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Updated January 23, 2011 - 11:19 PM EST
The Palestine Papers: 1,600 Documents Leaked
  Two Decades of Secret Israeli-Palestinian Accords Leaked to Media
After Protests, US Drones Kill 13 Pakistanis
Karzai Backs Down, Afghan Parliament to Meet
  Afghan Officials Cite Security Firms With US Ties for Violations
Iran Says Talks Will Resume at Unknown Date
  The Great Iranian Nuclear Guessing Game
Once-Feared Tunisian Police Join Protesters
  How Tunisia's Once-Suppressed Islamists Are Re-Emerging
Undisciplined Spending in the Name of Defense
  Joint Strike Fighter Engine: Boondoggle That Wouldn't Die?
  Former Spy With Agenda Operates Own Private CIA
Documents Raise Questions on Treatment of Detainees
  Amnesty Int'l to Sec. Gates: Manning's Detention ' Harsh and Punitive'
Ron Paul, Nader Agree on 'Progressive-Libertarian Alliance'
Mercenary Prince Who Wreaked Havoc in Iraq Now in Somalia
Feuding Partners: A Shift in the Balance of US-China Relations  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Time to Get Over the Iran Hostage Crisis  by Stephen Kinzer
Obama Submits to Israel Lobby  by Lawrence Davidson
Tempest in Tunis  by J. Peter Pham
Spiritual Death  by Robert Koehler
Missing Persons and Intelligence Agencies  by Malik Ayub Sumbal

