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Updated September 28, 2010 - 11:20 PM EDT
White House Seeks Broad Powers to Wiretap Internet
FBI Raids Seen as Political Retribution

Hundreds Protest FBI Raids on Antiwar Activists

  Group Run by FBI Raid Target Received Govt Funds
  Ashcroft's Post-9/11 Roundups Spark Lawsuit
Karzai Tearful as Bombing Kills Afghan Official

Petraeus: Taliban Must Disarm for Reconciliation

US Soldier Admits Killing of Afghan Civilians
  Australian Soldiers Charged With Manslaughter of Afghan Children

CIA Escalates Drone Strikes Against Pakistan

  Pakistan Lodges Official Protest Over US Incursion
  US: Pakistan Incursion Was 'Self Defense'
Israel Seizes Jewish Group's Gaza Aid Boat

Palestinians Give US 1 Week to Salvage Peace Talks


UN Fact-Finding Mission: Israelis 'Executed' US Citizen Furkan Dogan

  Riots Grip East Jerusalem
Iraqi Military Claims It Participated in US Raid
  Iraqi FM: US Should Break Govt Deadlock

Insurgent Group in Iraq, Declared Tamed, Roars

  Kurdish Rebels Deny Iranian Forces Entered Iraq

Who Attacked al-Shabaab? The Leader Speaks

FBI Raids: Intimidation, Not Investigation  by Jason Ditz
Obama, Panetta, and Gates: Hit Men vs. the Constitution  by Nat Hentoff
Control Orders Are Dehumanizing, Abusive, and Should Be Scrapped  by Rizwaan Sabir
Sorry, You're Under Surveillance  by William A. Collins
All the King's Bull Feather Merchants  by Jeff Huber
Designing an Insecure Internet  by Julian Sanchez

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From Accused Murderer to Member of Congress?

France on High Alert as Officials Warn of Possible Terrorist Attacks

Military Thwarted President Seeking Choice in Afghanistan

Biden Warned Obama During Afghan War Review Not to Get 'Locked Into Vietnam'

Iraqi Women Embrace American Mothers of War Dead

Pakistan Becomes Chair of IAEA Board


Iraqi Federal Police: 'They Taught Us Not to Beat Citizens'

Shi'ite Alliance Still Undecided as Iraq Awaits New Cabinet

Silenced Slayings on the Rise in Iraq

US Soldier Wounded by Sniper in Amara

Monday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 28 Wounded


Has the West Declared Cyber War on Iran?

Iran Bans Two Top Pro-Reform Political Parties

The War at Home

Air Force Launches Surveillance Satellite From California

Judge Tosses Felony Wiretapping Charges Against Motorist Who Recorded His Own Traffic Stop

Judge Declares Mistrial After Hung Jury in Blackwater Case

War on Terror/Islamophobia

FBI Agents 'Cheated' in Terrorism Exam

CIA Seeks to Gag Critics of Terror Hit List

Tiny Upstate New York Town Wants Local Muslims to Dig Up Their Cemetery


US Denies Attack on Somalia

Insurance Firms Plan Private Navy to Take on Somali Pirates

More Than 350 People Killed in Somalia in Recent Weeks

FBI Misusing Uganda Blasts Inquiry, Says Lawyer

13 Dead After Navy Rescue Debacle in Gulf of Aden

North Korea

North Korean Leader's Son Rises as Likely Successor

Analyst View: The Rise of North Korean Leader's Son


Liberal MP Will Negotiate on Bill to Keep US War Resisters in Canada

If Nobody Asks About War-Wounded, Canadian Military Won't Tell


Venezuelan Opposition Makes Big Gains in Election

Chávez Allies Win Majority, but Foes Make Gains

In Other News

WikiLeaks in Disarray, Says Former No. 2 Staffer

Saudi Arabia Foiled 230 Terror Attacks

Mascheroni, Scientist in Secrets Case, Driven by Zeal


US, Afghan Forces Attack Taliban in Kandahar

Taliban Warns Bangladesh Against Afghanistan Deployment

US Carries Out Wiretapping on a Karzai Brother

Karzai's Brother Says He Will Amend US Tax Returns

British Aid Worker Kidnapped in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Death Squad

US Troops Refuse to Testify in Afghan Murder Case

Drug Use Common in Unit Tied to Afghan Civilian Deaths, Court Hears

Soldier Describes Murder of Afghan for Sport in Leaked Tape

Tapes Describe US Servicemen Killing for Sport in Afghanistan

South Asia

US Doesn't Want to Arm Pakistan Against India, Obama Told Zardari

Critics Say India's Surveillance Hurts Goal of Drawing Businesses

In Bid to Restore Calm, Indian Government Reopens Schools in Kashmir

Gaza Aid Boats

Jewish Activists Set Sail for Gaza From Cyprus

Israel Vows to Stop Jewish Blockade Boat

Activists Expect Israel to Stop Gaza-Bound Boat

Mideast 'Peace Process'

Lieberman: Palestinians to Blame for Absence of Peace Deal

Fatah Official: Settlements Could Kill Two-State Solution

Livni to Netanyahu: Don't Bring About the Collapse of Peace Talks

Diplomats Scramble to Save Mideast Peace Talks

Bulldozers Roll Out Across West Bank as Settlement Freeze Ends

US Dismayed by Israeli Move

Mashaal: We'll Continue 'To Kill Illegal Settlers'

Clinton Urges Syria on Peace With Israel


US and Israel Ink Deal on Short-Range Missile Defense

Israel Kills Three Militants in Gaza

Former Gaza Settlers Moving Into Desert Community

Palestine-Israel War Killed More Than 7,400 in Decade

New UK Labor Party Leader Wants to Avoid Israel Issue


Germany Moves to End the Draft

Former Stasi Cryptographers Now Develop Technology for NATO

Serbia's Arms Industry Recovers to Become Major Exporter


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The Obama Boomerang

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Palin and Beck Don't Support the Troops

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An Afternoon With Paul Chappell

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After Empire

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The Terrorism Fraud

Ivan Eland
Democracy Is Overrated

Charles V. Peņa
Risking the Unthinkable

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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