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Updated January 12, 2010 - 11:19 PM EST
Dozens Killed as N. Yemen Fight Resumes
  Yemeni Officials Admit al-Qaeda War Not Going Well
Gen. McChrystal Declares Afghan Surge a 'Success'
  Six NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

CIA Trying to Negotiate Truce With Iraqi Ba'athists

Over 3,000 Killed as Pakistan Violence Soared in 2009

Pakistani Troops Kill Eight in South Waziristan

  Pakistan Seen Becoming More Islamist, Anti-US
Clinton Eyes Sanctions on Iran 'Decision Makers'

Gitmo Lawyers: Client Denied 'Speedy Trial'

US Rejects Treaty to End Korean War

Too Many Dots, Too Many Enemies  by Jon Basil Utley
Left and Right Against the Empire  by David Spero
Appeals Court Extends President's Wartime Powers, Limits Gitmo Prisoners' Rights  by Andy Worthington
Will's Testament  by W. James Antle III
Yemen: The Backstory  by Stephen Zunes
The Radicalization of CIA Assassin Humam al-Balawi  by Juan Cole

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Iraqis Say They Were Forced to Take Blackwater Settlement

Blair's Top Spin Doctor to Be Quizzed on Iraq Role

US Rep. Profited Off Hosting Meeting With Israel and Military Contractor

Turkey Seethes at Deliberate Diplomatic Slights in Israel
Israel Cool to New US Pressure
Gaza Extremists Drifting Toward al-Qaeda?
Pakistan: Vestiges of War, Hopes for Peace

Analysis: US Efforts in Yemen Limited by Realities of the Region

17 Yemeni Rebels, Eight Soldiers Dead in Saada

Yemen Denies Claims It Offered al-Qaeda Deal to Leave

How Influential Is Yemen's Mystery Man?

British Muslims Tortured in Yemen

German Family Held Hostage Since June Located in Yemen


Obama's Guantánamo Policy Puts Yemenis in Limbo

Free My Dad From Guantánamo, 12-Year-Old Asks Brown

Spain Will Likely Accept 2 Guantánamo Prisoners

Photos Offer New View of Guantánamo Detainees

ACLU Sues Library of Congress Over Firing Employee Who Criticized Gitmo
'War on Terror'

Poll: Most Now OK With Full-Body Scanners at Airports

Clinton Embarks on Pacific Trip; Focus on Terror

Interagency Gaps Let Bomb Suspect Retain Visa

Informant Paid Millions to Infiltrate Toronto Terror Plot Testifies

Algeria Protests Place on US Terror Watchlist

Somali Faces Terror Charge in Denmark for Cartoonist Attack
The War at Home
Federal Judge Orders Release of Sealed Court Papers in Blackwater Case

Hasan's Superiors Ignored Own Worries

Increase in Suicide Rate of Vets

Fed Panel Wants More Scrutiny of Biolab Workers


Chemical Engineer Gets 4 Years for Iran Deals

Iran Prosecutor Urges No Leniency for Detainees

Panel Ties Ally of Iran Leader to Protester Deaths

South Asia

India, Bangladesh Ink Five Pacts to Strengthen Ties

Sri Lankan Journalist Jailed 20 Years Allowed Bail


Rival Somali Islamic Militias Clash, Killing 14

US Urges Violence Prevention in Southern Sudan

Angola Rebels Claim Togo Team Was Hit by Mistake


McChrystal: 'Killing the Enemy Is Not the Best Route to Success'

Brits: US Won't Help Allies Beat IEDs

Afghan President Karzai Submits New Cabinet Choices

Afghan Attacks Signal Shift From Seasonal Violence

Bomber Urged More Attacks Before Striking CIA


2 Navy SEALs' Detainee Abuse Trials Moved to Iraq

Talabani Says Iraq Seeks to Build Developed Army

Reports on New Mass Grave Near Karbala

Bomb Targeting Iraqi Lawmaker Wounds 3 Guards

Iraq: Election Worker Killed in March Vote Run-Up

Itching for Battle, US Troops in Iraq Stage Fight Nights

Black Iraqis Claim Discrimination

Monday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 11 Wounded


PM Vows Pursuit of Terrorists Outside Jordan

Jordanian Killed in US Drone Attack in Pakistan

Jordanians Question Alliance With US After CIA Bombing


Israel's US Envoy: Obama Peace Plan Unrealistic

Israeli Artillery Kills Two Militants in Northern Gaza

Israel May Occupy Southern Gaza

Israel Will Take Years to Deploy Rocket Defense

Israel Urges Hamas to Rein in Gaza Militants

Israeli Jews Oppose Swiss-Style Minaret Ban

Africans Blocked as Jerusalem Acts to Guard 'Jewish Character'
Middle East

Lebanese Army Says Fired on Israeli Fighter Planes

Turkey, Lebanon Lash Out at Israel

Egypt: Israel's Border Fence Not Our Concern


On Asia-Pacific Trip, Hillary Clinton Addresses US-China Friction

China Says Successfully Tests Missile System

Fiji Throws Its Heaviest Book at Dissenters


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The Weird Factor

Kelley B. Vlahos
The COINdinistas: Last Year's News

David R. Henderson
In Defense of Avatar

Charles V. Peņa
Once More Unto the Breach

Philip Giraldi
Where's the Beef, Mr. Murdoch?

Ivan Eland
Is Dick Cheney Unpatriotic?

Nebojsa Malic
2009 in Review

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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