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Updated April 18, 2010 - 11:27 PM EDT
Gates: US Lacks Plan to Curb Iran's Nuclear Drive
  Iran Calls US Nukes Tool of Terror, Intimidation
Army Report: Kandahar Offensive Could Backfire
  Tension Rises in Kandahar Ahead of NATO Summer Offensive
  Taliban's Supreme Leader Signals Willingness to Talk Peace
Bombs Kill 41 Pakistani Refugees Seeking Food
  Pakistan Army Admits Civilians Killed in Airstrikes
  Why Pakistan's Military Is Holding Back in North Waziristan
Iraqi Tribes Warn of Looming Danger
  Violence Highlights Fears of Iraqi Forces Taking Over After US Leaves
FBI Chief: Domestic Terrorists as Big a Threat as al-Qaeda
Kucinich: White House Assassination Policy Is Extrajudicial
Lie to Congress; Get Fourth Star  by Ray McGovern
Why Did the Nuclear Posture Review Bomb?  by Robert Farley
Is It American Policy to Shoot the Wounded and Commit War Crimes?  by Thomas R. Eddlem
This Is War  by Karen Kwiatkowski
Israel Lobby Leadership Losing It  by Jim Lobe
The Kyrgyz Great Game  by Robert Dreyfuss

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Fight al-Qaeda With Satire, Ridicule: Researchers
Massachusetts Dad Fights TSA Ban on 1st-Grader
Islamic Charity in Calif. Wiretap Case Wants $612k
Democrats Criticize Obama, Highlight Seriousness of US-Israel Flap
UK Special Forces in Body Armor 'Private Funding' Row
Journalist in War Faces Troubling Questions
Malaysia PM Says Iran Fuel Cut Reports Inaccurate
White House: Obama Received Letter From Ahmadinejad
Iran Wins Regional Support for Its Nuclear Program
Ahmadinejad Wants Global Body on Nuclear Disarmament
Iran Wants 'Atomic Criminal' US Suspended From IAEA
Ahmadinejad: Israel Has Nukes While Iran Banned From Nuclear Energy
Iran Threatens to Arrest Rafsanjani's Son on Return
France Accuses Iran of Shunning Nuclear Dialogue
Iraq: Iran Intel Officers Arrive in Camp Ashraf, Says the PMOI
Iraq to Launch Third Bid Round for Gas Fields
Saturday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 6 Wounded
Palestinian Prisoner Day
Hamas, Fatah Join Ranks to Call for Israel to Free Prisoners
Palestinian Prisoners' Day Rally: They Are a Symbol of Liberty
Palestinian Dies in Israeli Prison
Probe Death of Palestinian Prisoner in Israel Jail, PA Says
Israel Unveils World's Largest Drone…the Size of a 737
Locked Out of Turkey, IAF Now Searching for Space to Drill
Hamas Threatens to Abduct More Israelis
Two IDF Soldiers Commit Suicide in North
Report: Egypt Blows Up Gaza Smuggling Tunnel
Israel Warns Syria Over Hezbollah Attacks
Lebanon FM Slams US 'Threats' Over Israel's Scud Charge
Scud Allegations May Prompt Israeli Raid: Hezbollah
US Officials: Unclear Whether Syria Scuds Reached Hezbollah
Garbage Pranks in South Lebanon Spur Sectarian Concerns
King Abdullah: 'War Could Break Out This Summer'
A Royal Widow Takes on the 'Realists' Over Nukes
Jordanians Jailed in Israel, Their Families Begin Hunger Strike
Turkish Cypriots Go to Polls in Crucial Vote
Turkish Cypriots Hope Peace Talks Will Go On
Top US Lawmaker Slams France-Russia Warship Deal
Explosives Found at Suspected Greek Militant Hideout
Mourners Pay Respects to Polish Leader, Obama Unable to Attend Due to Volcano
Sudan Votes, and Stands on the Brink of Splitting in Two
Sudan Vote 'Fails Standards but Should Be Recognized'
Sudan Opposition Leader Rejects Election Results
For Somalis Caught Between Islamists and Weak Government, Fleeing Is Only Option
Somali Refugees Tell of Public Amputations (video)
DR Congo
Militia Releases 8 Red Cross Workers in East Congo
Congo's Army Says Spanish Hostage Has Been Freed