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Detained Teenager Is Questioned by FBI on Arrival in US
Algeria Police Break Up March; at Least 19 Injured
Generals Clash on Cause of April Osprey Crash
Judge Upholds Ex-Gitmo Detainee's Conviction
Use of Extrajudicial Rendition in Uganda Terror Case Sparks Controversy
Promises, Promises: US Opts for No-Bid Contract
2 NATO Service Members Killed in Afghan Attacks
10 Militants Killed in Eastern Afghanistan
Five Killed in Afghanistan Attacks
US Grapples to Keep Afghan Rebuilding on Track
Taliban Order Phone Blackout in North
Promises, Promises: Scrutiny of Afghan No-Bid Deal
German Extremist Reported Killed in Afghanistan
Violence Killed 4,678 Last Year in Pakistan
President, PM Approve 'Decisive Operation' for Karachi
Bhutto Murder Case: ATC Extends Remand of Police Officials
Karachi Target Killing: Four Accused Remanded in Police Custody
Explosion in Pakistani Agency Kills 3, Wounds 3
US' Blacklisting of Pak Taliban 'Suicide Boss' Qari Hussain Shows He May Still Be Alive
A Friend's Labor of Love Reveals Who Killed Daniel Pearl
Pakistani Actress Slams Cleric for Criticism
Rangers in Karachi Exercising Police Powers, Says Shah
Pakistan Foreign Ministry Caught Red Handed in Visa Scam
An Islamic Critique of the Blasphemy Law
Sherry Rehman, Pakistan's Defiant Prisoner of Intolerance, Vows to Stay Put
4 Million Flood-Hit Pakistanis Still Homeless: Red Cross
UN Urges India to Curb Powers of Security Forces in Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir Seals Border to Thwart BJP March
PM Asks Parties Not to Disturb Peace in Jammu and Kashmir
Nepal Communists Give Up Control Over Ex-Fighters
US Hails Nepal Move on Maoist Forces
North Korea
North Korea Issues First Report on Hu-Obama Summit
Iran Official Supports North Korea Nuclear Programs
Hey China: US Is Prepping New Ship-Killing Missiles, Too
China May Be Masking Its Purchase of US Securities
Video: US Senate Leader Calls Hu Jintao 'A Dictator'
Philippine Troops Find Explosives in Militant Camp
Kazakh President Hints at Backing for Plan to Cancel Elections
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Going Online After Detention
BBC Apologises to Japanese Over Atomic Bomb Jokes
Muslim Killed and Two Injured in Restive Thai South
Tajikistan Jails Eight From Radical Group
Crisis Escalates in Albania After Protest Deaths
Albanian PM, Opposition Blame Each Other for Deaths
Albania Issues Arrest Warrants for Republican Guards
Albania Opposition Vows More Protests
Two Die After Blast Rips Through Russian Shopping Center
September Trial Date Set for Russian Arms Suspect
'I Will Uncover All the Secrets,' Russian Spy Anna Chapman Declares
Poland's Kaczynski Blames Russia for Plane Crash That Killed Brother, 95 Others
German Commander Removed From Post
Man Behind Berlin Mosque Attacks Apprehended
US Military
WikiLeaks Views Won't Get Military Computers Wiped
New Navy Jammer Could Invade Networks, Nuke Sites
Fort Hood Suspect Awaits Decision on Whether He Is Fit to Stand Trial
Navy Reports a 'Breakthrough' for Its Superlaser
Senator Questions DoD Failure to Cover Treatments for Injured Soldiers
Army Probes Sale of 14 Arlington Cemetery Urns
Americans Still Dying
Military Policewoman From Texarkana (TX) Killed on Third Deployment
Five Weeks Into Afghan Tour, Alabama Marine Killed by IED
Millbrook (AL) Soldier Was to Return Home to New Wife in Three Weeks
Soldier (CA) Was to Return Home to See Newborn Daughter the Very Day He Was Killed in Iraq
Illinois Soldier, an Only Child, Killed by Rogue Iraqi in Mosul
Family and Friends Say Farewell to Kenner (LA) Soldier
Soldier From Erie County (PA) Killed by Afghan IED
Ohio Soldier With Ties to Tennessee Killed by Sniper
Abbas: We Will Not Make Unilateral Declaration of Palestinian Statehood
Abbas: Failure of Middle East Talks Could Lead to Popular Uprising
Former US Diplomats to Obama: Support UN Draft Condemning Israeli Settlements
French FM Backs Palestinian Statehood
Palestinian Reporter Faces Trial for Insulting PA President Abbas on Facebook
Pro-Israeli Group Offers Maps for Palestinian State
1 Killed, 2 Wounded in Gaza Blast
Abbas: During Bush Era Israel Accepted East Jerusalem as Capital
Palestinian Authority Has Been Torturing Prisoners for Years, UK Group Says
Hamas' Zahar: Shalit Talks Held in Secret
Israel: Ultra-Orthodox Rise in Numbers
Prisoners Exchange Talks Dealt Secretly: Hamas Leader
Israel State Comptroller to Question Next IDF Commander on Illegal Land Seizure
Member of French FM's Entourage Injured in Gaza
Crime and Punishment, Palestinian-Style
Turkel Committee Due to Release First Report on Gaza Blockade
US: Iran's Nuclear Program Has Slowed, There Is Time for Diplomacy
Iran May Face More Pressure After Talks Fail
Hague Laments Iran's 'Refusal to Engage'
Iran to Introduce Cyberwarfare Crack Teams
Iran Bars Tehran Mayor From US Transport Ceremony
US Experts Say Iraqi Kurdistan Still Long Way From Independence
Official: Iraq Sunni Militia Chief Behind Pilgrim Blasts
Search Goes on for Missing Americans in Iraq
Iraqi Airways Defies Its Dissolution
Lebanon's Rumor Mill at Full Throttle
Lebanese Christian Leader: Hezbollah Will Turn Lebanon Into the New Gaza
Middle East
Saudi Arabia and Syria Drift Further Apart
Thousands Demand Ouster of Yemen's President
Turkey's Role in Middle East Is Bolstered by Vision of Foreign Minister
In Mideast Activism, a New Tilt Away From Ideology
Saudi Man Dies After Setting Himself on Fire
Demonstrations in Tunisia as Political Purge Continues
Fears of Islamist Revival as Tunisian PM Falters
Family Members of Ousted Tunisian President Ben Ali Reach Montreal
Shooting Probe Pledged as Protests Target Tunisia PM
Street Pressure Mounts on Tunisia PM to Go
Hundreds of Political Prisoners in Tunisia Yet to Be Released
As Tunisia's Army Quells Chaos, Will It Hinder Democracy?
Public Suicide Attempt Sparks Angry Riots in Central Tunisia
Tunisia's Inner Workings Emerges on Twitter
Tunisia: 'I Have Lost My Son, but I Am Proud of What He Did'
Future of Sudan's Darfur Uncertain Post-Referendum
Sudanese Man Sets Himself Ablaze: Medics
Ivory Coast
West African Leaders Move to Starve Gbagbo of Funds
West African Bank Head Resigns Over Ivory Coast
France Rejects Gbagbo's Decision to End Accreditation of Its Ambassador
Somali Pirates
Pirates Take Record 1,181 Hostages in 2010
Malaysia Nabs Somalis in Day's 2nd Raid on Pirates
South Korea Navy Praised Over Pirate Rescue
Rwanda Ex-Military Chief 'Has Formed Rebel Group'
Congo: Colonel Arrested for Rapes
Central African Republic Strongman Faces Vote
Rights Group: Haiti Probing Duvalier's Alleged Atrocities
Haiti Braces for Unrest Ahead of Protests
Former US Lawmaker Bob Barr Assisting Duvalier
Haiti President: Duvalier Should Face Justice
India Tells UNSC to Stay Out of Haiti Politics
President René Préval of Haiti Faces Pressure Over Runoff Race
'War on Terror'
Domestic Use of Aerial Drones by Law Enforcement Likely to Prompt Privacy Debate
Canada Forfeits Assets of Group for Supporting Tamil Tigers

Justin Raimondo
China – A Paper Tiger

Ran HaCohen
Barak Unmasked

Philip Giraldi
Serving Up Palestine One Slice at a Time

Ivan Eland
Russian Arms Control Proposals Worth Considering

Kelley B. Vlahos
Women in Combat: Equal Opportunity Meat Grinder

Nebojsa Malic
Damage Control in the Balkans

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peña
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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