Officials: NATO's Badghis Air Strike Killed at Least 20, Mostly Civilians    Obama Narrows Afghan Options: 34,000 Troop Escalation Favored    Iraqi Parliament Finally Approves Election Law    Japanese Town Stages Anti-US Base Protest    Britons Think Afghanistan War Unwinnable    Afghans Say NATO Airstrike Killed 20, Including 12 Civilians    Germans Press for Removal of US Nuclear Weapons in Europe    Afghanistan; More Troops May Not Be the Answer, Says Obama Adviser    Poland Demands US Troops Be Based on Polish Soil    Declassified Docs Reveal Pentagon Ignored FBI's Warnings on Abusive Interrogations    Abbas Threatens to Dismantle Palestinian Authority    UK Army Wants to Retreat in Afghanistan    Honduran Rivals Signal New Bid to Solve Crisis    Sunni Concerns See Iraq MPs Fail to Agree 2010 Election Law    Israel Spy Agency Tried to Recruit Alleged Killer    Afghans Have Serious Doubts About US Escalation    How Israel's War With Iran Will Be Fought    More Democrats Oppose Lifting Cuban Travel Ban    Russia's Medvedev: Sanctions Against Iran Possible    Afghan Govt Says UN Representative Out of Line    Iran Lawmakers: No Shipment of Uranium Abroad    Abbas Produces a Dubious Twist    US Seeks to Limit Warlords in Karzai Cabinet    'War Comes Home' with Ft. Hood Shootings    The Media as Enablers of Government Lies    Two Cents About COIN    After Fort Hood: Count All the Dead    The Evil Empire    Israeli Settlements Could Cause One-State Solution    US Fed Up With Troops Dying to Prop Up Karzai    
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Updated November 8, 2009 - 11:21 PM EST
Pak Bombing Kills Anti-Taliban Mayor, 14 Others
Obama Leaning Toward 34,000 Afghan 'Surge'
  Afghans Say NATO Airstrike Killed 20, Including 12 Civilians
  Senior Obama Advisor Jones: More Troops May Not Be the Answer
Iraq Electoral Law Passes, Sets Up National Vote
  Marooned Atop Sea of Oil, Basra Residents Unable to Tap Its Wealth
Russia Now Says May Back Sanctions on Iran
  Iran Will Not Exchange Uranium With the West, Top Official Says
Fatah Considers Reverting to Popular Warfare
  Rival Lebanon Factions, Including Hezbollah, Agree on Unity Govt
Germans Press for Removal of US Nuclear Arms in Europe
Pentagon Ignored FBI's Warnings on Abusive Interrogations
After Fort Hood: Count All the Dead  by Aaron Glantz
The Media as Enablers of Government Lies  by James Bovard
Israeli Settlements Could Cause One-State Solution  by Juan Cole
The Evil Empire  by Paul Craig Roberts
Two Cents About COIN  by Ryan McCarl
Afghanistan: Groundhog Day
The Guardian