Security Council Cancels Congo Trip Because of Ash Cloud
Study: Civilian Rape Skyrockets in Congo's War-Ravaged East
Attackers Kill Soldier Escorting Central Africa Poll Agents
Relative Stability in Nigeria After Political Turbulence
EU Vows Impartiality in Ethiopia Vote Monitoring
Americans Still Dying
Slain Soldier (MS) Had Scheduled Leave in May for Daughter's Birth
War Hits Home With Death of South Side Easton (CO) Native
Memorial Service for San Juan (PR) Soldier Who Died in Kenya Supporting OEF
Army Ranger From Ramsey (NJ) Killed in Osprey Crash in Afghanistan
Tacoma (WA) Native Killed While on Patrol in Afghanistan
Green Cove Springs (FL) Airman Remembered as Dedicated Father
Air Force Pilot (MN) Killed in Osprey Crash in Afghanistan
West Point Grad From Tyrone (GA) Killed in Iraq
Karzai Vote Rules Compromise Ends Standoff With West
In Shift, Pentagon to Solicit Bids on $1 Billion Contract to Train Afghan Police
Italian Charity Sees UK Behind Doctors' Arrests in Afghanistan
Karzai Pledges Transparent Probe of Italians' Case
Canadian Soldiers Did Not Unlawfully Shoot Unarmed Afghan, Says Defense Chief
Taliban Targets US Contractors Working on Projects in Afghanistan
Five Afghan UN Workers Missing in Northern Province of Baghlan
Roadside Bomb Kills 2 Afghan Police, Wounds 3 in Khost
140 Australian Soldiers Return Home From Afghanistan
Iranian Engineer Brings Roads, Rail to Afghan West
Bhutto Assassination Probe
Pakistan May Fear Reopening Bhutto Probe
Musharraf Aides Scoff at UN Report
UN Bhutto Report Criticizes Military Influence
UN Report on Benazir Bhutto's Murder
At Least 21 Militants Killed in NW Pakistan's Orakzai Agency
Pakistan Prosecutor: Americans Linked to Militants
Police Baton Charge Angry Protesters in Pakistan
2 Schools Blown Up in Khyber
Militant Group Claims Responsibility for Saturday's Twin Blasts
Pakistan: Trio That Kidnapped British Boy Killed in Clash
Hunger Strike Camps Set Up in Pakistan's Hazara Division
11 Injured in Two Explosions in Southern India Stadium
India Monitoring Security After US Terror Alert
A Kyrgyz Interim Leader Says US Base Unjustified
Kyrgyzstan: Bakiyev Supporters Occupy Regional Office
Thai, Cambodian Troops Clash Along Border
Thai Government Says Sheer Size of Red Shirt Protests Makes Crackdown Too Difficult
Thai Protesters Boost Security at Bangkok Base
Thais in Various-Color Shirts Rally Against Early-House Dissolution
China Starts New Bureau to Police Web Traffic
North Korea Accuses South of Framing It in Ship Sinking
Why South Korea Is Hesitant to Blame North Korea in Cheonan Ship Sinking
North Korea Again Denies 'Grand Bargain' Proposal by South Korea
Bomb Blasts Rock China Hydropower Site in Myanmar
Myanmar Urges Vigilance After Explosions
Philippines to Drop Charges Against Massacre Clan Suspects
3 Abu Sayyaf Militants Killed in Southern Philippines
Malaysian International Aiport Closes for 2 Hours After Bomb Found on Runway
Malaysia PM's Reforms Put at Heart of By-Election
China Pours Its Wealth Into Latin America
Spanish Helicopter Crashes in Haiti, 4 Peacekeepers Killed
US Military
Dad Wants More Answers in Ohio Soldier's Suicide
Cousin: Vet Who Killed Self in Ohio Changed by War
Prospective US Cyber Commander Talks Terms of Digital Warfare
Pentagon Networks Targeted by 'Hundreds of Thousands' of Probes (Whatever That Means)
Pentagon Dismisses Lieberman's Fort Hood Subpoena Threat
Soldier Booted for Threats in Iraq Rap Song
Potential Supreme Court Nominee Questioned Military Recruitment Policy in 2003

Afghanistan Deployments Lead to Air Shows Being Canceled

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