No, not yet – but it's entirely possible.

It's not hard to imagine the following scenario: another terrorist attack, a declaration of "emergency measures," and suddenly your screen goes blank when you click on the old familiar bookmark for Or perhaps your computer registers an ominous error message: "File Not Found"!

We can't know what the future holds – can we? – but it's best to plan for the worst: and, these days, sadly, we have no reason to expect anything other than the worst. Which is why the ongoing struggle to keep up and running takes on new importance.

In the early days of, when we were virtually alone pointing out the stupidities and tragic ironies of the Kosovo war, we didn't even have time to interrupt our coverage for what we now call "Pledge Week." We were updating the page by the hour, and posting daily editorials denouncing an unjust and unprovoked war on a nation that had never attacked the U.S. and represented no threat to us. (Sound familiar?) Our opposition was rooted, not only in moral outrage, but in the recognition that this war would set a terrible precedent – one that would unfold in the Middle East.

We aren't happy about how right we were: frankly, there isn't much to be happy about these days. Every morning the informed among us wake up to wonder if we're at war again. It could be Iran, Syria, Lebanon – or someplace else. You never know where the Empire is going to strike next.

Unless, of course, you're a regular reader of

Our readers keep themselves informed – because, these days, they have to. The Warmonger-in-chief could order the troops into action tomorrow – or the day after the election.

But if he does, one thing you can count on: we'll be the first to have the news online – along with analyses from the experts.

We're watching the War Party, and have been since 1995. Featuring up-to-the-minute coverage and commentary,'s editors and researchers comb the worldwide web for the latest news and analyses of our rulers' war plans.

We're on guard duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and we don't need much to stay alive. Just the antiwar equivalent of MREs – and so we're turning to you. The Army of Peace needs to stay alive, somehow – and we depend on you, not the U.S. Treasury, for provisions.

This Pledge Drive will be going on all week, but the sooner you give, the better. We get plenty of letters saying "good job!" – but just remember, we can't do it without your support. So make your tax-deductible contribution today.

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Updated August 2, 2004 – 10:00 pm EDT
US Warns of 'Near-Term' al-Qaeda Attack
Plan to Attack London Found in al-Qaeda Raid
NYC al-Qaeda Plot Discovered in Pakistan Raid
US Arrests Journalist for Criticizing Iraqi Govt
Attack Latin America for 9/11?
MI6 Head Asked UN Inspectors to Lie About WMD
Situation in Iraq Is Worse Than Is Being Reported
Powell Testifies at Grand Jury CIA Leak Probe
US Troops Surround Sadr's House in Najaf
Video Shows Hostage Killed, Turkish Truckers Halt Deliveries
Retired General: Bush Foreign Policy a 'National Disaster'
An Open Letter to the 9/11 Panel
by Sibel Edmonds
Anti-Terror Abuses Still Coming to Light  by James Bovard
Realists vs. Neocons
by Christopher Preble & Justin Logan
How to Help the Ayatollahs
by Roger Howard
Allah Is the Greatest  by Gordon Prather
Why Sudan?  by Karen Kwiatkowski

