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A Note to My Readers by Justin Raimondo, 2/21/2017 The West's Moral Hypocrisy on Yemen by Jonathan Marshall, 2/21/2017
US Troops Don't Belong in Syria by Doug Bandow, 2/21/2017 Mission Unaccomplished, 15 Years Later by Danny Sjursen and Tom Engelhardt, 2/21/2017
Israel Interferes in Our Politics All the Time, and It's Never a Scandal by Philip Weiss, 2/20/2017 Why Do 'Progressives' Like War? by Philip Giraldi, 2/20/2017
Democratic Ex-Dove Proposes War on Iran by Nicolas J. S. Davies, 2/20/2017 Iraqi Forces Begin Bitter Battle for Mosul in Effort to Destroy ISIS by Patrick Cockburn, 2/20/2017
Trump's ISIS Plan: Another US Invasion? by Ron Paul, 2/20/2017 The War Party Fights Back by Justin Raimondo, 2/19/2017
The Mideast 'Peace Process' Was a Ruse. Donald Trump Ended It by Rashid Khalidi, 2/19/2017 'We're a Nation at War' by William J. Astore, 2/19/2017
Why Do So Many Americans Fear Muslims? by Jon Schwarz, 2/18/2017 Red Hysteria Engulfs Washington by Eric Margolis, 2/18/2017
Democrats, Liberals Catch Mccarthyistic Fever by Daniel Lazare, 2/17/2017 Poll Finds DC Is Out of Touch With Americans on Foreign Policy by Jeremy Lott, 2/17/2017
What's Wrong With Talking to Russia? by Jacob G. Hornberger, 2/17/2017 How Did It Start? by Uri Avnery, 2/17/2017
How the Travel Ban Helps Terrorists by Steve Chapman, 2/17/2017 Libertarians and War: a Bibliographical Essay by Anthony Gregory, 2/17/2017
Trump Needs to Rethink Terror Policies by Ivan Eland, 2/17/2017 Drone Warriors: a Documentary Explores the Consequences of Our New Way of War. by Scott Beauchamp, 2/17/2017
Why Does Congress Accept Perpetual Wars? by Andrew J. Bacevich, 2/17/2017 Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Justin Raimondo, 2/16/2017
Netanyahu's No-Way to a Peace Deal by Alon Ben-Meir, 2/16/2017 German Intel Clears Russia on Interference by Ray McGovern, 2/16/2017
More About Russia and Less About Flynn? by Philip Giraldi, 2/16/2017 As Korean Peninsula Gets Weirder US Should Head for the Exits by Doug Bandow, 2/16/2017
Mosul Set to Be Completely 'Destroyed' in Battle to Free It From ISIS by Patrick Cockburn, 2/15/2017 A Dangerous Hysteria on Russia by James W. Carden, 2/15/2017
The Wretched Beginning of Donald Trump's Presidency by Lucy Steigerwald, 2/15/2017 Israel's Vision for the Future Is Terrifying by Ramzy Baroud, 2/15/2017
How Donald Trump Can Avoid Playing Into North Korea's Hands by Doug Bandow, 2/14/2017 The Negotiation Option With North Korea by Jonathan Marshall, 2/14/2017
Mr. President, Take the Money You Give Israel and Run by B. Michael, 2/14/2017 Israel Rejoices in Unbridled Colony Expansion Amid Trump's Havoc by Ramzy Baroud, 2/14/2017
A Win for the Deep State by Justin Raimondo, 2/14/2017 New Declassified CIA Memo Presents Blueprint for Syrian Regime Collapse by Brad Hoff, 2/14/2017
Ignore the Tough Talk – Trump's Iran Policy Will Be Much Like Obama's by Gareth Porter, 2/14/2017 Are the Senkaku Islands Worth War Between China, Japan and America? by Doug Bandow, 2/14/2017
The New Battle for Afghanistan by Kelley Vlahos, 2/14/2017 Two Uninspiring Choices by Philip Giraldi, 2/13/2017
Welcome to the Foreign Policy 'Reassurance Tour' by Ted Galen Carpenter, 2/13/2017 America Has Nothing to Lose in Talking to North Korea by Daniel R. DePetris, 2/13/2017
2016 Election and Post-Imperial America by Peter Crowley, 2/13/2017 'Isolationist' Trump Rattles His Saber by Sheldon Richman, 2/10/2017
How Mainstream Media Paved the Way for Trump's Muslim Ban by Adam Johnson, 2/7/2017 Iran Hawks Already Scuttling Trump's Realism by Michael Brendan Dougherty, 2/7/2017
Congress Must Protect Digital Privacy Rights by Veronique de Rugy, 2/3/2017
For a New Isolationism by Murray Rothbard, 4/1/59 War is the Health of the State by Randolph Bourne, 1918
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