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Updated August 8, 2010 - 11:19 PM EDT
Foreign Fighters in Iraq Are Tied to Allies of US
  US Hands Over 'All Combat Duties' to Iraq Forces
  Police Are Targets in Violence Across Iraq
  Basra Blasts Kill 43 Iraqis, Wound Scores
  Sunday: 40 Iraqis, 1 US Soldier Killed; 109 Iraqis Wounded
  Saturday: 66 Iraqis Killed, 237 Wounded
Foreigners Fight Alongside With Afghan Taliban
  Karzai: Shutter Private Security Companies
  6 Americans Among 10 on Medical Team Killed in Afghanistan
  Deadly Ambush of Medical Mission Roils One of Safest Provinces
  3 More US Service Members Killed in Afghanistan
More Rains Hit Pakistan, Islamists Step Up
  Sectarian Clashes Surge in a City in Pakistan's Heartland
WikiLeaks to Publish New Documents
  Plugging the WikiLeak: What Can the Government Do?
Abbas: Jewish NATO Soldiers Could Defend Future Palestine
  Lebanon Bent on Building Up Army After Israel Clash
  Israel Rattles Saber in South Lebanon
  Suspected Torturer Gets Key Police Job in Jerusalem
Russia Accuses US of Arms Control Breaches
Abolishing Nukes: Flicker of Hope to Global Cause
The Next Justification for War  by Jason Ditz
Lessons of the Sanctions Against Iraq  by Ali Gharib
The Unaffordability of Endless War  by Steve Chapman
The Next War  by Robert Koehler
Nuke U  by Norman Solomon
Dismembering Afghanistan  by Conn Hallinan

