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Updated November 12, 2009 - 11:14 PM EST
How the US Funds the Taliban
  NATO Storms Afghan Red Crescent Compound
  Al-Qaeda Declines, Taliban Rises in Afghanistan
  Taliban Spin Doctors Winning Fresh Ground in Propaganda War
  In Kabul's 'Obama Market,' US Military Rations on Sale
Obama Wants 'Revised' Afghan Options
  US Afghan Envoy Urges Caution on Troop Increase
  Afghanistan: 22 Gallons of Fuel Per GI Per Day; At $300-400 Per Gallon
US to Seize Mosques, 'Secretly Controlled by Iran'
  Iranian Enrichment Has Not Grown: Diplomats
  Israel Shows Documents It Says Link Iran to Arms
  Iran Open to Idea of World Nuclear Fuel Bank
Suicide Blast Hits Peshawar, 8 Dead, 30 Wounded
  Pakistanis Pay High Price for Anti-Militant Drive
  Gunmen Kill Pakistani Working at Iranian Consulate in Peshawar
  Taliban Attacks Kill 10 Pakistani Soldiers, 10 More Missing
  Pakistan Rock Music Rails Against the West, Not the Taliban
Syrian Envoy Denies Aiding Insurgency in Iraq
  Former Ambassador Galbraith's Kurdistan Millions
  Iraq PM Warns of Threat in Run-Up to January Vote
US Signs Military Pact with Yemen
White House Allies Say Obama Bungled Gitmo Closing
US Is Doing No Good in Afghanistan  by Malalai Joya
The Blackwater Plot Deepens  by Jeremy Scahill
Is Israel Too Strong for Barack Obama?  The Economist
Obama's Wacky War  by Jeff Huber
America, Israel's Lackey
by Paul Craig Roberts
Obama's Arrogance of Power
by Gene Healy

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Tension Grows Between China and India as Asia Slips Into Cold War
India: Goa Bombers Tried to Leave Muslim Imprint
Afghan War Is Bad for Security, UK Voters Say
US Seeking a Lever in Kabul
Afghanistan Airstrikes Highest Since July 2008
Charges Prompt Iraqis to Look Into Blackwater
Okinawans Grow Impatient With Dashed Hopes on US Base
Fort Hood Killings
Who Knew of Fort Hood Suspect's Radical Contacts?
Fort Hood Shooting Exposes Personal Struggles of Muslims in the Military
Hasan Did Not Formally Ask to Leave Military, Army Official Says
Ft. Hood Suspect's Exchanges With Cleric Raised Questions, Not Alarms
Ft. Hood Probe Spotlights Web-Savvy Preacher
Preacher Linked to Fort Hood Killer Has Support in Britain
The War at Home
CIA Commercials to Recruit US Arabs, Iranians
Yoo's Lawyers Warn of Flood of Political Suits
US Reverses Stance on Treaty to Regulate Arms Trade
US Military
Parents of Iraq Veteran Receive Mistaken Notice From Pentagon, Not Condolence Letter They Await From Obama
Troops Sue KBR Over Toxic Waste in Iraq, Afghanistan
Muslims in Military Seek a Bridge Between Worlds
Partner of Killed GI Wants New Afghanistan Mission
Iran's Opposition Steers Challenge Toward the Top
Iranian Defense Minister Urges Russia to Deliver S-300
Iran Executes Kurdish Activist
Brazil: Ties With Iran Important to Mideast Peace
Israel's Peres Says Brazil Can Help Curb Iran
UN Says Ensuring January Iraq Election 'Herculean' Task
In the Iraq War, Christians Pushed to the Brink
Maliki Urged to Lift 'Security Siege' on Sadr City
Iraq Looking to Attract Tourists
US Radar to Detect Mines to Kurdistan
Wednesday: 1 Iraqi Wounded
Abbas Resists US Pressure to Resume Peace Talks
Palestinian Hopes Dim 5 Years After Arafat Death
Settlers 'Stone' School Children
At Arafat Memorial, Abbas Pushes Independence Fight
Netanyahu, Sarkozy Make No Settlement Breakthrough
UN Official to Security Council: Penalize Israel Over Gaza Op
Yemeni Rebels Say Saudis Setting Up Buffer Zone
Yemen Denounces Iran's 'Interference'
Arab Leaders Worried as Iran Criticizes Saudi Offensive in Yemen
Yemen 'Rejects Outside Interference'
Yemen Says War With Rebels Not About Shi'ism
Yemen's Jews Stay Put in Sanaa in Face of Saudi Offensive
Military Sees Increase in Wounded in Afghanistan
Obama Asks When Afghanistan Strategy Could Start
Obama Decision on Afghan Troops 'in Days', Gordon Brown Says
Afghan Future Threatened by Ex-Warlords in Govt
Ministers Press for UK Parliament to Vote on Afghan War
Missing US Soldier's Body Found in Afghanistan River
Global Pressure Mounts Ahead of Karzai Inauguration
A Familiar Enemy for Platoon in Afghanistan
NATO Expects More 'Resources' for Afghan Training
Blast Kills Afghan Interpreter, Injures Five Swedish Soldiers
South Korea Troops on High Alert After Navy Skirmish
North Korea Says South Korea Faces Consequences Over Clash
US Presses Diplomacy With North Korea Despite Skirmish
Take Pakistan Into Confidence on Afghan Strategy, PM Asks US
China Proves to Be an Aggressive Foe in Cyberspace
Uzbek Rights Activist 'Beaten' After BBC Story
In Sri Lanka, Anger Over Fate of Ethnic Tamils Held in Camps
Azerbaijan Jails Opposition Bloggers
Irish Priest Freed by Philippine Kidnappers
US, Vietnam Strengthen Ties
Detentions Raised in 'Difficult' Russia, Georgia Talks
Kosovo Prime Minister's Convoy Pelted With Stones After Political Rally, Police Say
Somali Pirates Seize Greek-Owned Cargo Ship
Zimbabwe Judge: Torture Can Be Raised in Case
Assad: Syria Has No Preconditions for Peace Talks With Israel
Netanyahu to Sarkozy: Israel Ready for Syria Talks Without Preconditions
UN: Israel Violates Lebanon Resolution
Nasrallah Says Lebanese Will Defend Their Land if Israel Attacks
Hezbollah Leader Lashes Out at Obama
Lebanon Condemns Four Alleged Israel Spies to Death
Honduras Accord Is on Verge of Collapse
Chávez Foe Accuses Him of Allowing Leftist Colombian Rebels
'War on Terror'
Gitmo Detainee Challenges Judge Who Halted Case
US Antiterrorism Laws Causing Immigration Delays for Refugees
Airport Rules Changed After Ron Paul Aide Detained

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90,000 Casualties, but Who's Counting?

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Resurrecting the Caliphate

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The Clock Is Ticking

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An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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