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Rumsfeld Set to Take Heat Over Prison Abuse
Pentagon Stalling on Abuse Inquiry
Italian Connection to Niger Uranium Documents
Hostages Not Freed, Negotiations Resume Today
Few Injured, Ill Troops Get Requested Disability Pay
How to Pack for the Apocalypse
Bush, Kerry Identical on Israel
Sudan: UN Deadline 'Means War'
Blasts at 5 Iraqi Christian Churches Kill 15
US Terror Threat Focuses on Five Buildings
Violence Continues
Holy Rite in Baghdad Ends in Horror
US Soldier Killed, Two Wounded in Samarra Blast
Car Bomb Kills 5, Wounds 34 at Mosul Police Station
One Killed, Three Wounded in Baghdad Roadside Bombing
Interpreter's Death Rattles Troops
Hostage Crisis
Iraqi Mediator Says Kidnappers Asked Him to Quit
Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Gives Italy 15 Days to Leave Iraq
Turkish Firms May Suspend Iraqi Operations
Tales of Torture & Murder
Iraqi POW: Seized, Beaten, Forgotten, Buried
Military Files First-Ever Murder Charges Against US Soldier in Iraq
Iraq's Child Prisoners
128 Iraqis Released From Abu Ghraib Camp
Iraq Occupation
Life on the Imperial Frontier
US Promises to Avenge Death of Contractors in Fallujah Are Still Unfulfilled
GIs, Hit by Raids, Fault Their Iraqi Allies
Top Sadr Aide Arrested by Coalition Forces
Chalabi: US Iraq Security Plan a Disaster
US Special Ops Struggles with Complex New Role
Iraqi Govt Security
Corruption in Iraqi Police Force Continues Under New Command
Allawi Warns Iraq Unrest Could Threaten Region
Iraqi Security Has Come Far, With Far to Go
Iraqi Military Opens Base in Mosul
The New Iraq
Survey: Iraqis Frustrated but Optimistic
Spurned by US, Chalabi Turns to Sadr for Support
Christians Represent 3% of Iraq
Electricity Riots in Najaf
War Ruins Iraqi Date Industry
Baghdad's Cult of Arnold
Global Iraq Fallout
Allawi Snubs Iran
Saudi Royal Family Slams Michael Moore for Twisting the Truth
Kuwait Bans Fahrenheit 9/11
US, Kuwait Hold Security Talks
Powell Assures Poland of US Loyalty
UN: Afghan Voter Registration a Success
US: Britain's Afghan War on Drugs Not Brutal Enough
Pakistan Cracks Down After al-Qaeda Claim
Several Arrests Made in Pakistan Attack
Pakistan Announces Cash Rewards for Terrorist Arrests
Six Killed in Pakistan Ambush
Chinese Army Will Parade in Hong Kong Show of Force
Thai PM Admits Excessive Force in Mosque Massacre
EU Concerned About Human Rights Abuses in Kashmir
Russia & Her Neighbors
Out of Control in South Ossetia?
In Chechen Elections, Moscow's Heavy Hand Is Everywhere
Sudan: UN Deadline 'Means War'
Egyptian Islamists Call for Sudan Summit
Rwanda to Probe France's Role in 1994 Genocide
Peace Deal Reached in Ivory Coast
NYC Terror Warning
New York Closes Holland Tunnel to All Commercial Traffic
Wall Street Open, but Security Tight
Traffic Stops Planned Near IMF, World Bank
The War at Home
A Soldier's New Life
Penned Protests: Wave of the Future?
Kerry Wants More Foreign, Not US, Troops in Iraq
Fahrenheit 9/11 Remains in Top Ten at US Box Office, Passes 100-Million-Dollar Mark
Connecticut at Center of Huge Underground Arms Trade
Pentagon Looks to Directed-Energy Weapons
Tommy Franks Remembers
Gen. Franks: Jordan, Egypt Said Iraq Had WMD
Gen. Franks Says US Agent Fooled Saddam, Won War
Gen. Franks Warned of Iraq 'Catastrophic Success'
Battle of Britain
US Election Will Reverberate in UK
British Troops May Leave Iraq in 2005
UK Home Office Faces Post-Election Shakeup
'Homeland Security'
Justice Dept Clears Sandy Berger of Document Theft
Senator: FAA, NORAD Hid 9/11 Failures
Bush Intel Reform Orders Could Come Monday
ACLU Quits Federal Donation Program Rather Than Comply With PATRIOT Act
Closer Tabs on Student Visas
'War on Terror'
'Terror Premium' May Leave Oil Prices Sky High
Intel Finds 10 More Aussies Who Trained at Terror Camps
French Muslim Family Takes Path to Militancy
Mother of Embassy Bombing Suspect Says He's Innocent
Palestinians Divided
Rival Threatens Revolt on Streets of Gaza Unless Arafat Loosens Grip on Power
Pro-Arafat Militants Fire at Fatah Conference
PA Shakes in Its Boots as Palestinians Burn Police Station, Ransack Offices
Palestinian Militants Face Off as Rifts Between Factions Grow
Israel's Merchants of Influence in DC
Sharon Reneges on Pledge to US to End Settlement Construction; 600 Units Approved
Tightening Noose on Palestine
Israeli Forces Attack Gaza Refugee Camp, Kill Elderly Woman
Israel Can't Stop Palestinian Missile Strikes
For Palestinians, the Path to an Education Has Been Fenced Off
Palestinian Parents' Nightmare in Nablus
Stranded on the Egypt-Gaza Border
Israel Tries to Stop US Selling Missiles to Jordan
Iran: Europe to Blame for Restart of Nuke Building
European Terrorism Suspects Traced to Iran
Bailed Iranian Dissident Vows to Clear Name
As Repression Lifts, More Iranians Change Their Sex
1991 US Report Calls Colombian President Ally of Drug Lords
Venezuelan Army Officers Who Protested Chavez Arrested
US Travel Curbs Force Cuba Exodus
Powell Warns Bosnia: Hand Over War Criminals
Poles Mark 1944 Warsaw Uprising

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India-Pakistan Hope Gives Way to Uncertainty

Ivan Eland
Report Omits Key Player Foreign Policy

Ran HaCohen
Don't Call it a Wall

Matthew Barganier
The Honest Case for War

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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