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Updated December 9, 2010 - 11:28 PM EST
Supporters Foil Attempts to Shut Down WikiLeaks
  US Officials Look to Extradite Assange From Sweden
  Obama Justice Dept Flailing on Julian Assange Prosecution Theories
  UK Judge to Seek Actual Evidence in Assange Bail Test
  Lebanese Newspaper Site Downed for Covering WikiLeaks
  Antitrust Settlement: Visa, MC Payoff for Anti-WikiLeaks Moves?
  Paypal: Feds Told Us WikiLeaks Is Violating Law
  WikiLeaks: Moving Target
Gates Insists Afghan War Going Really Well
  NATO Air Strikes Kill Two Afghan Soldiers, Wound Five
  Mullah Omar Confirms: Aim Is to Keep US Fighting
  Taliban Bombs Hit New High; 1,500 in November Alone
Mideast Peace Talks Dead, Blame Game Begins
  Palestinians Doubt US Will Help Them Get State
  US: Decision to Halt Freeze Talks Recognition of Reality
  Mideast Peace Key to Countering Iran, Arabs Told US Diplomats
  Israel Eases Blockade, Approves More Gaza Exports
FBI 'Sting' Nets Baltimore Area Terror Wannabe
House Bill Narrowly Kills Prospect of Gitmo Closure
Teenage Suicide Bomber Kills 18 at Pakistani Bus Stand
Is a Peace Movement Finally Awakening?  by Sheldon Richman
What's Behind the War on WikiLeaks  by Ray McGovern
Anti-WikiLeaks Lies and Propaganda  by Glenn Greenwald
America Alone  by Ted Galen Carpenter
A Pen That Turns Into a Sword  by N. Joseph Potts
Why WikiLeaks Is Winning Its Info War  by Massimo Calabresi

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Julian Assange on Regime Change (2006)
Join Peace Vet-Led Protest at White House on Dec. 16
Cables Show US Pressed Germany on CIA Case
Pacifica Picks Up al-Jazeera
WikiLeaks Outs Australian Labor Party Leader as US Informant
Top US Lawmaker Vows 'Hardball' With Iran, North Korea
Assange's 'Martyr Status' Further Damages US Reputation
Pentagon Says Hard to Quantify WikiLeaks Danger
US Welcomes Jailing of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange
Startup Helps WikiLeaks Continue to Receive Donations
GI's Supporters Still Awaiting WikiLeaks Donation
Australia FM Blames US, Not Julian Assange for Leak of Cables
NYT Reporter Defends Publishing WikiLeaks Cables
Bolivia VP Hosts WikiLeaks 'Mirror'
Palin Alleges Attack by WikiLeaks Supporters
Rice, on 'The View,' Rails Against Assange
The War at Home
WikiLeaks Cable: David Letterman More Effective Against Terrorism Than American Propaganda
For-Profit Colleges Draw Big Revenue From GI Bill
Agents Raid Headquarters of Tennessee Company That Works in Afghanistan
No Significant Changes Expected in Afghan Strategy
Taliban Video Shows US Soldier Held in Afghanistan
Afghan Taliban Leaders Won't Negotiate: Former VP
Two NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Karzai's Blasé Response to Leaked Cables Relieves US
Afghan War Officer-Training Program Lags, but Makes Progress
Marines Fear Toy Guns Could Bring Real Problems in Afghanistan
Gates, Karzai Tout Cooperation With Pakistan
Mullen: US Committed to Defend South Korea
Richardson to Make North Korea Trip
US Frustrated China Not Doing More on North Korea
Tensions High in Koreas, but All-Out War Unlikely
North Korea Holds Apparent Drill as US, South Korea Talk
South Korea's Legislature OKs Troop Dispatch to UAE
Pakistan Politician Escapes Suicide Bomber
Central Asian Militants Spoiling for Combat
India: Varanasi Blast Breaks Terror Lull
Liu Xiaobo's Nobel Award Ceremony Gets More Snubs
Port-Au-Prince Burns as Election Fury Takes Hold
Cables: Colombia's Uribe Reached Out to FARC
WikiLeaks: Salvadoran Prez Threatened by Own Party
Blair Recalled to Chilcot Inquiry for Further Questioning
Bike Ban in Wassit as US Soldier Wounded by Sniper
Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle, Nov/Dec 2010
Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 4 Iraqis Killed; 23 Iraqis, 7 Iranians Wounded
Clinton Snubbed by Iranian Foreign Minister; WikiLeaks Has K Street Scrambling
In Wake of Wikileaks Scandal, Arab Leaders Are Cautious on Iran Censure
Hiker Freed From Tehran Prison: Time for US-Iran Ties
Ahmadinejad Sets Nuclear Red Lines for January Talks
Iran Arrests Editors of Opposition Newspaper
Iranian Movie on US in Iraq Entered for Oscars
US Hurting Peace Chances by Giving Up on Israeli Settlement Freeze, Analysts Say
Israel Sees Hopeful Signs in Collapse of Peace Talks
Israel Expels East Jerusalem-Based Hamas MP to West Bank
Palestinians Angry at Failure to Get Settlement Freeze
Israel Strikes Gaza After Militant Mortar Attack
Merkel Adviser Asked US to Pressure Netanyahu
Middle East
WikiLeaks: Saudi Proposed Force to Crush Hezbollah
ElBaradei Urges Boycott of Egypt Vote
WikiLeaks Cables: US 'Lobbied Russia on Behalf of Visa and Mastercard'
Obama Confident START Treaty Will Be Ratified Before Break
First President Bush Backs Russia Nuke Deal
Russia Says Warplanes Flew Near US-Japan Drill
Russia 'Perplexed' by Leaked Baltic Defense Plan
Russia Rights Groups Get Help From Unlikely Champion: Microsoft
Russia Ups Military Cooperation With Kazakhstan
WikiLeaks: Documents Confirm Shipments of Tanks to Sudan
International Court Starts Sudan Peacekeeper Attack Case
Consult Us Before Using Intelligence to Commit War Crimes, US Tells Uganda
Cables: Shell's Grip on Nigerian State Revealed
UN Urges Ivory Coast Leader to Admit Defeat in Landmark Vote

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Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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TSA: Theater Security Administration

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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