Gen. Odierno Rejects Early Pullout Plan    Tory Leader Would Appoint 'Minister for Afghanistan'    Zawahri: Al-Qaeda Truce Offer to US Still Stands    Clinton Calls on Iran to Return Hikers    Is Standish, MI the New Gitmo?    New NATO Chief Calls for Russia 'Partnership'    Iraq Censorship Laws Move Ahead    Fears of Fraud Cast Pall Over Afghan Election    160 Killed in Sudan in Tribal Attack    Afghan War Unlawful, Says UK 'Deserter'    Clinton Slams Israel for Evicting Arab Families From East Jerusalem    Japan Opposition Says It's Ready to Stand Up to US    US Take on Detained Journalists Hypocritical    Bombing Kills 12 in Afghan City Ahead of Polls    Hamas Goes to the Movies    Madeleine Albright to Lead NATO's Strategic Debate    Israel Targets Human Rights Groups    Pakistan Resolution Would Charge Musharraf With 'High Treason'    Israel Defends Jerusalem Evictions    Israel Peace Concert Sells Out in a Day    More War, Please    64 Years Too Late and Not a Moment Too Soon    Guantánamo: You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, but You Can Never Leave    Beginning to Smell in Afghanistan    The Belief in Regenerative War: Why So Many American Intellectuals Supported the Iraq War    Taliban Slick Propaganda Confronts US    John Bolton's Unrealistic 'Realism'    Wham Bam Bananastan    Bush Speechwriter Sows Panic With Memoir    Who's to Blame When Vets Turn Homicidal?    Ahmadinejad's Opponents Snub Election Ceremony    
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Updated August 4, 2009 - 11:29 PM EDT

NK Frees US Journalists After Meeting Bill Clinton

Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder

US General in Iraq Nixes Early Pullout Plan

  Iraq Censorship Laws Move Ahead
  Shi'ite Group Agrees to Renounce Violence in Iraq
  Monday: 20 Iraqis Killed, 65 Wounded

Fears of Fraud Cast Pall Over Afghan Election


Tory Leader Would Escalate Afghan War Despite Opposition

Zawahri: Al-Qaeda Truce Offer to US Still Stands

  Is Standish, MI the New Gitmo?
Clinton Calls on Iran to Release American Hikers
  Iran President Confirmed but Sealed Without a Kiss
New NATO Chief Calls for Russia 'Partnership'

Madeleine Albright to Lead NATO's Strategic Debate

Japan Opposition Says It's Ready to Stand Up to US

Clinton Slams Israel for Jerusalem Evictions

64 Years Too Late and Not a Moment Too Soon  by Frida Berrigan and Tom Engelhardt
More War, Please  by Philip Giraldi
Guantánamo: You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, but You Can Never Leave  by Andy Worthington
Wham Bam Bananastan  by Jeff Huber
Beginning to Smell in Afghanistan
by Steve Breyman
John Bolton's Unrealistic 'Realism'
by Stephen M. Walt

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Afghan War Unlawful, Says UK 'Deserter'

Taliban Slick Propaganda Confronts US

Bush Speechwriter Sows Panic With Memoir

US Take on Detained Journalists Hypocritical

Top Cybersecurity Aide at White House Resigns


Iraq Oil Sector Sees Militant Attacks Fall

Oil Official Assassinated in Mosul

Iraqi and Kurdish Leaders Pledge to End Disputes

Monday: 20 Iraqis Killed, 65 Wounded

Ahmadinejad's Opponents Snub Election Ceremony

Signs of Dissent Emerge in an Iranian Power Base

Britain Sparks Row by Sending Senior Diplomat to Ahmadinejad Ceremony

Wife: Iran Reform Politician's Confession Forced

Iraqi Cop: US Hikers Held in Iran Are CIA Agents

Detained in Iran: Hiked in Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Newsweek Steps Up Effort to Free Reporter in Iran

'War on Terror'

Jobs Trump Fears of Terrorists in Michigan Town

Feds Name 8th NC Terror Suspect

Ga. Terror Suspect to Defend Self Against Advice

Past Terror Cases Tried in East Coast Districts

Va., NY Districts Vie for 9/11 Case

Australia Launches Major Anti-Terror Operation

Yemeni at Guantanamo: Prisoner Without a Country

British Lawmakers Seek Inquiry Into Torture Claims


OAS Sending Envoys to Pressure Interim Honduras Govt

Chávez Supporters Attack Opposition TV Station

Correa: Ecuador to Take Over Radio, TV Stations


160 Killed in Sudan in Tribal Attack


Warnings About Muslim Sect Ignored in Nigeria, Clerics Say

In Nigeria, an Insurgency Leaves a Heavy Toll


Bombing Kills 12 in Afghan City Ahead of Polls

Big Crowds Good Sign for Karzai in Re-Election Bid

We're in Afghanistan to Topple al-Qaeda, Says UK Armed Forces Minister

UK Afghan Helicopters 'Not Safe'

Marines Fighting Taliban Strive to Win Afghan Locals' Trust

New NATO Chief: More UN, EU Help Needed in Afghanistan

Pakistan Resolution Would Charge Musharraf With 'High Treason'
Pakistan Army Majors Arrested for 'Collaborating with Terrorists'

Hamas Goes to the Movies

Fatah Commits to Israel Peace Talks in Party Draft

Israel Targets Human Rights Groups

Minnesotans Detained in and Deported From Israel Return Home and Speak Out

Israel Peace Concert Sells Out in a Day

Poll: 77% of Soviet-Era Israeli Immigrants Want to Get Rid of Arabs

Jordan Rejects US Call to Improve Ties With Israel

Obama to Launch PR Campaign to Sway Israelis, Arabs on Peace

South Korean Envoy to Meet US Officials Over North Korea

Report: Ex-President Clinton Heading to North Korea


China Says Another 319 Detained Over Xinjiang Riot

Cambodian Authorities Ban Miss Landmine Contest


Gunmen Kill 5 Police Officers in Chechnya


Justin Raimondo
'Culturally Sensitive' Imperialism

Kelley B. Vlahos
Who's to Blame When Vets Turn Homicidal?

Ivan Eland
Was Rummy Really Wrong?

Philip Giraldi
The Disappearing Palestinian

Charles V. Peña
Odds Against Nuclear Disarmament

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

David R. Henderson
NPR: 'Murder' a Controversial Concept

Nebojsa Malic

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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