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Updated December 30, 2010 - 11:27 PM EST
NATO General: Afghan War to Escalate in 2011
  NATO: Clashes Growing Around Tora Bora
  Blast Kills at Least 14 Civilians in Afghanistan
  An Election Gone Wrong Fuels Tension in Kabul
  Afghan Factory Owner: New Zealand Troops Killed Two of Our Guards
Turmoil in Pakistan as Party Quits Cabinet
  NATO Trucks Attacked in Pakistan, Driver Killed
Vast Majority of Americans Oppose Attacking Iran
  Israel Gets Back Into the Iran Guessing Game
One Tip Now Enough to Put Name in US Terrorist Watch List
  UK Police Demand New Powers to Stop and Search Suspects
State Dept Slams UN Resolution Against Israeli Settlements
  Gaza Doctor Sues Israel Over Daughters' Killing
  Persecution of Israeli Activists on Rise
Close to 4,000 Civilians Killed in Iraq in 2010
With START Finalized, Battle Over Test Ban Treaty Looms
Amendment Could Make Yemen's Saleh President for Life
Wired's Refusal to Release or Comment on the Manning Chat Logs  by Glenn Greenwald
Cheering for WikiLeaks' Demise Is Cheering for Our Own  by Paul Craig Roberts
Is Karl Rove Behind Sweden's Assange Persecution?  by Roger Shuler
A Bad Korean Menu  by Doug Bandow
'National Security' Means Tyranny  by Jack Hunter
Plumbing New Depths on Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington

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US Dominates Middle East Arms Market
The Dear Leader Calls for Holy War
Many Arab Officials Have Close CIA Links: Assange
Hungary's Tough New Laws Worry Other EU Countries
Recent War Vets Confront Grim Employment Landscape
Antiwar Protesters, Manning Supporters Gather at Beale Air Force Base
US Army Waiting List Near Record Levels With High Unemployment
3 Suicide Bombers Used to Kill Tenacious Iraqi Cop
Murder Trial for British Contractor Opens in Iraq
Iraq Takes Over Former US Detention Facility
Navy Bomb Experts Head for a Final Mission in Iraq
Wednesday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 8 Wounded
Gaza Factions Meet Over Rising Israel Tensions
Banned Palestinian Activist Withdraws Court Appeal
Barak: Anti-Arab Letters by Rabbis and Rabbis' Wives Leading Israel Into Dark Place
Benefits Granted for Full-Time Torah Study Are Questioned in Israel
Obama Bypasses US Senate to Appoint Ambassador to Syria
Report: Israelis Paid Spy $1.5 Million for Info on Syrian Nuclear Program
Indictment Could Be Blow to Lebanon's Hezbollah
Al Akhbar, a Lebanese Paper, Aims at Provoking Readers
Middle East
Military Expert: Al-Qaeda Present in the Gulf…but Not Active
Fuel Consumption Falls in Iran After Subsidy Cut
Sudan President Gives Ultimatum on Darfur Talks
US Growing More Optimistic About Fate of Sudan Referendum
Sudanese Abuses Over Western Dress
What the Future Might Hold for Southern Sudan
18 Dead as Fresh Hostilities Erupt in Nigeria
Nigeria Bombing: Politicians 'Fuel Unrest'
Ivory Coast
Neighbors Put Ivory Coast Military Option on Hold
UN Envoy Warns Ivory Coast 'On Brink of Genocide'
African Unity Faces a Test in Ivory Coast
Canada No Longer Recognizes Ivory Coast Envoy
17 Dead in Mogadishu Clashes, Aweys Praises al-Shabaab
WikiLeaks: Gabon 'Siphoned Funds' to France
Australian Defense Dept Figures Pampered by Arms Dealers
West Quickly Agreed to Back Afghan Resistance in 1980
Cable: Afghan President Hamid Karzai Longs for 'Golden Age' of the Bush Years
US Troops Clash With Taliban in East Afghanistan
Two Afghan Army Soldiers, Four Insurgents Killed
SAS Claims They Were Fired on First in Kabul Battle
2 French Reporters Captive in Afghanistan for Year
Pakistan's Ruling Party in Crisis Negotiations
Disappearances Tied to Pakistan Worry US
MQM, SSP Activists Gunned Down in Karachi
Pakistan PM Assures National Assembly of Resolving Drone Strikes Issue
South Korea: North Korea Building Up Special Forces
South Korean Leader Endorses Talks With North Korea
South Korea Seeks North Korea Disarmament Progress Next Year
China's Spats Call Into Question 'Peaceful Rise'
Trade and Border Disputes Widen India-China Gulf
Report: Laos Deports Uighurs Back to China
Top Indonesian Terror Suspect Goes on Trial
Suspects in Attack on Russian Activist Arrested
French-Russian Ship Deal Criticized
Russian Military Plane Crash Kills 12
English-Language Magazine Provided Bomb Tips to 9 Terror Suspects, British Say
5 Held in Danish Plot Against Paper of Muhammad Cartoons
Armenia Says It Has S-300 Air Defense Missiles
Germany Rejects Israeli-Style Airport Security System
US Revokes Venezuela Ambassador's Visa Amid Envoy Row
US Says Having Ambassador in Venezuela Important
Ex-Official: Venezuela Leader Aided Sandinistas
Cuba Commutes Sentence of Last Death Row Inmate

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