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Updated December 30, 2009 - 9:43 PM EST

8 CIA Agents, 5 Canadians Killed in Afghanistan

  Afghan Soldier Kills US Soldier, Injures Italians
  Afghans Turning to Taliban Shadow Govt
Bombs Kill 31 in Iraq's Western Anbar Province

Wednesday: 41 Iraqis Killed, 138 Wounded

US Set for Fresh Yemen Attacks, But Where?

US Had 'Early Signals' of Lap Bomber Plot


CIA Also Knew About Alleged Lap Bomber

  Yemen Says May Harbor Up to 300 al-Qaeda Suspects
Report: Iran Eyes Import of Kazakh Uranium

Iran Sanctions: US and Allies May Narrow Their Approach

Somali Man 'Tried to Take Bomb Onto Plane'

Israeli Court: Palestinians Can Use West Bank Highway
Cause and Effect in the 'Terror War'  by Glenn Greenwald
Some in the US Already See Yemen as 'Tomorrow's Target'  by Patrick Cockburn
Is Aviation Security Mostly for Show?  by Bruce Schneier
New Wars for the New Year?  by William Pfaff
Iran's Two Clocks  by Daniel Luban
The Cheney Offense  by Adam Serwer

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Congressman Wants Military Trial for Lap Bomber

Obama Vows to Repair Intelligence Gaps Behind Detroit Incident

Firm Employs Large Number of Pentagon Mentors

Obama Curbs Secrecy of Classified Documents

Putin: Russia to Develop Offensive Weapons to Keep Balance With US

As Defense Agencies Hire, Other Government Workers Get Incentives to Retire

'Lap Bomber'
Yemen: US Never Warned Us About Bomber

Yemen Probes Contacts, Movements of Bomb Suspect

US Plane Plot Suspect 'Still in Yemen in December'

Al-Qaeda 'Groomed Abdulmutallab in London'

Web Posts Suggest Lonely, Depressed Terror Suspect

'Lap Bomber' Aftermath

White House Aims to Calm Bickering Intel Leaders: Report

Parties Spar Over Blame for Failed Christmas Day Terrorist Attack

GOP Lawmaker: Threat From Terrorism Not Going Away

Republicans See Political Opportunity in Obama Response to Failed Airplane Bomb

'Shocked' Nigerians in US Express Fears of Guilt by Association After Arrest

Al-Qaeda Calls for Home-Made Bomb Attacks in West

Airline 'Security'

President Obama's Options for Airline Security

New Airline Security Measures Are 'Blind Overreaction'

Reid Vows to Force Vote on TSA Nominee

Opponents Call High-Tech Airport Scans 'Virtual Strip Searches'
Many Airport Security 'Improvements' Involve More Intrusion, Oversight

Canada Bans Most US-Bound Carry-On Bags

Package Triggers Bomb Scare at Milan Airport

Spain Raises Anti-Terror Alert Ahead of Possible Attacks


Newspaper Says It Was the Target of Baghdad Blast

Officials: Gunmen Kill 5 Sunni Guards in Iraq

In Heart of Iraq, a Plan to Revive the Pulse of a Main Street

Iraq Inks Oil Deal With Russia's Lukoil

Tuesday: 12 Iraqis Killed, 26 Wounded

Russia and Her Neighbors

Russian President Bans Tax Crime Suspects' Jailing

Russian Soldier in North Ossetia Found Guilty of Spying for Georgia

Ukraine Front-Runner Questions Democratic Reforms


Japan Mulls Selling Nuclear Technology to India

Internet Resumes 6 Months After Riot in West China

North Korea: American Detained After Illegal Entry

US Citizen in Solitary Confinement in Myanmar


UN: Afghan Civilian Casualties Up 10% in 2009

Afghans Announce Spring Election

US Congressmen Press Afghanistan to Delay Election

In Germany, Afghanistan Deployment Descends Into Partisan Bickering
Afghan Army Says One Soldier, 10 Taliban Killed After Town Captured

China, Willing to Spend, Wins a Trove of Afghan Copper


Suicide Attack on Pakistani Shi'ites Kills 43

Haqqani Network Challenges US-Pakistan Relations

Girls' School Blown Up in Peshawar

Pakistan's Largest City Paralyzed After Blast, Riots

Rebel Commander Killed, 16 Held in Swat


Iran Limits Movements of an Opposition Leader

Iran Cleric Says Opposition Leaders Deserve Death

Kerry Reportedly Files Request to Visit Iran

Iran Lashes Out at West Over Protests

Ahmadinejad Blames US, Israel for Protests

Now Iran Turns Its Fury on Britain

Iran Arrests Sister of Nobel Laureate

Chances of New Palestinian Intifada in 2010 Low, Says Head of Israel's Shin Bet

Hamas: Israel Refusing to Free Four Senior Prisoners

Lebanese Troops Fire on Israeli Jets Over South

Egypt Encouraged During Israeli PM's Visit
Gaza Charity Convoy Changes Its Route Upon Egypt's Demand

Gaza's Writing on the Wall

Israeli Police Arrest Nuclear Whistleblower Vanunu

In Other News

Cuba Gives US Diplomat Access to Arrested American

US Says It's Not Brokering Any Kashmir Deal


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