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Updated September 12, 2010 - 11:29 PM EDT
Karzai Marks 9-11 Saying Don't Kill Civilians
  NATO Admits 'Possibly' Killing Afghan Campaign Workers
  Afghan Protesters Killed as Quran Tensions Simmer
  Afghanistan Study Group Challenges US Strategy
  Tajikistan Forces Kill 20 Taliban Fighters at Afghan Border
  US Trying to Track Missing Weapons Issued to Afghan Police
US Will 'Never' Be at War With Islam: Obama
  Florida Pastor Now Says His Church Will Never Burn Quran
  Nine Years After 9/11, Few See Terrorism as Top US Problem
  John Bolton Weighs White House Run
25 Slain in Mexican Border City; 85 Escape Border Prison
  Conflict in the White House Over the 'War' on America's Doorstep
US Drone Strike Kills 6 in NW Pakistan
Israel and Palestinians Clash Over Agenda for Peace Talks
Nine Years After 9/11, Let's Stop Fulfilling bin Laden's Goals  by Ted Koppel
Fahrenheit 451, Park 51, and Mainstreaming Hate  by M. Junaid Levesque-Alam
The Pastor and Cheap, Selective Concern for 'Blood-Spilling'  by Glenn Greenwald
US Should Accept a Nuclear-Armed Iran  by Robert F. Dorr
First US Soldiers in Iraq 'Non-War' Killed  by Michael O'Brien
The Problem Is Empire, Not Islam  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Pacifica Radio in Talks to Air al-Jazeera in Major US Markets
Senior US Diplomat Confident Japan Base Will Stay
UK Defense Secretary Says Global Military Force Needed
Following Criticism, US Suspends Foreign Aid for Outsourcing
Security in Afghanistan Is Deteriorating, Aid Groups Say
Zapatero Says Spain Won't Sent Any More Civil Guards to Afghanistan
Al-Qaeda Fighters Swell Taliban Ranks
US Losing in Afghanistan, Should Withdraw: Taliban
The West Has Made Even More Mistakes in Afghanistan Than We Did, Says Russian Envoy to Kabul
British Soldier Shot in Afghanistan Dies of Injuries
2 Children Hurt in Blast in Northern Afghanistan
Former British Paratrooper Appears in Court After Extradition From Afghanistan
US Troops in Afghanistan Get Fast Food Back, Ban on Concessions Reversed
One of Afghanistan's Rare Female Olympians Now Running for Parliament
UK SAS Plans Rescue Mission Amid Pakistan Coup Fears
2 Prisoners Killed in Blast, Firing in Pakistan Jail
Small Arms Injure 6 in East Pakistan
Trade-Linked Aid to Pakistan Tops Europe Talks
US Envoy Gauges if Ready for North Korea Talks
US: North Korea Talks Need 'Meaningful Way Forward'
North Korea Proposes Family Reunion Talks With South Korea
S. Korea Positively Considering North's Proposal for New Family Reunion: Unification Ministry
North Korea Uses Lead-Up to Political Conference to Improve North-South Relations
US Shrugs Off North Korea Succession Talk
Myanmar State Media Try to Play Down Brawl
Myanmarese Baffled Ahead of Elections
Myanmar Authorities Defuse Bomb in Yangon
Mine Explosion Claims Leg of Bomb Disposal Squad Member in Myanmar
Tens of Thousands March in Indian Kashmir; Police Attacked
Violence Against Whistleblowers in India Prompts Calls for Laws to Protect Them
Fears of Fresh Violence in Kyrgyzstan
China Cancels Japan Talks, Warns on Sea Dispute
DR Congo
We Have Failed, Admits UN, as Fresh Wave of Congo Rapes Emerges
Congo Examines Mass Graves to Find Proof of Revenge Genocide on Hutus
Ethiopian Troops Make New Military Bases in Central Somalia
Somali Troops Foil Seaport Suicide Attack
US Prosecutors Appeal Dismissal of Piracy Charges
Five US Health Workers Arrested in Zimbabwe: Lawyer
Mugabe Denies Illness as Rivals Jockey for Position
Nigerian Media Mogul Reports Election Threat
Swaziland Pro-Democracy Protesters Threatened With Torture
Officials: Uganda's LRA Rebels 'Must Face African Joint Action'
24 Injured in Clash Between Rival Guinea Parties
Census Preparations Made in Central African Republic
Muslims Block Bible-Burning in South Africa
Colombian Paramilitaries Extradited to the US, Where Cases Are Sealed
Americans Still Dying
Solider (NC) With Ties to SC Is Killed After Combat Role Ends in Iraq
Former Marine (MD) Working for Private Security Contractor Killed
Mother of Fallen Texas Soldier Escorts His Body Home
Titusville (FL) Soldier Killed by Afghan IED
Marine Fire-Team Leader From Indiana County (PA) Killed
Former Soldier (TX) Working as Contractor Killed in Afghanistan Attack
