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Updated March 28, 2010 - 11:20 PM EDT
Obama: Afghan War 'Absolutely Essential'
  US Troop Deaths Double in Afghanistan
  CIA Paper Reveals Plans to Manipulate Euro Opinion on Afghanistan
Maliki Detains Elected MPs, Dispute Turns Ugly
  Maliki's Tricks Up His Sleeve: Could Form New Govt
  Kurds Prepare for Baghdad Journey
  Allawi's 'Victory'
State Dept: Drone Attacks Are Legit Self-Defense
  US Missiles Bomb Pakistan Houses, 4 Killed
6 Killed in Gaza as Netanyahu Mulls US Pressure
  Arab League Eyes Alternatives to Peace Process
North Korea Threatens Nuclear Strikes on SK, US
  South Korea Rules Out Navy Ship Sunk by North Korea
Thai Troops Retreat in Face of 80,000 Protesters
Whistleblower Site Wants US to Stop Spying on Its Operations
Obama Squeezed Between Israel and Iran  by Pepe Escobar
Israel's Provocation at al-Aqsa  by Jonathan Cook
Will the Taliban Reclaim Control of Afghanistan?  by M. Shahid Alam
Comparing Military Spending  by Christopher Preble
Enemy Congress  by Becky Akers
What Canada's Military Won't Admit  by Brian Stewart

