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Updated March 2, 2010 - 11:08 PM EST
Iraq Civilian Deaths Spiked in February

Petraeus Claims Iraq Violence 'Down'

At Least Six NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan
  Thousands of US Marines to Remain in Marjah for 'Several Months'
  Afghan Govt Bans Coverage of Taliban Attacks
US Israel Visit Seen Trying to Prevent Attack on Iran

Clinton Appears to Extend Timeline for Iran Sanctions


Russia: We Will Consider 'Smart' Iran Sanctions

US Warns Lebanon It Can't Stop Israeli Attack


Two Suspects Entered US After Killing in Dubai

Habeas Challenges for Bagram Prisoners

Blast Kills 10, Wounds 15 in Yemen

Israel's Cost-Benefit Calculation  by Robert Grenier
Suspicions Swell as Iraq Elections Near  by Sami Moubayed
Left and Right Against War, Part 87  by Thomas E. Woods Jr.
Oops, Our Bad!  by Jeff Huber
Still Taking Exception  by Daniel Larison
The Black Hole of Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington

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A Year Into Obama's Presidency, It's Still Gates' Pentagon

New York Lawsuits Seek Damages From Iran for 'Terror Acts'

Blair Warned in 2000 Iraq War Was Illegal

Karadzic: Islamic Militants to Blame for Bloodshed

Chinese Editorials Assail a Government System

Danish Paper Settles Muhammad Cartoon Issue


Iraq Votes, but Who Pulls the Strings?

Up to 180,000 Iraqis to Vote in Syria

Iraqis Awash in Gifts From Candidates

Iraqi PM Denies Order to Arrest Opposition Cleric

Iraq's Kurdish Region Gears Up for National Vote

Monday: 1 Iraqi Killed, 6 Wounded


IAEA Chief Can't Confirm Iran's Nuclear Work Peaceful

Iran Moves Enriched Uranium Stock Back Underground

Iran: US Behind IAEA Charge That Iran Making Bomb

Iran Says Israel May Do 'Something Crazy'

Iran: Uranium Enrichment Swap Possible

Iran Releases 6 Journalists, Opposition Activists

'War on Terror'
Supreme Court Won't Hear Case of Uighur Detainees

The Rising Threat of Homegrown Extremism in US

US: Al-Qaeda Growing in Strength and Numbers in Africa

US Military

Pentagon Panel Has Contractor Contacts

Navy Needs More Time for Super Hornet Deal

Bandwidth Troubles Could Threaten Pentagon's New Social Networking Rules

UK Arrests Ex-Bosnian President Wanted by Serbia

Karadzic Defends 'Just and Holy' War Against Islamist State


At 74, US Resident, a Former Somali Prime Minister, May Face War-Crimes Lawsuit

Danish NATO Destroyer Sinks Pirate Mothership Off Somalia

UN Envoy Congratulates Somali Govt on Surviving a Year

Britain to Ban Somali Militant Group Al-Shabab


Venezuela to Request Extradition of Ex-President

Spanish Judge Accuses Venezuela of Links to Rebels

In Other News

Yemeni Forces Clash With Suspected Rebels in South

Clinton Urges Talks on the Falkland Islands

South Korea Renews Offer of Incentives for Disarmament


Two Blasts Hit Afghanistan's Kandahar, Kill at Least Six People

In Marjah, a Vice President Speaks With Warmth, but Reaps Cool

Marjah's Residents Wary of US After Taliban Ouster

Afghanistan's Leaders Start a Dialogue in Marjah

Civilians Struggle to Adapt to Life With the US Army in Afghanistan

Afghan Complaints Show Obstacles Ahead in War

Afghan Police Still Out of Step

US: Afghan Poppy Production Declining but Still a Challenge

UK Names New Ambassador to Afghanistan


Senior Taliban Commander Among Five Killed in Swat

Suspected Militants Destroy NATO Fuel Tanker in Pakistan

Anti-China Militant Killed in US Drone Strike in Pakistan

In Pakistan, US Security Contractors Survive, UK Firms Pack Up

Official: Pakistani Troops Rescue Two Sikhs From Taliban Captivity

India: Ready to Go 'Extra Mile' if Pakistan Acts Against Terror


Dubai: Israelis Banned After Hamas Hit

Police: Dubai Hit Squad 'Hiding Out in Israel'

Israeli Artillery Shelling on Northern Gaza Kills One Militant

US Bemoans Plan for New West Bank Houses

Hamas-Israel Prisoner Swap Negotiations Collapse

Hamas Extends Detention of British Journalist

Hamas Leader Disowns Son Who Spied for Israel


Jordan Denies Spy Agency's Role in al-Qaeda Deaths

Jordanian Double Agent 'Stumbled Onto' Chance to Bomb CIA


Hezbollah Ups Security After Hamas Dubai Slaying

Bail Granted in Fla. Hezbollah Finance Case


Is Erdogan Strong Enough to Take on the Generals?

Army Ebbs, and Power Realigns in Turkey

Russia and Her Neighbors

Russia and US Close in on Nuclear Disarmament Deal

Putin: Russia to Build New Strategic Bomber

Vital Route in Caucasus Is Reopened, Just Barely

Ukraine Makes Pitch for Stronger Ties With EU


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Learning From History: Can the US Win the Afghan War?

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