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Updated April 23, 2011 - 10:49 PM EDT
126 Protesters Killed in 2-Day Syria Crackdown
  Syrian Protesters Set Sights on Riskier Goal: Unseating Assad
  Israel in a Quandary Over Turmoil in Syria
Yemen's Saleh Offers to Quit for Immunity
  20 Yemeni Soldiers Killed, Dozens Captured
Gadhafi May Leave Capture of Misrata to Tribes
  Libyan Rebels Suspicious Over Army's Exit From Misrata
  Mullen: Libya War 'Moving Toward Stalemate'
  US Acknowledges Missteps in Handoff of Libya to NATO
  Libyans Complain Arms Embargo Hits Trade, Fishing
Pakistan Fumes as US Attacks Continue
  US Drone Kills 26, Including Civilians, in Pakistan
  Pakistan Stops US Using Air Base to Fly Drones
  Militants Attack Pakistani Border Post, Kill 19 Security Personnel
Iraqis Fear US Troop Extension Could Fuel Unrest
  Sadr's Threat to Unleash His Militia Remains a Worry to Fragile Iraq
ElBaradei Suggests War Crimes Probe of Bush Team
Seriously: Obama Condemns Manning's Contempt for the Rule of Law  by Kevin Gosztola
News Flash: Iraq War Was About Oil  by Ray McGovern
The Regimes Are Rallying Their Forces; Is the Tide Turning Against Arab Freedom?  by Patrick Cockburn
Drone Attacks in Libya: A Mistake  by David Ignatius
US Weapons to Israel Are Disincentives to Peace  by Josh Ruebner
Mexico's Drug War Body Count Mounts  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Libyan Choice: Starve or Run
US Drones: Weapons of Choice in Overseas Wars
Barack Obama on Bradley Manning: 'He Broke the Law'
Soldier Charged in Afghan Death to Be Released
Privacy 'Bill of Rights' Exempts Govt Agencies
Obama Justice Dept. Sides With Police Over Warrantless Spying
Libya at War
Libyan Rebels Reclaim Misrata City Center, Credit NATO Airstrikes
Dissidents Describe Growing Anger Against Gadhafi, Armed Attacks Under Tripoli's Calm Surface
NATO Hits Near Gadhafi Compound, Libya Says 3 Dead
Libyan Ground Forces Degraded by Up to 40 Percent: US
Libyan Rebels Fight to Win Recognition
Libya's Rebels Fight With Ancient, Useless Weapons
'There Were Four Times When I Could Have Died'
No Safe Haven for Reporters in Libya
Libya and the World
McCain, in Libya, Urges Recognition, Weapons for Rebels
Disco Bombing Victims Request Damages From Frozen Gadhafi Assets
Libya Crisis 'Proves Case for UK Defense Review'
Gambia Orders Pro-Gadhafi Libyan Ambassador to Leave, Announces Support for Rebel Council
ICC Prosecutor: 'Large Scale' War Crimes by Gadhafi Forces
Sarkozy Plans Visit to Libyan Rebel Stronghold
6 Arrested in Sweden for Libyan Embassy Break-In After Appointment of New Ambassador
UN Head in Russia to Talk Libya, Other Conflicts
Ivory Coast
Ouattara Orders Ivorian Forces Back to Barracks
Ivory Coast's Ouattara Meets Top Pro-Gbagbo Official
Egypt's Ex-Oil Minister Detained Over Israel Gas Deal
Tens of Thousands of Protesters Rally Against Christian Governor in Southern Egypt
Mubarak Detained for Another 15 Days
Suspected Bomb-Makers Killed in North Nigeria Blast
To Leaders, Election Violence in North Nigeria After Election an Echo of Bloody Run-Up to War
Moroccan Police Disperse Rampaging West Sahara Students
Kenyan Police Warn of Easter Terror Attack by al-Qaeda-Linked Somali Insurgents
Darfur Peace Process Entering Crucial Phase, UN Official Tells Security Council
