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Updated April 8, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
  Justice Dept. Memo Upholds Libya Strikes
  WikiLeaks Cables Show US Took Softer Line Toward Libya
NATO Fears War Without End in Libya
  NATO Denies Apology: Blames Libya’s Rebels for Getting Bombed
  Libyan Waiting Game Favors Gadhafi
  Turkey Proposes Road Map for Peace in Libya
  Libyan Rebels Don't Really Add Up to an Army
  Gadhafi Plane Evades NATO No-Fly Zone, Bombs Rebel Tanks
  Gadhafi Back on Offensive as Doubts About NATO's Role Grow
11 Killed as Israeli Warplanes Pound Gaza
  Latest WikiLeaks Cables Reveal Israel's Fears and Alliances
Iran Exiles in Iraq Claim Dozens Killed in Attack
  Gates: US Troops Could Stay in Iraq Past Deadline
Anti-US Sentiment 'Rife' in Afghanistan, Pakistan
  Terror Suspects Held Weeks in Secret Afghan Jails Run by US
  NATO Denies al-Qaeda Returning to Afghanistan
  57 Militants, Four Soldiers Killed in Pakistan's Mohmand Agency
  On Pakistan Border, US Troops Launch Their Own Spring Offensive
Did Obama Election End the Antiwar Movement?
  The Partisan Dynamics of the US Antiwar Movement
UN Finds 115 More Bodies in W. Ivory Coast
  Ouattara's Forces Seal Off Gbagbo's Bunker in Ivory Coast
The Haze of Humanitarian Imperialism  by George F. Will
Libya and the Law of Unintended Consequences  by Conn Hallinan
Guantánamo and the Taint of Torture  by Amy Goodman
Emperor Obama  by Sheldon Richman
We're Not Being Told the Truth on Libya  by Johann Hari
Why the Left Won't Stop the Wars  by Anthony Gregory

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ACLU: Obama Has Taken a 'Profoundly Troubling' Position on Assassinations
Sen. Franken Introduces 'Pay for War' Resolution
US Commander Fears al-Qaeda Will Link With Pirates
US to Use Facebook, Twitter to Issue Terror Alerts
Interpol Chief Calls for Global Electronic ID Card System
US Soldiers Are Seven Times as Likely as UK Troops to Develop PTSD
US Cost in Libya Approaches $650 Million
Residents Shelter From Mortars in Libya's Misrata
Libya Detains 4 More International Journalists
Swedish Jets Make First Combat Mission in 50 Years
Libyan Rebels Look to Pitt Grad for Voice
Libya War Forces David Cameron to Rethink Defense Cuts
Microsoft: Libyan Government Holding Employee
France Flexing Military Muscles in Libya, Former Colony Ivory Coast
Germany Eases No-Military Stance on Libya
Ivory Coast
UN Troops Surround Gbagbo's 'Last Defenders'
Ivory Coast Leader in Bunker Vows Not to Surrender
Ivory Coast Leader Is on the Ropes but Still Causing Trouble
Gbagbo Adviser Denounces Ouattara Speech as Untruthful
Lieberman Asks France to Help Evacuate Israeli Diplomats From Ivory Coast
French Rescue Japanese in Daring Ivory Coast Raid
Mubarak's Top Aide Held in Egypt Corruption Probe
Chaos at Cairo University Reflects Egypt's Longing for Clean Break With Past
Poll: Majority of Egyptians Support Maintaining Israel Peace
UK Cabinet 'Hushed Up' Torture of Mau Mau Rebels
British Government Long Aware of Mass Kenyan Torture
Kenyan Politicians in Hague Court Over Killings
Satellite Photos Show Weaponry in Sudan
Ethiopia to Charge 121 Prisoners With Terrorism
Spanish Forces Liberate Iranian Ship From Somali Pirates
Mass Grave Given Robert Mugabe Spin
Six Afghan Forces Killed in Taliban Attack in Kandahar
US Troops in Afghanistan Suffer More Catastrophic Injuries
Why Pakistan's Taliban Target the Country's Muslim Majority
1 Dead, 16 Injured in Saddar Cracker Blast
China Accuses Dissident Artist Ai Weiwei of 'Economic Crimes'
Chinese Warship May Be Nearly Ready
Finding the Japanese Boy Who Had Saved His Grandfather During World War II
Resisters in Canada
Deserters Hope WikiLeaks Release Will Help With Asylum Bids
Court Rules for Review of Army Deserter's Appeal to Stay in Canada
Venezuela Polarized Over Chavez's Land Policy
MEK Claims Find of Secret Iranian Nuclear Facility
UNESCO Awards Media Prize to Jailed Iranian
Syria Tries to Placate Sunnis and Kurds
Protesters in Syria Plan Large March Near Capital
Report: Bashar al-Assad to End Emergency Rule in Syria
Syria Grants 300,000 Kurds Citizenship
Report: Syria Releases 48 Kurdish Prisoners Amid Unrest
Regime Targeted Yemen General, Cable Says
US Was Told of Plot to Overthrow Yemen Leader
Gulf Arabs Work on Plan for Yemen's Saleh to Go
Top Yemeni Official Calls Gulf Proposal 'Undemocratic'
Bahrain Hospitals 'Paralyzed' by Unrest
Medical Charity Condemns Bahrain Hospital Abuse
Maliki Facing Internal Pressure on Govt
Gunmen Shoot Down Senior Kirkuk Notable
Gates Hails Iraq, Warns Against Iran, Qaeda
Man Carrying Plastic Explosives Caught Crossing Into Turkey From Iraq
Thursday: 1 US Soldier, 4 Iraqis Killed; 15 Iraqis Wounded
Netanyahu Vague on Sudan Strike
Israel Pounds Gaza, Kills 4 After Missile Hits Bus
Palestinian Missile Attack From Gaza Strip Strikes School Bus, Wounding 2 Israelis
Hamas Announces Cease-Fire to Be Honored by All Gaza Factions
Israeli Official: New Missile-Defense System Shoots Down Palestinian Rocket
Warning by Israeli on UN Nod to Palestinians
Israeli Army Rounds Up West Bank Villagers
Goldstone to Face Libel Suit
US Doubts Goldstone Report Can Be Fixed
No Berlin Recognition for Palestinian State
Sole Gaza Crossing Closed
Cafe Culture Blooms in West Bank's Ramallah
Youths Attack US Delegation for Second Time in South Lebanon
Outgoing Lebanese PM Slams Iran for Meddling
The War at Home
CIA's Leon Panetta Not Eager to Swap Jobs
Lawmaker: Withhold US Money to Force UN Changes
US Health-Care System Unprepared for Major Nuclear Emergency, Officials Say
Instead of Helping, Trustee Program Is Hurting Veterans, Families Say
Gates: Little Effect on Military From Gay Policy

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Libya Hypocrisy

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Another Evil Little War

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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