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Updated November 9, 2009 - 11:12 PM EST
NATO Poised to Abandon Northern Helmand
  Obama Narrows Afghan Options: 34,000-Troop Escalation Favored
  NATO, Afghanistan Probe Deadly 'Friendly' Strike
  Karzai Claims Mystery Helicopters Ferrying Taliban to N. Afghanistan
Mass Arrests Reported in Pakistani Capital
  In an Unstable Pakistan, Can Nuclear Warheads Be Kept Safe?
  Anti-Taliban Mayor, 14 Others Killed in Pakistan Suicide Attack
Mullen: 'Nuclear Iran' Is Existential Threat to Israel
  Mixed Signals from Iran on Nuclear Deal
Japan FM Says No Base Deal During Obama Visit
  Thousands Protest at Japanese US Air Base
Soldiers 'Not Surprised' by Fort Hood Massacre
  Hasan Computer Reveals No Terror Ties
  Sen. Lieberman Sees Base Attack as 'Islamist Extremism'
Iraqi Parliament Finally Approves Election Law
  Monday: 3 GIs, 4 Iraqis Killed; 13 Iraqis Wounded
Palestinians Consider Abandoning Peace Process
Chavez to Troops: Prepare for War With Colombia
The Unmentioned Option in Afghanistan  by Charles V. Peña
Who Will Be Sent to Afghanistan?  by Dahr Jamail, Sarah Lazare, and Tom Engelhardt
The GOP Should Dump the Neocons  by Edward H. Crane
Hillary's Dope Deal?  by Jeff Huber
A Line in the Sand  by Uri Avnery
Good Men Have to Speak Up  by Marc Guttman

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US Envoy: 'No Intention' of Seizing Pakistan's Nukes
Iraq Explosives Detection Gadget Does Not Work: US General
Demolitions Continue in East Jerusalem
TSA Screening More Than Just Carry-On Bags
Obama to Meet With Prime Minister of Myanmar
Putin Feels 'Nostalgia' for East Germany
Fort Hood Killings
Fort Hood Suspect's Links to Imam Said to Be Al-Qaeda Backer Come Under Scrutiny
Report: Fort Hood Gunman Had Told US Military Colleagues That Infidels Should Have Their Throats Cut
Don't Target Muslims, Troops Told
Army General Warns of Anti-Muslim 'Backlash'
Years of War Make Fort Hood No Stranger to Death, Mourning
Fort Hood Tragedy Rocks Military as It Grapples With Mental Health Issues
'War on Terror'
Attorney General: Gitmo Reviews Under Way
Swiss Open Probe of al-Qaeda Nuke Physicist Case
UK Nuclear Workers Asked to Spy on Colleagues' Lives
Iran May Call for a Nuclear Fuel Swap, Iranian TV Reports
Iranian Lawmaker Warns Russia Over Missile Delay
Iran's Karoubi Attacks Ahmadinejad on US Policy
Two Iraqi Soldiers Wounded in Clashes With US Patrol
Sadr Says Detainees' Release Precondition for Coalition
Obama Calls New Election Law a Milestone for Iraq
Women Fight New Battle in Iraq's Insurgent Corner
Iraq Minister Says Three Oilfields to Pump 6 Million Barrels
The Endless Dark Night of an Iraqi Boy
Iraqis Angry at Loss of Jobs to Asians
Sunday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 9 Wounded
Israeli Lawmaker Floats Idea of Talks With Hamas
Netanyahu's Washington Trip Clouded by Abbas Threat
Goldstone Criticizes 'Lukewarm' US Response to Gaza Report
Abbas to Supporters: Israel Doesn't Want Peace, but We Must Believe in It
Israeli Opposition Lawmaker Calls for Temporary Palestinian State
Qassam Explodes West of Sderot
Army Chief of Staff Says War in Afghanistan Needs More US Troops
Afghan President Vows to Keep Corrupt Officials Out of Govt
Afghan Taliban Deny Having Missing US Troops' Bodies
To Afghanistan's Many Problems, Now Add the Flu
Major British Paper Turns Against Afghan Conflict, Urges Pullout
200th British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan as Country Honors Vets
Police: Suicide Bomber Kills 3 in Pakistan
Pakistani Govt Pressured on Post-Offensive Plan
10 Militants, Two Soldiers Killed in Mohmand
Musharraf: India Involved in Terror Acts in Pakistan
Caller Claims Responsibility for Pakistan Bombing
Slain Mayor Honored His Word After Renouncing Militancy
To Defang Taliban, Some Look to Private Schools
China's 'Netizens' Hold Authorities to New Standard
'Nonpolitical' Visit by Dalai Lama Riles China
Dalai Lama Calls Chinese Protests on Visit Baseless
Turkey: Indicted Sudan Leader Won't Attend Summit
Ally of Zimbabwe's PM Goes on Trial for Terrorism
China Pledges $10 Billion in Low-Cost Loans to Africa
Secret Files Show Sir Mark Thatcher's Role in Wonga Coup Plot
Gunmen Ambush, Shoot at Honduras Attorney General; No Injuries
Press Group: Latin American Governments Moving in on Press
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Saudis Claim Gains From Yemen Rebels, Rebels Deny It
Yemeni Fighter Jet Crashes During Raid on Rebel Strongholds
Middle East
Egypt: Police Officer Imprisoned for Torturing Suspect
Turkey PM: Israel War Crimes Worse Than Sudan

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