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Updated October 16, 2010 - 11:17 PM EDT
CNN Poll: Support for Afghan War 'Never Lower'
  NATO Allowing Taliban Negotiators Safe Passage into Kabul for Talks
  Pakistan Frees Taliban Commander for Afghan Talks
  Afghanistan's Aid Workers Advised to Seek Permission From Taliban
  17 NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan in 3 Days
Israel Plan to Build Endangers Peace Process
  Diplomat: Assad Said Will Press Hamas to Recognize Israel
Iraqis Dismiss New US Figures on Civilian Deaths
  Pentagon Braces for 'Impact' of Leaking 400,000 Iraqi War Docs
  Iraqi Police and Army Officers Targeted in New Wave of Violence
  Iraq's Kurds Set to Be Kingmakers Again
US Missile Attacks Kill 9 in Pakistan
NATO Head: Missile Shield No Substitute for Nukes
Clinton Cabinet Member: Let Iraq Shoot Down US Plane
Time to Admit It: It Was Wrong to Invade Afghanistan  by Jacob Hornberger
The Imperial Defense of Pentagon Bloat  by David Sirota
The Same Neocons Who Peddled the al-Qaeda-Iraq Connection Are Targeting Iran  by Ali Gharib
The War On Terror  by Paul Craig Roberts
Then They Came for Me  by Robert Koehler
A Political Culture Free of Accountability  by Glenn Greenwald

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UN Envoy Says Over 15,000 Raped in Eastern Congo
Soldier Says Ordered to Delete Fort Hood Videos
FBI Was Warned About Key Figure in Mumbai Attacks
North Korea Vows to Attack South Over Propaganda
Report: Iranian Missile Tech Appears in North Korea
China Seeks to Block UN Report on Weapons in Darfur
Peacekeepers Break Up Anti-UN Protest in Haiti
The War at Home
Rice Meets With Obama, Then Defends His Administration's Approach
Before Meeting With Obama, Rice Says Mistakes Were Made in Iraq
Justice Dept Report on Imam Denounced
Will 400,000 Secret Iraq War Documents Restore WikiLeaks' Sheen?
Iran Takes OPEC Presidency
Iranian FM: Ready to Resume Nuclear Talks Soon
Resumption of Stalled Iran Nuclear Talks on Horizon
Iran: Detained Germans Admit to Breaking the Law
Iran: Detained Germans Didn't Have Journalist Visa
Spokesman Denies Maliki's Office Ablaze
Friday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 5 Wounded
Palestinians: Netanyahu Harming Chance for Peace by Approving East Jerusalem Construction
US 'Disappointed' by Approval of New Settlement Construction
Poll: 36% of Jews in Israel Want to Revoke Arabs' Voting Rights
Hariri to Ahmadinejad: Lebanon Won't Join Axis
Hezbollah's Gift for Ahmadinejad: an Israeli Rifle
Middle East
'Erdogan: Israel to Stay Isolated if Doesn't Apologize'
Yemen Offers Bounty for Eight al-Qaeda Suspects
Ex-Guantanamo al-Qaeda Suspect Surrenders to Saudi Authorities
Moderate Somali Militias Clash in Adado
Fighting Breaks Out in Mogadishu
Briton From Save the Children Abducted in Somalia
Al Shabaab Executes Two People for Spying
Congo Army Accused of Rape and Murder
Ivorian Sanctions Extended for Another Six Months
Mugabe: 2011 Zimbabwe Elections to End Coalition
US Watching 'Closely' Venezuela-Russia Nuclear Deal
'War on Terror'
Norway Terror Suspect to Be Released
Radical Islamists Aim to Infiltrate Hamburg Mosques
FBI: Source Lied About Terror Threat
Judge Upholds Guantanamo Detention of Yemeni Captive
UK Control Orders for Terrorist Suspects to Stay, Says Counter-Terrorism Review
Afghanistan: Victims' Families Denounce US 'Kill Team'
Accused GIs Were Isolated From Officers in Afghanistan
Karzai's Brother Might Be Indicted for Evading US Taxes
Petraeus: Video Shows Grenade Use in Failed Rescue
Disfiguring Tropical Disease Surges in Afghanistan

First Bosnian Troops Set Off for Afghanistan

Gates: Limited Damage From Leak of Afghan War Logs
Senators Question Reconstruction Oversight in Afghanistan
Petraeus Hails 'Social Progress' in Afghanistan
Four Killed in US Drone Strike in North Waziristan
Pakistan Says Willing to Assist Afghan Talks
Risky Pakistan Route Imperils Afghanistan Bound US Supplies
Tajikistan Fighters Agree to Amnesty
Chinese Premier's Calls for Reform Spark Excitement, Skepticism
Party Meeting Begins in Beijing Amid Increasing Dissent Over Human Rights
China Seeks to Block UN Report on Its Weapons in Darfur
After Peace Prize, China Targets Winner's Friends
China Letter Demands Peace Prize Winner's Release
Myanmar Blames Insurgents for Blast
UN Chief Slams Myanmar Junta on Rights Ahead of Election
Putin's Right-Hand Man Nominated Moscow Mayor
Putin Says Arctic Must Remain 'Zone of Peace'
Kosovo to Hold Early Parliamentary Elections in February
David Cameron Steps in to Quell Military Revolt Over Cuts to Defense Budget
Georgia Shifts Leaders' Powers, but Some See a Political Ploy
US Military
Army Won't Seek Death in Afghan Killings Case
Through Hours of Wrenching Testimony, Ft. Hood Psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan Shows No Emotion
Grieving Family Wants Answers in Army Slaying
Pentagon Cautions Gays About Revealing Identity
Court Ruling or No, Gay Troops Know Not to Tell
Army Engineer Accused of Iraq Contract Bribes
Army Finds Simple Blood Test to Identify Mild Brain Trauma

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Woodward's Exposé Documents What We All Suspected

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The Bosnian Standoff

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An Afternoon With Paul Chappell

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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