East Canton (OH) Mourns Loss of Local Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Friends, Family Remember Pine City (MN) Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Friends, Family Remember Conover (WI) Soldier
Slain Idaho Marine Was 'Loving and Caring' New Dad
Redlands (CA) Loses Native Son Serving as Army Medic in Afghanistan
Washington County (NH) Family Mourns Death of Marine
Mulvane (KS) EOD Unit Captain Killed in Afghanistan
California Army Ranger Killed by Roadside Bomb
9/11: Nine Years Later
Dueling Protests Over New York Mosque Near Ground Zero
Anti-Muslim Sentiment Grows 9 Years Later
Sept. 11 Bereaved Families Group: We Support Efforts to Build NYC Islamic Center
The Real 'Ground Zero Mosque' Was on the 17th Floor of the World Trade Center's South Tower
Nine Years After the Attacks of 9/11, How Safe Is America?
As US Debates, Metro Detroiters Push for Peace
US Military
Afghan War Book Delayed Over 'Classified' Material
Colonel Lawrence Sellin: Man Fired for His Sniping Will Not Go Quietly
Veteran Fights VA Over Exposure to Burn Pits in Iraq
US Military Eyes Glowing Secrets of Fireflies, Others
Fate of US Hiker in Iran Uncertain
US Woman Caught in Middle of Iran's Power Struggle
Iranian Consular Official in Finland Defects
Tehran Hangs Five for Anti-Revolutionary Acts
West Needs New Missile Shield Against Iranian Nuclear Threat, NATO Chief Says
Brazil Says US Spat Over Iran Signals Tough Security Reform
US Hoping Ramadan's End Provides Impetus for Forming Iraqi Government
Iraq to Compensate Americans Abused by Saddam
Deported Iraqi Asylum Seekers Say They Were Beaten and Forced Off Plane
Freedom of Press in Iraq Comes at Terrible Cost
Two Killed, Five Wounded in Clashes in Iraq's Diyala
Saturday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 12 Wounded
PA Official: Iran Has No Business Interfering With Palestinian Cause
IAF Strikes Hamas Gaza Training Facility in Wake of Qassam, Mortar Attacks
Who Will Replace Abbas in Peace Talks?
Obama: if Israeli-Palestinian Talks Break Down, We'll Continue Trying
Khamenei Denounces Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks
Israel Boosts Troop Training Close to Blue Line With Lebanon
Middle East
Lebanon: Mixed Reports on Whether Hariri Killing Re-Enactment to Proceed
Abbas Thanks Assad for Syria's Support of Palestinians
Succession Gives Army a Stiff Test in Egypt
New UAE Rules Ground Some Pakistani Air Travelers
Bridging the Gulf: Bahrain's Big Experiment With Democracy
Battles of Britain
Defense Spending: Thousands of UK Troops to Be Cut
Concern Grows Over Foreign Involvement in British Spy's Death
British Defense Contractor Puts North American Units Up for Sale
British Police Warn of Impact of European Justice Powers
Attacks in Southern Russia Kill 2 Police, Wound 5
Hundreds Protest After Deadly Caucasus Blast
Vladikavkaz Car Blast Not Terrorist Act, Say Police
Moscow Mayor Vows to Stay After Medvedev Attack
UN Resolution Paves the Way for Serbia-Kosovo Talks
Serbia Indicts Nine for 1999 Kosovo Killings
Serbian Opposition Demands Resignation of FM Over Compromise Resolution on Kosovo
Multinational Naval Exercise to Start in Finland
Danes Say Minor Hotel Blast Could Be Terror Attack
Rival Cypriot Leaders Fail to Reach Agreement on Thorny Property Issue
'War on Terror'
Georgia Sheriff Calls in FBI Terrorism Task Force, Terror Suspects Released
In Saudi Arabia, Re-Educating Terrorists Held at Gitmo
Spy Chief: Terror Risk High in France
Cyber Jihad Group Linked to 'Here You Have' Worm
Weekend Reviews
Endless War: Andrew J. Bacevich's Washington Rules
'Anti-Petraeus' Sees US Embracing Endless War
Making Sense of Nonsense: The American Way of War
Washington Rules, America's Path to Permanent War, by Andrew Bacevich
The Militarization of Hollywood: Unlocking The Hurt Locker

Justin Raimondo
The 'Meaning' of 9/11

Nebojsa Malic
Capitulation, Not Compromise

Philip Giraldi
A Modest Proposal

Ivan Eland
No Tears Needed Over the Demise of the US Empire

Kelley B. Vlahos
Marked Imam Tests Lawn-Chair Constitutionalists

Charles V. Peņa
The Curious Case of al-Soofi and al-Murisi

David R. Henderson
P.J. O'Rourke's Progress

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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