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Tony Judt, Historian and Critic of Israel, Dies at 62
Intelligence Agencies Employ Physicians to Torture Detainees
Poll: Angry at US, Arabs Support an Iran Nuclear Bomb
Doubts if WikiLeaks Can Claim Full Protection for Sources in Sweden
UK Special Forces Under Investigation for Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners
Audio: How Arabs View the US, Obama
21 Militants Killed in Eastern Afghanistan
NATO Troops Kill 14 Insurgents in Southern Afghanistan
NATO Soldiers, Afghan Policemen, Civilians Killed in Blasts
Bomb Blast Kills 4 Afghan Policemen, 1 Civilian in Taliban Hub
Afghanistan: 'Don't Get Too Close – if He Goes Up You'll Go With Him'
International Assistance Mission Slayings: Part of Taliban War Strategy?
Slain Workers Undaunted by Risks, Friends Say
Women and Modern Art in Afghanistan
Hard-Line Islamic Charities Fill Void in Flooded Pakistan
Pakistan's President Zardari Is Pelted With Shoes at Birmingham Rally
Zardari: Pakistan Cannot Track Insurgents
Cameron: Britain's Relationship With Pakistan Is 'Unbreakable'
Four More Killed in Karachi Violence
Pakistan Senior Police Officials to Lead Probe Into Target Killing Cases: Sindh Home Minister
Kashmir Burns Again as India Responds to Dissent With Violence
Media Gag in Occupied Kashmir
Kashmir Row Rages in UN
Crash Panic in NE India After Fighter Jet Diverts, Another MiG Crashes Elsewhere
Indian Information Technology Firms Say US Border Security Bill Is Protectionist
Maoists to Participate in 5th Round Voting for Nepali PM
Dozen Nepali Lawmakers Miss Chance to Vote for New PM
Iraq Occupation
Indonesia President Says Survived Terror Plot
Indonesian Anti-Terror Squad Arrested 2 Alleged Terrorists in West Java
Indonesia, Malaysia to Renegotiate Border Deal
Philippine Airport Blast a Failed Assassination Plot, Not Terrorism: Military
Philippine Police Chief Orders Manhunt of Airport Blast Suspects
Three Killed in Thailand's Insurgency-Plagued South
Thailand's 'Yellow Shirts' Agree to Change Rally Venue
Cambodia Says Thai Demands for Joint Listing of Temple Is 'Out of Date'
In a Cambodian Friendship, a Secret Quest
North Korea Accuses South of Escalating Tension on Korean Peninsula
More Middle-Class North Koreans Defect
US-Vietnam Nuke Deal Will Likely Allow Enrichment
Bomb Blast in Myanmar Border Town Leaves 2 Dead
Survival of Dynasties in South Asia Attests to the Legacy of British Rule
Violence Escalates After Solomons Elections
Russian Troops Dig Canal to Bar Fire From Atom Site
Unique Exercise to Test US-Russia Hijack Response
Who Is the New Guerilla Group Threatening Chaos in Greece?
Crimean Tatars Fear for Future
French Navy Building's Next Tenant Has Paris Guessing
Rwanda Minister Accuses Rival of Links to Terrorism
Rwanda 'Not Behind Attacks on Opponents'
Rwanda Leader 'At a Loss' Why FDLR Chiefs Still Free
West African States Discuss al-Qaeda Fight
Suspected al-Qaeda Gunmen Assassinate Local Official in Algeria
Bashir Warns Foreigners to Respect Government or Be Expelled
Somali Pirates Leave Hijacked Ship After 1 Day
Colombia's New Leader Conciliatory With Neighbors
Venezuela Signals Thaw With Colombia, Tensions Linger
Colombia Govt Has Tenuous Hold on Rebel Haven
In Colombia, GOP Rep. Mack Calls on Obama to Put Venezuela on Terror List
Santos Assumes Colombia's Presidency, Venezuela's Foreign Minister in Attendance
Fidel Castro Addresses Parliament After Four-Year Gap
Fidel Castro Warns of Nuclear War Between US and Iran
'War on Terror'
Khadr Trial Will Be a Window Into America's War on Terror
Muslim Group Minhaj Ul-Quran Runs 'Anti-Terrorism' Camp
Chicago Restaurant Worker Fined $75 for 'Terrorist' Remark
Weekend Reviews
Bacevich Explains How We Got Here
Vietnam Vs. Munich, and Creating an 'Iraq/Afghanistan Syndrome'
The Founders' Handiwork Has Turned to Dust
Book by Innocent Prisoner Points to Widespread Torture
Hamas Denies Secret Meeting With Israeli Officials
Hamas: Israel Fired Rockets at Eilat, Aqaba to Justify More Gaza Assaults
All-Female Relief Ship Headed to Gaza
Arab League Condemns Israeli Demolition of Palestinian Cemetery
Eight Palestinian Youths and the Crime They Didn't Commit
UN Names Israeli, Turk to Gaza Flotilla Probe
Rockets Fired From Sinai to Israel, Jordan: by Hamas or Bedouin?
Dramatic Rise in Bedouin Recruits Into Israeli Army
3rd Day of Power Cuts in West Bank Town as Heatwave Continues
Gaza Power Plant Shuts Down Citing Lack of Fuel
Canadian Muslims Visit Jerusalem Sit-In Tent
Bianca Jagger: Jenin Cinema Reopening Offers Palestinians Hope
Lebanese President Vows to Arm Military With Advanced Weaponry
Lebanese President Visits Location of Clashes With Israel in the South
Arrest of Former Army General Shocks Lebanon
Ex-Hezbollah Chief Calls for Change in Party's Leadership
Florida Congressman: 'Investigate US Aid to Lebanese Army'
3 Lebanese Arrested for Spying for Israel: Report
Iran Says West Military Action Would Cut Gulf Oil Trade
US Seeks to Offer a Balm to Iran for Sanctions' Sting
Ahmadinejad Aide 'in New Row With Iran Conservatives'
Iran Sponsors Terrorism, According to a Letter Allegedly Written by Mousavi
Ayatollah Calls on Iranian Government Not to Interfere With Islam
Iranian Woman Fears Secret Killing
Ahmadinejad Denounces Reporting on Alleged Assassination Attempt
Rafsanjani: News Censorship Destroys People's Trust
Iran Expatriates Get Chilly Reception
Iran Upholds Five-Year Jail Term for Website Chief
Ahmadinejad: 'West Muzzles Press Over Killings'
Hunger Strikes in Tehran's Evin Prison
Iranian News Broke UK Media Regulations
Maliki Still Wants PM Job Despite Impasse
Seven Police Killed in Iraq Violence
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Strikes at 'Safe' Kut
Iran Meddles in Iraq More Than Any Other: Poll
Basra Police Gear Up for More Protests Over Power Cuts
Iraq Receives First Delivery of US Abrams Tanks
Facts About Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki
Iraqi PM Sees No Investor Risk From Impasse
Baghdad Returns to Map of Global Airlines
Overnight Gunfight at Baghdad Bomb Factory Kills 5
Saturday: 66 Iraqis Killed, 237 Wounded
Turkish Group May Re-Send Flotilla Aid Ships to Bust Gaza Siege
Turkish Protest Ship Returns Home
1st Round of Arab-Turkish Dialogue Kicks Off
Policeman Killed in Attack on Checkpoint in Yemen by Alleged Al-Qaeda Snipers
Al-Qaeda Claims Killing 6 Soldiers Guarding Austrian Oil Company in South Yemen
Saudi Arabia
Westerners in Saudi Arabia Face Attack Threat: US Embassy
Saudi Says Monitoring Deal Reached With Blackberry Services, Ban Averted
Middle East
Egypt: Cyber War Among Possible Presidential Candidates
For American Students, Life Lessons in the Mideast
The War at Home
Across Nation, Mosque Projects Meet Opposition
Military Retirement System Broken, Unsustainable, Board Says
Veterans Sound Alarm Over Burn-Pit Exposure
Muslim History Belies Stereotypes in 'Ground Zero Mosque' Dispute
'Laser' Reported in Sky Near Obama Flight
Americans Still Dying
Williamsport (PA) Marine Killed in Afghanistan Was to Return Home in a Few Weeks
Clarksville (TN) Contractor Working as Combat Adviser Killed in Afghanistan
Family, Friends Remember Fallen Mt. Juliet (TN) Soldier
Melrose Park (IL) Marine Mourned by Loved Ones
Fallen Renton (WA) Navy Petty Officer Was Beloved by Many
Slain Manchester (NH) Soldier's Strength, Humor Remembered
Sailor (CO) Slain in Afghanistan Was Born, Raised in Denver Area
South African-Born US Marine (TX) Loses Life in Afghanistan
Burnet (TX) Mourning the Loss of Decorated Soldier

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Iraq: We're 'Withdrawing' – But Not Leaving 

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Newt Gingrich: A Menace to Society?

Charles V. Peña
Are We in Afghanistan Because We're in Afghanistan?

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Life in the USSA

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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