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Updated July 15, 2010 - 11:26 PM EDT
Gingrich, Senators Voice Doubts on Afghan War
  Pentagon Developing 'Emergency Plan' in Absence of War Funds
  Poll Finds American Pessimism on Afghan War
  Taliban Attacks Kill 12 NATO Soldiers, Eight of Them Americans
  Afghanistan Replaces Head of Troubled Marjah
US-Backed Group Bombs Iran Mosque, Killing 21
  Iranian Scientist Details Capture by US
  US Paid Iranian Nuclear Scientist $5 Million for Aid to CIA, Officials Say
  Iranian Nuclear Scientist Returns Home to a Hero's Welcome
  CIA Made Second Shahram Video
New Docs From Vietnam Era Resonate Even Now
  Docs Show Senators Thought They Were Deceived Over Gulf of Tonkin
US Missiles Kill 10 in North Waziristan
  Blast in Pakistan's Swat Valley Kills 5, Wounds 58
  India Blames Pak Spy Agency for Mumbai Attack
Gaza Aid Ship Arrives in Egypt
  Think Tank: Israel Attack Against Iran Would Spark Long War
  Despite Settlement Freeze, Buildings Rise
Obama to 'Redouble' Efforts Against Somali Islamist Group
It's Obama's Empire Now  by Stanley Kutler
Freeing the Innocent From Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington
Adding Refueling to the Fire of US-Iran Tensions  by Michael Tennant
Inflating War  by Thomas DiLorenzo
A Prisoner's Wife  by Janan Abdu
Departing Europe  by Doug Bandow

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Did BP Help Free Lockerbie Suspect in Exchange for Libyan Oil Contracts?
Obama: Al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab Are Racists
Europe Warns Obama: This Relationship Is Not Working
Times Square Bomber Filmed Jihad Video
US Deports Alleged 12th Russian Spy
Russian Man in Spy Probe Worked Twice at Microsoft
US Signals Flexibility on Space Weapons Treaty
US Government Lifts Lid on Alleged Leak to WikiLeaks
Quality of Afghan Army Questioned by Pentagon
Coalition Eases Up on Afghan Airstrikes
Taliban Kill 10 in Attack on Afghan NATO Base
Elusive Game in Afghanistan
Holbrooke: No US Civilian-Military Split in Kabul
Afghan Govt Says OK to Local Defense Forces
Pentagon: Local Afghan Security Forces 'Temporary Solution'
Sen. Levin Urges State Department to Put Afghan Taliban on List of Terror Groups
Afghan Election Security Plans 'On Track': Top NATO Diplomat
Petraeus Wants Taliban in Pakistan on Terror List
24 Militants Killed, Commander Among 34 Hurt in Orakzai
US Embassy Clarifies Position on Blackwater in Pakistan
Gunmen Shoot Dead Former Senator in Balochistan
Clinton to Visit Pakistan for Security Talks
Pakistan Says No to bin Laden Comedy From India
Indian Army Major Killed, Six Injured in Gunfight in Kashmir
Indian Premier Discusses Anti-Maoist Strategy
India, US National Security Advisers Talk Terrorism
Kyrgyzstan Forms New Government
Rights Group: Uzbeks Tortured by Kyrgyz Police
North Korea, US-Led UN Command to Meet Thursday
US-South Korea Military Exercises Likely to Be in Yellow Sea Despite Chinese Objections
Japanese Trader Indicted Over Export to North Korea
Hague Says New UK Govt to Build on China Ties
China: Differences With Britain Don't Hinder Ties
'War on Terror'
US Transfers Gitmo Prisoner to Yemen
Classified Documents Reveal UK's Role in Abuse of Its Own Citizens
Covert Words That Paint a Vivid Picture of Complicity in Torture
Court Rules Torture Lawsuits Against UK to Continue
Former MI6 Officer Tried to Sell MI5 Secrets
Former NSA Executive May Pay High Price for Media Leak
German Extradited From Turkey on Terrorism Charges
US Military
Holbrooke: McChrystal Dismissal 'Necessary'
3,000 Laptops Stolen From Military Contractor
Arlington Cemetery Official Retires Amid Probe of Botched Contracts, Site Problems
Cheer, Then Gloom, on Talks for Peace Deal in Mideast
Gag Order Lifted: Israeli Right-Wing Activist Arrested on Suspicion of Murdering Two Palestinians
British Probe Into Death of Mossad Spy Apparently Inconclusive
Palestinians Want Mediator for Peace Talks With Israel
Inside Israel's Gaza 'Buffer Zone'
US: Israel's East Jerusalem Demolitions Pose Obstacle to Peace
Anti-Israel Protesters Delay El Al Flight in Athens
General Warns of Attacks on US Troops Leaving Iraq
Iraq Faces New Test in US Handover of Last Prison
Iraq's Artists Reflect Pain, Trauma of the War
Prospects Abound Among the Kurds
Hassan Killer Goes Missing From Jail
3 Die in Iraq Attack on Sunni Sect Member's House
Former Iraqi Deputy Premier Tareq Aziz in Danger, His Lawyer Says
US Hands Over Tariq Aziz, Other Detainees
Lion, Wolves and Bears Draw the Crowds at Baghdad Pet Shop
Civilian Killed, 4 Injured in Mosul
IED Wounds 4 Civilians in Baghdad
Wednesday: 16 Iraqis Killed, 39 Wounded
Russia Plan to Help Iran Challenges Sanctions
Iranian Unrest Grows Over Economic Woes
Al-Qaeda Ramps Up Attacks in Yemen
Gunmen Attack Yemen Security Office
Middle East
Inquest: Egyptian Spy Suspect's Death Unexplained
Turkey to Form Professional Army to Fight Rebels
German Foreign Minister Supports Abandoning Conscription
Germany's Anonymous Mosque Watchers
Northern Ireland Leaders Urge Calm, Denounce Violent Belfast Protests
African Troops Parade in Paris Amid Rainstorm, Rights Row
Medvedev Tells Russians to Stop 'Everyday' Bribery
FBI: Uganda Attacks Signal Terror Group Potential
Sudan 'Alarmingly' Unprepared for South Referendum
Missing Rwandan Opposition Leader Found Dead

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The Shahram Affair

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Why Do We Still Have Troops in Korea?

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Soccer Bombing Should Not Prompt More US Meddling

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The Dark Legacy of Gen. McChrystal

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Srebrenica: The Sacred Lie

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Executive Privilege

David R. Henderson
Supreme Mediocrity

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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