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Updated July 29, 2010 - 11:27 PM EDT
US to Put Combat Posts Close to Afghan Civilians
  As Kandahar Invasion Looms, Afghan Govt Positions Remain Unfilled
  Local Strongman Is US Troops' Most Reliable Friend in Kandahar
  Bus Hits Roadside Bomb, Killing 25 in Afghanistan
Sen. Graham: Prosecute WikiLeaks
  FBI Chief Says Agents Assisting DoD on Wikileaks
  WikiLeaks: We Don't Know Source of Leaked Data
  The WikiLeaks Papers and the Pakistani Intelligence-Taliban Connection
  White House Wants to Ease FBI Access to Records of Internet Activity
23 Iraqi Police Die in Attacks; Bodies Burnt
  Wednesday: 35 Iraqis Killed, 60 Wounded
Iran Would Halt 20% Enrichment for Fuel Swap
  Mysterious Blast Hits Japan Oil Tanker Near Iran
Netanyahu: Extending Settlement Freeze Would Topple Govt
  Israel: Palestinians Set 'Impossible' Conditions for Direct Peace Talks
Mediator: Captured Yemeni Soldiers Freed by Rebels
Senate Cancels Lockerbie Hearing; BP, Brits 'Stonewall'
The Graveyard of Empires  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Dan Ellsberg on WikiLeaks: Who Will Tell the People?  by John Nichols
Afghanistan War Logs: Shattering the Illusion of a Bloodless Victory  by Richard Norton-Taylor
US Must Grow Up on Pakistan  by Michael Scheuer
Your Master's Voice…  by Thomas Knapp
Secrecy Industry Hits Home  by Bonnie Bricker and Adil E. Shamoo

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Military Was Concerned Over Gulf War GIs' Exposure to Depleted Uranium
US Military Investigates Contractor Work Force
Harder to Suppress Leaks in Internet Age
UN Appoints New Director of Troubled Watchdog Group
Uncertainty in Senate Over Hearing on Russia Treaty
'War on Terror'
Google, CIA Invest in 'Future' of Web Monitoring
UK Court Opens Way for Terrorism Suspects to Sue
FBI Backs Record-Keeping on Prepaid Cell Phones
FBI Director Says Justice Dept. Is Investigating Possible Exam Violations
Founding Member of Philippine Terrorist Group Pleads Guilty
Biden: US Troops Halted 'Chaos' and 'Destruction' in Iraq
11 Killed in Iraq Helicopter Crash, Bombings
Rocket Attacks Kill 16 in Karbala
Bomb Wounds Soldier's Wife in Nineveh
Sunni Imam Wounded in Blast in Fallujah
Troubled Iraq Football League Gets August 3 Restart
Worried About Bombs? Work and Live at Baghdad Airport
Iraq Film Directors Look to Build 'Baghdadwood'
Wednesday: 35 Iraqis Killed, 60 Wounded
Iran, US Send Positive Signals on Nuclear Talks
Amnesty: Lawyer in Iranian Stoning Case Missing
Palestinians Set to Reject Direct Talks for Now
Israel Delays Release of Security-Related Government Archives
West Bank Graduates Eye Their Future With Cautious Optimism
Why a Young Israeli Woman Spies on Israeli Settlements in West Bank
Israel Won't Pay Medical Bill for Wounded American
Gaza Lingerie Shops Eyed by Hamas Police
Lebanon Charges 2nd Telco Worker With Israel Spying
US Military
American Soldiers Brainwashed With 'Positive Thinking'
Fallen Soldiers' Families Denied Cash as Insurers Profit
Texas Soldier Who Lost Home to Foreclosure While in Iraq Gets It Back
WikiLeaks Afghan Files
A Return to Silence in a Post-WikiLeaks World?
US Military Scrutinizes Leaks for Risks to Afghans
Leaked Reports Heighten European Doubts on Afghan War
Guardian Editor on Leaks: European Audience 'Troubled the Toll This War Is Taking on Innocent People'
Leaked Documents Detail Search for Idaho Soldier Captured by the Taliban
Shoulder-Fired Missiles a Threat to US Troops in Afghanistan
War Logs Spark German Debate on Afghanistan Conflict
2 Italian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
US Senators Want to Vet Long-Term Afghan Role
Holbrooke Says Corruption Helps Taliban Win Recruits
US General: Men in Burqas Hide in East Afghanistan
Tonga Sends Troops to Afghanistan ... for Jobs
South Korea: Drills Sent 'Strong Warning' to North Korea
South Korea, US End Drills as North Hails War 'Victory'
Japan Wants US Marines to Move to Guam
Question-Marks Rise on Pakistan's Air Defenxe Capability
Thai Army to Reinforce Cambodian Border if Needed
Serbia Submits Kosovo Resolution to UN Denouncing Secession
Montenegro Finds No Evidence of Mass Grave
17 Civilians Killed in Mogadishu Clashes
Somali Government Applauds AU Decision to Send More Troops
New Militant Alliance Threatens One of Somalia's Few Safe Spots
Zimbabwe Appeals Treason Acquittal of Top PM Aide
Paralyzed Cuban Political Prisoner Headed to US
Argentina Identifies Junta Victims

Justin Raimondo
Why Is the Antiwar Movement Stalled?

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Who Owns General Petraeus?

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The Main Effect of the WikiLeaks Documents Is Political

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Taking a Look at New 'Antiwar' Republicans

David R. Henderson
Life in the USSA

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Cry Havoc

Charles V. Peņa
Why Do We Still Have Troops in Korea?

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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