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Chertoff Joins Defense Firm That Defrauded US
Imagining an Israeli Strike on Iran
NATO: Europe Must Upgrade Defenses
US/UK Special Relationship Is Over, MPs Say
After 7 Years at Walter Reed, Kyrgyz Woman Has No Place to Go
Massive New Biometric Identity Project in India
IRA Used QE2 to Smuggle Weapons From New York in Early 1970s
Last Defendant in Iraq Killings Ready for Trial
Despite Drawdown, Big Bucks for Baghdad Embassy Security
Iraq's Allawi Opens Coalition Talks to All
Maliki's Bloc to Challenge Iraq Poll Results in Court
Leader of Adhamiyah Awakening Group Assassinated
Profile: Iyad Allawi
US Says Missing Contractor in Iraq Returns
More Post-Saddam Mass Graves Discovered in Iraq
First Impressions From Iraqi Kurdistan
Saturday: 11 Iraqis Killed, 19 Wounded
Agencies Suspect Iran Is Planning New Atomic Sites
Medvedev: Iran Sanctions May Be Needed, Not Best Option
Iran Reaches Out to Neighbors in New Year Summit
Arab League Chief Urges Closer Ties With Iran
Iran Slaps Ban on Top-Selling Reformist Daily
Israeli Soldiers Leave Gaza After Fierce Clash
Palestinian Christians Urged to Celebrate Easter in Jerusalem
Qassam Rocket Fire Continues in Wake of Deadly Gaza Clashes
Peres Blames Netanyahu for Breaching Jerusalem Status Quo
Israel Air Force Conducts First Missile-Defense System Test
IDF Soldier Wounded in Deadly Gaza Clash Now in Serious Condition
Zionist Organization of America: Obama's Israel Stance 'An Insult' to All Jews
Middle East
28 Injured, 40 Arrested at South Yemen Funeral for Man Killed in Separatist Violence
Arabs Close Ranks on Jerusalem at Libya Summit
UN Chief Urges Arabs to Back Mideast 'Proximity' Talks
Tens of Thousands Protest Israel in Syria
Lebanon Politicians Hopeful After Assad Meet
Mubarak Returns to Egypt; Succession Debate Persists
Merkel, Erdogan Trade Barbs Before Turkey Trip
Venezuela's Chavez Defends Arrests of Govt Opponents, Criticizes Hillary Clinton
Venezuela Congress Lifts Ex-Chavez Ally's Immunity
Colombian Boy Bomber Killed at Police Station
2 Journalists Killed in Honduras, 5 This Month
Mexico Military Faces Political Risks Over Drug War
Ecuador Journalist Convicted of Insulting Official
El Salvador Publicly Marks Archbishop Romero's Killing for First Time
Cutting Arsenals
China Wary of US-Russia Nuclear Embrace
Britain Hails Russia-US Nuke Deal, Eyes Own Cuts
Australia Hails 'Landmark' Nuke Treaty Between Russia and US
Australia Welcomes UK's Cluster Bomb Ban
Weekend Reviews
The Bases of Empire
Separating Fact From Fiction in Iraq War Films
Remembering a Korean Statesman
Americans Still Dying
Kenosha (WI) Soldier Killed in Grenade Attack in Iraq
Family Mourns Death of Army Ranger From Fairbanks (AK)
Funeral Held for Hot Springs (ARK) Navy Seal Killed in Afghanistan
LAPD (CA) SWAT Officer Killed by Afghanistan Roadside Bomb (CA)
Clarksville (TN) Paratrooper Killed by Afghan Roadside Bomb
Marine From Palm City (FL) Dies in Afghanistan
Drugs and Desertion: How the UK Really Rates Afghan Police
Taliban Fighters Are 'Conditioned' to Die in Battle, Claims Former Insurgent
UK Soldier Dies After Suicide Bomb Blast in Helmand
9 Alleged Militants Killed in Pakistan Airstrikes, Says Local Official
Pakistan: Six Kidnapped Truckers Found Dead in Thal
Pakistan: Terrorist Involved in Murder of Chinese Engineers Arrested
US Official: Pakistan's Lashkar-E-Taiba Expanding to Other South Asian States
Reform School Attempts to Offer Child Fighters Chance at a New Life
Doors Still Open for Dialogue on Judges, Says Nawaz
8 Militants Killed in Kashmir Fighting
India Says Maoist Rebels Weakening for the First Time
South Korea
Hopes Fading for 46 Missing Marines After South Korean Naval Ship Sinks
Anger Among Relatives of Missing Marines in South Korea
US Commanders Defend South Korea War Control
China Adding Missiles Near Taiwan: Navy Official
Chinese Official Tung Visits Taiwan: Report
Myanmar's Leader Tells Foreigners to Stay Out of Elections
Myanmar Stages Landmark Army Parade
Thai Soldiers Injured in TV Station Blast
Mahathir Says Racial Tensions Could Destabilize Malaysia
Filipino Political Scion, Set to Assume the Mantle
Senior Somali Official Killed in Vehicle by Grenade Attack
Four Somalis Killed by Roadside Bomb, Police Say
Two Killed, Seven Wounded in Fresh Shelling in Mogadishu
Clashes in Somalia Over Home Demolitions Kill 3
Somali Pirates Hijack Iranian Ship
Israeli Security Guards Foil Pirate Attack Off Somalia
Yemeni Fishing Vessel Hijacked by Somali Pirates
Sudan Opposition Party Joins Pro-Reform Coalition
West Should Encourage Sudan Unity: Opposition Leader
DR Congo
321 Civilians Killed in 2009 Massacre in Congo
The Bleak Calculus of Congo's War Without End
Algerian Rights Body Urges Lifting of State of Emergency
President Gives Nod to Central African Republic Polls Delay
Zimbabwe Sanctions on Mugabe Allies Should Go, Says South Africa's Zuma
Ethiopian Opposition Says Jailed Leader's Health 'Deteriorating'
Libya Visa Blacklist Scrapped: Spanish Ministry
Three Injured in Attack on Turkish Vessel Off Nigeria
Togo's Government and Opposition Sign Truce
Annan: ICC to Decide on Kenya Investigation Soon
'War on Terror'
Maj. Gen. Harding Withdraws as TSA Nominee Under Cloud
Ex-TSA Pick Harding's Firm Got Army Deal After He Citing Bogus Disability
German Official: Germany-US Talk About Guantanamo Inmates

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Time to Move Past Camp David Envy

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The Show Goes On

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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