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Updated May 29, 2010 - 11:23 PM EDT
US Mulls Options for Unilateral Pakistan Strike
Taliban Fighters Seize District in E. Afghanistan
  US Soldiers Ask 'Who Is the Enemy?' in Kandahar
  'Inexperienced' Drone Operators Are Faulted in Afghan Civilian Deaths
  AP Tally: 1,000th US Military Death in Afghanistan
Turkey, Brazil Lash US Over Iran Hypocrisy
  AP Ignores Science, Invents Iran ‘Coverup’ in Latest Speculation
  US Forges Ahead With Bid for UN Sanctions Against Iran
US Signs, but 'Regrets' Call for Nuke-Free Mideast
  Israel's Navy to Use Force Against Aid Ships
Did an American Mine Sink South Korean Ship?
  UN Experts Say North Korea Is Exporting Nuke Technology
Most Gitmo Detainees Low-Level Fighters
  Legal Groups Protest Probe of Guantánamo Lawyers
  Cyber Troops: We Don't Wanna Defend the Internet (but Might Have To)
US Military Spending Far Outpaces Rest of World
98 Killed in Lahore, Pakistan Mosque Attacks
India Halts Trains After 115 Die, Maoist Sabotage Blamed
US Slams Turkey, Brazil Over Iran  by Robert Dreyfuss
Terrorism – Cause and Effect  by Jack A. Smith
Hillary, Go Home! Leave the Koreas to the Koreans!  by Joshua Snyder
Sleepwalking With Iran  by Stephen M. Walt
The Coming Iran War  by MJ Rosenberg
Iran: Obama's Other Oil Spill  by Pepe Escobar

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US Sees Iran, Afghanistan as Gains of Russia Reset
US, Japan Agree to Keep Marine Air Base on Okinawa
US Bomb Plot Suspect Ordered Deported to Pakistan
Texas Man Convicted of Conspiring to Aid Taliban
Sunday Georgia Vote Tests Saakashvili Party's Support
Senate Prepares to Vote on War-Funding Measure
Obama Gets OK on Boosting Israel's Missile Shield
Nuke Session Approves Early Steps to Disarm
Some Taliban Leave Pakistan, but Afghans Repel Them
When Afghans Seek Medical Aid, Tough Choice for US
Afghan Girls Stay in School Despite Attacks
Afghans Refuse to Destroy Old, Dangerous Ammo
US Embassy-Kabul and NATO Censoring Their Facebook Pages
Soft Target for Militants in Lahore
Who Planned Biggest Sectarian Attacks in Eastern Pakistan?
Pigeon Held Under Armed Guard on Suspicion of Spying for Pakistan
US Senate Passes $349 Million Aid for Pakistan
Families Defend Pakistanis Detained Over NYC Bomb
PM Urges World to Give Pakistan Civil Nuclear Technology
Two French Journalists Held in Peshawar
Terrorists Have No Religion, Says Zardari
Four Policemen Shot Dead Near Quetta
Are India's Maoist Rebels Winning the War?
Obama, Indian PM Discuss First Round of Strategic Dialogue
China Announces Development Plan for Restive Xinjiang Region
Nepal's PM Agrees to Resign
Clinton Presses Sri Lanka on Rights Panel
North Korea Accuses South of Faking Warship Sinking
South Korea: China Will 'Defend No One' on Ship Sinking
China Toughens Stance Toward North Korea, but Doesn't Back Sanctions
Japan Slaps New Sanctions on North Korea
South Korean, Chinese Leaders Meet Amid North Korea Tension
Somali Diplomat Concerned About Texas Terror Alert
Somali Militia Wound 5 in Attack on Kenyan Village
Somalia's Parliament Gets New Speaker
Navy Releases Accused Somali Pirates Held on Warship for Six Weeks
US Defends Attending Sudan Leader's Inauguration
NATO Commanders Meet Puntland Officials Off Bossaso
American Lawyer for Opposition Figure Is Arrested in Rwanda
Weekend Reviews
Global Undemocratic Revolution
The War Lovers: Roosevelt, Lodge, Hearst, the Rush to Empire, 1898 by Evan Thomas
Rule of Law, Torture and 'War on Terror' Under Spotlight
Bremer: Iraq War Badly Planned, Poorly Resourced
Iraqis Can't Get Pensions, Visas, or Permits Due to Iraq Election Limbo
Hakim: Bridges Still Stretched With Iraqiya
US Military Hands Over to Iraqis New Base North of Capital
Iraqi Kurdistan Oil Output 'Could Hit 200,000 Bpd This Year'
Iraq Bank Robbers Steal $5 Million, Guards Drugged
Three Sahwa Fighters Wounded in Diyala Blast
Friday, 1 Iraqi Killed, 7 Wounded
US House Approves Iran Sanction
Clinton Cites Serious Split With Brazil Over Iran
Iran Awards Pars Gas Phases to Revolutionary Guards: Report
UN Chief: Iran Must Make Nuclear Intentions Clear
Assad: Iran Supports Israel Talks
Pakistan, Iran Sign Major Gas Pipeline Pact
Gaza Aid Flotilla
Israeli FM: Gaza Ships to Be Stopped 'At Any Cost'
Flotilla Set for Final Leg of Gaza Blockade-Busting Bid
Israeli Gunships Head to Sea to Block Flotilla
Israel's Gaza Blockade Baffles Residents
Lieberman: Gaza Aid Convoy Is Violent Propaganda Against Israel
Gaza Flotilla Organizers Protest Israeli Response to Their Mission
Gaza Aid Sail Postponed Till Saturday
Middle East Analysts Question US Diplomatic Peace Efforts
Israel Partly Reopens West Bank Road
Hamas Faces Rising Anger After Bulldozing Gaza Homes
Israel Continues Air Strikes Against Gaza
Rahm Emanuel Travels in Israel, and Right-Wing Protesters Follow
Al-Qaeda in Yemen Says in Video It Named New Leader
Yemen Separatists Kill Three Soldiers
EU Conference Set to Unite Serbia and Kosovo Around Same Table
Medvedev Sends US-Russian Arms Deal to Parliament
US Military
House Vote Advances End to Ban on Gays in Military
Gates Tells US Troops: No Gay Ban Repeal Imminent
Bell Helicopter to Pay $16.6 Million for Overcharging Defense Dept
'War on Terror'
US Deports 4 Men of 'National Security Interest'
US Not Alleging Terror Ties in NY Temple-Bomb Case

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Switch On Your B-S Detector

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The Strategic Ally Myth

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Intelligence Reform Is a Failure

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Rand Paul Drinks Tea, Turns Into Hawk?

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Why We Can't Win in Afghanistan

Nebojsa Malic
Butchery at Wakefield Prison

Ran HaCohen
From Two States to One

David R. Henderson
On 'Collateral Murder' and Stephen Colbert

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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