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Updated June 30, 2010 - 11:21 PM EDT
House Panel Halts Aid to Afghanistan Govt
  Petraeus Confirmed, Downplays War Expectations
  Police: NATO Troops Kill 8 Afghan Civilians in Pre-Dawn Raid

Afghan Prosecutor: Corrupt Officials in His Sights


Billion-Dollar Afghan Highway Too Dangerous to Use


Taliban Extend Sphere of Influence, Expert Says

No Deal Announced as Maliki, Allawi Meet

Marine Accused in Iraqi War Crimes Is Back on Duty


Tuesday: 21 Iraqis Killed, 36 Wounded

US, Russia Offer Fuel Talks with Iran
Tensions Rise Over Russian 'Spy' Arrests

Ex-Spy: May Be 50 Undercover Russian Couples in US

  Spies Case Could Derail Medvedev, Boost Putin
US Missiles Kill 10 in Pak, Including 'al-Qaeda' Op
Israeli FM: 'No Chance' of Palestinian State by 2012
Maoists Kill at Least 27 Indian Police in Ambush
When the 'Right War' Goes Wrong  by William Pfaff
BP's First 'Spill'  by Stephen Kinzer and Tom Engelhardt
Rush Limbaugh and Russian Spies  by Arthur Silber
Sinking Ship  by John J. Mearsheimer
US Out of South Korea  by Gene Healy
Think Again: Ronald Reagan  by Peter Beinart

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Inspectors Call Afghan Police Tracking System a Failure

Unmanned Drones: Targeted Killing or Collateral Murder?

Senators Grill Kagan on Military Recruitment

London Mayor Wins Court Orders to Evict Peace Protesters

Human Rights Watch: Britain, France, Germany Use Torture Intel

President Obama Tones Down Saudi Friendliness

Petraeus Confirmed

Petraeus Warns of Huge Insurgency Ahead of Withdrawal

Petraeus Pledges Look at Firepower in Afghanistan

Petraeus: Afghan War Trajectory 'Generally Upward'

Petraeus's Statement to Senate Armed Services Committee [pdf]


Watchdog: Afghan Forces Won't Be Ready for US Withdrawal

NATO Retools in a Key Mission: Building an Afghan Police Force

Foreign Troop Toll in Afghan War Hits 100 for June

NATO: Kidnapped US Soldier in Afghanistan a 'Top Priority'

UN Driver Killed in Kabul; Police Clash With Protesters

South Asia

Bomb Destroys NATO Oil Tanker in Khyber

Indian Kashmir on the Boil Again

The War at Home
Both Houses of Congress to Debate Afghan War
House GOP Leader Boehner: Raise Social Security Age to Pay for Afghan War
Kucinich: 'We Are Losing Our Nation to Lies About the Necessity of War'
Chilcot Inquiry

Iraq War Probe Resumes; Blix to Testify

Inquiry: Diplomat Rejects Blair Claim That France Helped Start War

Petraeus Gives Evidence to UK's Iraq War Inquiry

Lack of Help for Iraqi Police Was 'Quite Breathtaking'

'War on Terror'

JFK Terror Plot Suspect Pleads to Lesser Charge

Bombing Survivor Slams Security Services 'Cover Up'

ACLU Mounts First Legal Challenge to No-Fly List

Ex-Employees Raise Concerns in Film About Air Safety Agencies

Conflict in Berlin Over Handling of a German Jihadist


China, Taiwan Sign Trade Pact Linking Economies

China Says Can Guarantee Grip on Tibet Forever

China Returns US Criticism Over Sinking of Korean Ship

Google Changes China Access After Beijing Objects

In Other News

Twitter Musings in Syria Elicit Groans in Washington

US Intercepts Ballistic Missile in Test Off Hawaii

Mass Grave of WWII Croatian, German Troops Found Near Zagreb

Russian Spy Drama

Russia Denounces US 'Spy' Arrests

Russia Says US Spy Arrests Are Cold War Throwback

Russia: Suspected Spies Include Russian Citizens

Accused Spies Blended In, but Seemed Short on Secrets

Living the American Dream, but All the Time Spying for Russia

'Russian Spies' Bungle Was Epic

'Illegals' Network Famed in Lore of Russian Spying

Couples Accused as Spies Were Suburbs Personified

Invisible Ink and Other Spy Details From Criminal Complaints

State Department Plays Down Fallout From Spy Case

Alleged Russian Spy Ring Paymaster Freed on Bail

FBI: Spies Hid Secret Messages on Public Websites

Clinton Confidant Believes He Might Have Been Spies' Target


Baghdad Diary: Searching for Power

Iraq Approves Gas Deal With Shell

Iraq, Rewriting Its History, Treats Recent Events Cautiously

Tuesday: 21 Iraqis Killed, 36 Wounded

Russian FM: CIA Assessment on Iran Not New

Missing Iranian Nuclear Scientist 'Appears' in Contradictory Clips

Iran Nuclear Scientist Claims He Has Escaped From US Kidnappers

Campaign Intensifies in Iran to Spare a Kurdish Activist


Israeli Judge Threatens to Quit Over Lack of Power for Flotilla Probe

Soldiers Won't Be Questioned in Gaza Flotilla Probe

Israel Raid on Gaza Flotilla Was a Premeditated 'Terrorist Attack', Say Turkish Organizers

Forensics: Turks Were Shot Multiple Times on Gaza-Bound Ship

Israel Doesn't Seem to Want to Really Probe Gaza Flotilla Raid

Hardship Continues for Gazans Despite Easing of Israeli Blockade

Report: Gazans Treated in Israel in Life-Threatening Cases Only

Hamas Spy Finds Home in California, Seeks Asylum


Kyrgyzstan Still Faces Bumpy Road After Referendum

Deception and Denials in Myanmar


Somali Islamists Say They Take Over New Positions in Mogadishu

Congo Army: 80 Ugandan, Rwandan Rebels Killed


Justin Raimondo
Are the Russians Really Coming?

Ivan Eland
The Second Coming of Petraeus

David R. Henderson
Supreme Mediocrity

Charles V. Peņa
Still Mesmerized by WMDs

Philip Giraldi
Punishing Turkey

Kelley B. Vlahos
Obama Is No Superman

Nebojsa Malic
Empire's Deal

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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