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Poland Demands US Troops Be Based on Polish Soil
Japanese Town Stages Anti-US Base Protest
How Israel's War With Iran Will Be Fought
Brazil Blackouts a Result of Cyber Hacking
Honduran Rivals Signal New Bid to Solve Crisis
More Democrats Oppose Lifting Cuban Travel Ban
Spat Over 'Terrorists' Halts Conn. 9/11 Memorial
Killing at Fort Hood
Texas Army Killer 'Linked to September 11 Terrorists'
Obama Says Don't 'Jump to Conclusions' After Shooting
Probe Into Fort Hood Shootings Turns Up No Link to Terror Plot
Muslim Leader Had Troubling Talks With Suspect
Islamic Leader: Suspect Sought Advice on What to Tell Troops Going to Fight Muslims
A Soldier in Iraq and the Attack on Fort Hood
Some Fear Backlash Against Muslims in US Military
Obama Reminds Nation of Military's Diversity
US Military
Shortage of Military Therapists Creates Strain
US Military Finds 75 Percent of Today's Youth Can't Serve
Unlikely Odyssey Brings Vietnamese 'Boat Person' Home as Commander of US Navy Ship
Defying Supreme Leader, Khatami Continues to Question Election
109 Detained at Opposition Rally
Iran Releases 3 Journalists Jailed During Rallies
Danish Journalism Student Arrested in Iran
Shah's Son Backs Civil Disobedience in Iran
Iraqi Cleric Draws Fire for Secular Slogan
Saturday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 6 Wounded
Palestinian Politics
Abbas Threatens to Dismantle Palestinian Authority
Peres Calls on Palestinian Leader Not to Quit
Former Militia Leader Barghouti Could Run for Palestinian President
Despite Announcement, Pundits Expect Abbas to Stay
Abbas Feels Betrayed by Obama
Stop Seeking Compromise With Israel, Urges Hamas Leader
Hamas Commends Israel for Shalit Efforts
Thousands Gather in Tel Aviv to Commemorate Death of Rabin
Israel Spy Agency Tried to Recruit Alleged Killer
Obama: Israel Won't Know Peace While Palestinians Are Gripped by Despair
Four Palestinians Injured in Israeli Artillery Shelling in Gaza
Report Says 32 Children Killed in Gaza Tunnels in Past 3 Years
Wasted Years: Jobless Youngsters Collect Rubbish for a Living in Besieged Gaza
US Senators Act to Force Recognition of Jerusalem as Capital
Jordanian Professor: Israel Will Go to War Over Water
Hezbollah Gears Up for New War
Lebanon's Berri: Israel Arms-Ship Claims 'Fabricated'
Beirut Is Back… and It's Beautiful
Yemen Rebels Say Saudi Bombardments Hit Stronghold
Yemen Rules Out Truce With Shia Houthis
Middle East
Egypt Extends Borders Opening Before Gaza Pilgrims
Turkey FM: Israel Ties Could Improve With Syria Talks
Paraguay President Explains Military Shake-Up
Internationally Acclaimed Blogger Says Cuban Agents Beat Her
Guyana: US 'Mastermind' Behind Arson Attacks
UK Army Wants to Retreat in Afghanistan
Britons Think Afghanistan War Unwinnable
Afghan Govt Says UN Representative Out of Line
Kabul Slams Criticism of Karzai as 'Disrespectful'
UN: About 200 Staff to Be Pulled From Afghanistan
British Army Commander Speaks of 'Monstrous' Killing of Five Soldiers
Pakistan's Zardari Won't Resign, Come What May
Former Pakistan Leader Musharraf Ready to Meet UN Probe Officials
Pakistan: 12 Militants Killed in Offensive
Three Soldiers, Five Militants Killed in Pakistan's Khyber Region
Explosion in Pakistan Kill Two People, Wound Five
13 Wounded in Second Explosion in Pakistani City
Two Female Teachers Among 16 Hurt in Quetta Attacks
Pakistan's Fashionistas Defy Taliban
Thailand: No Plan Yet to Seal Border With Cambodia
China Angry Over Dalai Lama Visit to Disputed Tibetan Border
US Open to Environmental Pact for Bases in Japan
France Asks Sri Lanka to End Emergency Laws
US Optimistic About New Nuclear Weapons Treaty With Russia
Medvedev: Arms Control Deal With US Can Be Reached
Russian Communists Flirt With Medvedev
For Russia's Communists, Ousting Putin Is a Priority
Ten Dead in Russian Military Plane Crash
Yushchenko to Blame for Russia-Ukraine Spat: Medvedev
Marchers Call for Saakashvili to Go
Equatorial Guinea
Foreign Office Warns Mann to 'Keep Quiet' About Equatorial Guinea Coup Attempt

Sir Mark Thatcher Said He Was a Spy for South Africans

Americans Still Dying
Mother of Slain Queens (NY) Soldier Condemns the War
Merced (CA) Soldier Killed a Week Before Homecoming
Malden (MO) Soldier Dies in Non-Combat Incident in Afghanistan
Taos County (NM) Loses First Soldier to Iraq War
DEA Agent Killed in Helicopter Crash Leaves Behind Wife Pregnant With First Child (VA)
Native of Imperial Beach (CA) Killed in Helicopter Crash
Online Profiles Offer Glimpse of Nevada Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Crash
Dothan (GA) Helo Pilot With Ties to Spokane (WA) Remembered
Soldier From Broussard (LA) Killed in Afghanistan
Texas Marine Killed in Afghanistan Loved the Outdoors
Civilian (OK) Supporting Operation Enduring Freedom Dies in Afghanistan
Ohio Man Employed by Nevada Company Killed in Afghan Plane Crash
Stockton (IL) Family Remembers Their Soldier
NY Soldier With Carlisle Ties Dies in Afghanistan Helicopter Crash
Terrell (TX) Army Combat Medic Killed in Afghan Chopper Crash
University of Illinois Grad Dies in Baghdad From Non-Combat Incident
Gretna (LA) Soldier Leaves Behind Two Young Children

Justin Raimondo
The Disenfranchised Antiwar Voter

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The Clock Is Ticking

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A Manifesto for X Street

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Knocking Our Heads Against a Wall in Palestine

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Polls Give False Impressions About War

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The Edifice Crumbles

David R. Henderson
An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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