillar, 3/18/2019
The World's Most Dangerous Divide by John Feffer, 3/17/2019 Conservatives Should Be Antiwar by Andrew Syrios, 3/17/2019
Trump's Backward Move on Drone Civilian Casualties by Daniel R. Brunstetter, 3/16/2019 Why the United States Should Not Send the Military to Venezuela by A. Trevor Thrall, 3/16/2019
Combat Obscura Is a Brutally Honest Look at the Blurred Morality of the War in Afghanistan by Military Times, 3/15/2019 Would Social Media Have Censored Video of 9/11 or Kennedy Assassination? by Thomas Knapp, 3/15/2019
Don't Accept the Rules for How to Criticize the Israel Lobby by Philip Weiss, 3/15/2019 The Horrific Long-Term Consequences of Regime Change by Jacob G. Hornberger, 3/15/2019
With Yemen Vote, Congress Takes Aim at Trump's Foreign Policy by Hunter DeRensis, 3/15/2019 A Modest Proposal: Don't Start a Nuclear War by Olivia Alperstein, 3/15/2019
US and Iranian Hardliners Continue the Suffering by Ann Wright, 3/14/2019 The Sorrows of Empire by Kym Robinson , 3/14/2019
Why Would We Want to Spread Liberal Democracy? by Jack Howard Burke, 3/14/2019 An Apology for a Different Plane Crash, 30 Years Later by Medea Benjamin, 3/14/2019
Uncle Sam Sent Me to Rehab for PTSD by Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.), 3/14/2019 Trump Just Gave Himself More Power to Kill in Secret by Conor Friedersdorf, 3/13/2019
Escalation in Somalia Is a Foreign Policy Failure in Progress by Bonnie Kristian, 3/13/2019 Pity the Nation: War Spending Is Bankrupting America by John W. Whitehead, 3/13/2019
Did the US Cause the Blackout in Venezuela? by Chris Ernesto, 3/13/2019 Chasing Mirages: How Will Palestinians Combat the 'Deal of the Century'? by Ramzy Baroud, 3/13/2019
The Problem With Trump's Foreign Policy Is It's Too Much Like Cheney's by W. James Antle III, 3/12/2019 The Veneer of Civilization Slipped Away by Jeffrey A. Tucker, 3/12/2019
New Film, 'The Witchhunt' Exposes Smears by UK Israel Lobby by Robert Cohen, 3/4/2019
For a New Isolationism by Murray Rothbard, 4/1/59 War is the Health of the State by Randolph Bourne, 1918
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