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Updated January 31, 2010 - 11:15 PM EST
Obama Seeks Major Nuke Increase
  Draft Defense Dept Budget Avoids Weapons Cuts, Adds Aircraft
  Obama's New Gitmo Closure Deadline: Jan. 22, 2013
  No Sanctions for Bush Lawyers Who OK'd Torture, Report Will Say
US Speeds Up Arms Buildup With Gulf Allies
  US Accelerates Missile Defenses in Persian Gulf
NATO Bombs Afghan Army Base, Killing 4 Troops
  Interpreter Kills Two US Soldiers in Afghanistan
  Taliban Maintains Hardline Stance, Denies UN Meeting
  Afghan Govt Condemns NATO Airstrike on Soldiers
  India Softens Stand on Negotiating With Taliban
US Missile Strike Kills 15 in Pakistan
  US Aid Program for Pakistan Frontier a Flop, Audit Says
Proxy Detention 'Collusion' Exposed
  Courts, Congress Shun Addressing Legality of Warrantless Snooping
Yemeni Rebel Leader Accepts Cease-Fire Conditions
China Suspends Military Exchanges With US for Taiwan Deal
Thousands Protest in Tokyo Against US Military Presence
Sanctions Only Hurt Ordinary Iranians  by Muhammad Sahimi
The Value of Government Surveillance of Citizens  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Pelosi Stopped One CIA Operation – Why Not Waterboarding?  by Marc A. Thiessen
Mr. Antiwar Republican  by Justin Raimondo
Blair's Blind Faith in Intelligence  by Hans Blix
Of Course Palestine Matters to Jihadists  by Marc Lynch

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Thousands Rally to Urge Russia's Putin to Resign
Political Uncertainty Grips a Russian Republic
Files Show Thatcher Was at Odds With US on Iran
Seized N. Korea Arms Were Bound for Iran: Thailand
China's Strident Tone Raises Concerns Among Western Governments, Analysts
Few See Progress in Flurry of Taliban Talks
Obama to Propose $3.8 Trillion 2011 Budget
Anger as NATO Airstrike Kills 4 Afghan Soldiers
Karzai Fails Taliban Who Gave Up Arms
If the West Reaches Out, Will the Taliban Talk?
Irish Officer Attacks 'Tribal' Afghan Police
General: Months Ahead Key to Afghan Fight
UK: Shadow Defense Secretary Says Allies Should Fight or Fund More of the War
US Military Experiments With Empowering Afghan Businesswomen
Pakistan: 25 Dead in Bombing, US Missile Hit
Eight Gunned Down in Karachi
Merkel Calls for Bigger Islamabad Role in Afghanistan
Pakistan Experts Say No Immunity to President
China & Taiwan Arms Sale
Scenarios: How Could China Hit Back at US?
After China Criticism, US Defends Arms Deal With Taiwan
US Regrets China's Response to Arms Sales
Chinese News Service: Arms Sale Causes Severe Damage to Overall US Cooperation
MI5 Says China Bugs and Burgles Britain
Uighurs Returned to China 'Disappear' Says Rights Group
Chinese Security Scholar Calls for Overseas Basing to Counter US
China: Flight From Restive Province Disrupted After Passenger Burns Toilet Paper
South Korea Watches North Korea for Further 'Provocations'
Report: Detained American Seeks Asylum in North Korea
Cambodian, Thai Troops Clash on Border: Phnom Penh
Thai PM: There Won't Be a Coup D'Etat
US Ambassador Stresses Need for Troops on Okinawa
Russian Border Guards Fire at Japanese Fishing Vessels Near Disputed Islands
Breaking Away: India's Internal Frictions
Defeated Sri Lankan Candidate Denies Seeking Asylum
Indonesians Want to Tear Down Statue of Obama
US Halts Airlifts of Haiti Patients, Citing Space
Doctor: Haiti Quake Victims Dying Without US Airlifts
In Cost Dispute With Florida, US Halts Airlift of Haiti Quake Victims
Honduras, US Normalize Diplomatic Ties
Colombia's Uribe Visits Honduras to Restore Ties
Honduras Apologizes After Expelling Brazil Consul
9/11 Trials
Skyrocketing Costs May Have Doomed NYC Trial Plan
In NYC, Relief and Disappointment Over 9/11 Trial's Move
Site for Terror Trial Isn't Its Only Obstacle
Obama Seeks $200m to Help Cities Host 9/11 Trials
Many Obstacles to Choosing a Site for 9/11 Trials
'War on Terror'
Canada Violated Inmate's Rights at Guantánamo, Supreme Court Finds
Terror Suspect Allowed to Keep Visa to Avoid Tipping Off Larger Investigation
Colorado: Arrest of Train Passenger Carrying Afrikan Liberation Army Literature Over Alleged Bomb Threat
Report: Critical Infrastructures Under Constant Cyberattack Globally
GOP: Underbomber Shows Obama Has 'Blind Spot' on Terror War
US Military
Pentagon Starts Clock on Lifting Gay Ban
Pearl Harbor Merging With Hickam Air Force Base
Americans Still Dying
Hornell (NY) Marine Killed in Afghanistan on First Tour of Duty
Livermore (CA) Soldier Dies as a Result of Burns Received in Iraq in October Accident
San Marcos (TX) Remembers West Point Grad Killed by Afghan IED
Family Remembers Fallen Florida Marine
Montana Soldier Who Grew Up in Decatur (AL) Dies in Combat
Yonkers (NY) Soldier Killed in Vehicle Wreck in Iraq
US Marine From Cherry Hill (NJ) Is Killed in Afghanistan
Jacksonville (FL) Marine With Ties to Kentucky Killed in Afghanistan
British Iraq Inquiry
Tony Blair Accused of Spin Over Blaming Iraq War Failures on Iran
Iraq Inquiry: Tony Blair Slated for Iran Threat Claim
'I Wanted to Shout Out. 'Blair, Look at Me, You Have Brought Shame on Yourself.' I Wish I Had Spoken Out'
Ex-MI6 Chief Likely to Give Evidence to Chilcot Inquiry Behind Closed Doors
Gordon Brown Feared Tony Blair Bid to Oust Him After War
Iraqi Political Analyst: Blair's Justifications Do Not Change Reality
Chieftains in Southern Iraq Threaten to Boycott Election
Kurdish Politician Says 2003 War Served Iraqis' Interests
CCTV Cameras on Border Between Iraq, Syria
Al-Qaeda Group Claims Crime Lab Bombing in Baghdad
Iraq Mends a System to Treat Trauma
Oil Minister: Iraq Says Can Be Top Global Oil Producer in 6-7 Years
Azerbaijani Pilgrims Subjected to Fire on Road to Karbala
Suicide Bomber Kills 2, Wounds 25 at Iraqi Restaurant
Iraq Attacks Kill Three, Wound 23: Police
Saturday: 5 Iraqis, 1 Azerbaijani Killed, 41 Iraqis, 2 Azerbaijanis Wounded
Iran's Opposition Leaders Call for Big Turnout on Anniversary of '79 Revolution
Russian Arms Trader Sees No Threat in Possible Sale to Iran
Iran Puts 16 Protesters on Trial
'New Ideas' on Iran Nuclear Fuel Raised at Davos
3 Americans Now Held in Iran for Half of a Year
Roots of Yemen's Conflict With Northern Rebels
Yemen Crisis Deepens With 250,000 Displaced: UNHCR
Hamas Chief Assassinated
Report: Dubai Has Lead in Assassination of Top Hamas Man
Murder of Hamas Commander in Dubai May Enlarge Confrontation With Israel
Hamas Threatens: We Can Reach Israelis Abroad
Dead Hamas Commander's Family Calls on Militant Group to Investigate
'Hamas Filmed Assassinated Leader Before His Death'
Death of Hamas Commander in Dubai Prompts Hunt for Killers
Abbas Considers Indirect Talks With Israel
Netanyahu Reiterates Israel's Claim to Major W. Bank Settlement Blocs
Israel Stuck in the Mud on Internal Gaza Probe
Israel: Independent Goldstone Probe Possible
Sheikhs and Rabbis in Pursuit of Peace – on Mount of Olives
Palestinian 'Killed in Gaza Tunnel Collapse'
In the West Bank's Stony Hills, Palestine Is Slowly Dying
Archaeology in Jerusalem: Digging Up Trouble
Hariri Calls for Arabs to Unite Against Israeli Threats
Lebanon Stresses Palestinians' Right of Return
Lebanon Town's Residents Protest Against Imam's Abduction
Israeli Analyst Urges Israel to Widen Any Future Lebanon Conflict to Syria
Turkey Warns Deal With Armenia Could Fall Through
North Ireland Parties Struggling to Save Coalition Pact
Quota Rules Rob British Troops of Medals Earned in Afghanistan
France to Appeal Acquittal of Ex-Premier Accused of Forging Documents Related to Arms Sales
Libya, Russia Agree $1.8 Billion Arms Deal, Says Putin
Libya's Qaddafi May Plunge African Union Summit Into Conflict
Sudan's Beshir Faces 9 Challengers in April Poll
Sudan Rejects Three Presidential Candidates
UN Chief Calls for Sudan Unity Ahead of African Summit
Nigerian Oil Rebels Threaten 'All-Out' Attacks
Somali President Vows to Defeat Insurgents
Military Boss Arrested in Guinea
Zimbabwe PM Criticizes British Envoy on Sanctions

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