Burkina Faso's President Names Himself Defense Minister in Wake of Mutiny, Unrest
Central African Republic Announces New Government
Russia Kills 'Saudi al-Qaeda Leader' in Chechnya
UN Chief Says Hopes for Russia Support for 2nd Term
Lukashenko Blames 'Nauseating' Democracy for Minsk Bomb Blast
Belarusian Opposition Activist Sent Back to Jail
Former Croatian President: Leadership Knew of War Atrocities
Religious Hatred Lives on – Not in Church but at Football
Man Charged in Northern Ireland Police Murder Probe
US Military
Military Faces Challenge to Malpractice Shield
US Court Reinstates Blackwater Iraq Shooting Case
Protesters Arrested Outside Upstate NY Drone Base
Japan Quake Briefly Cut US Military Computer Links
'Veterans Court' Faces Backlog That Continues to Grow
Plan for F-35 Jet Now Realistic, Pentagon Says
32 More Corpses Found in Mexico Pits, Total at 177
US Warns on Travel to Five More Mexican States
Israel's Peres 'Urges Govt to Lay Out Peace Plan'
UN Urges Bold Steps to Relaunch Mideast Peace
Pollard in Plea to Obama: Set Me Free for Pessah!
Three Palestinians Wounded in Gaza Blast
Youths Torch Israeli Jeep in East Jerusalem
Tech Diplomacy: Israeli CEO Hires Palestinian Programmers
Syria Buries Scores of Dead; More Protests Due
Obama: Syria's 'Outrageous' Violence Must End Now
Iran Denies Supporting Syria in Dealing With Protesters
Analysis: Syria's Assad Torn Between Repression and Reform
President Bashir al-Assad Has a Staunch Friend in the Church
Medical Workers Reported Missing in Bahrain
US Group Condemns Bahrain Campaign Against Doctors
Iran Says It Offers 'Moral' Support to Bahrainis
Prominent Bahraini Rights Activist Goes on Trial
Yemen's Saleh Cool on Gulf Exit Plan
Crowds Rally in Yemen for and Against Saleh
Police Prevent Army Force From Arresting Tribal Chief Near Mosul
Iraqi Interpreters Seek Punishment of Contractor They Say Sexually Harassed Them
Islamic State of Iraq Emir Nabbed in Fallujah
Friday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 47 Wounded
Middle East
Lebanese Muslim Movement to Hold Rally Opposing Syria's al-Assad
More Than 2,000 Protest Friday in Salalah, Oman
Kurdish Protests Calm Down in Southeast Turkey
Why Iran Is Nervous About Iraq's Oil Production
UAE Widens Crackdown on Dissent to Legal Group: HRW
Bomb Kills 5 Border Police in Southern Afghanistan
NATO Says Top Uzbek Militant Leader Detained in Afghanistan
Five Oil Tankers Torched in Northern Afghanistan
Prince William Still Determined to Fight in Afghanistan
US, China to Hold Human Rights Talks
Defiant China Church Vows to Hold Easter Service
China Accuses Restive Tibetan Monks of Lewd Actions
China Bans Foreigners From Restive Tibetan Areas
How Internet Users Outwit Beijing's Censors
Truckers Protest Again Over Costs in China
Islamic Militants 'Planned to Film Cathedral Bomb'
Mosque Attack Shows Changes in Indonesia Terrorism
Low-Key Easter Preparations for Pakistan's Fearful Christians
Thai, Cambodian Armies Clash on Border; 6 Killed
North Korea Steps Up Threats on Anti-Regime Leaflets
Communist Fury as Tajik Lenin Statue Finally Toppled
India Raises Security Concerns With Nepal
UN Heads for Rights Confrontation With Sri Lanka
US Rep. Ron Paul: Cuba Embargo Propped Up Castro
Poll Gives Ecuador's Correa Wide Lead on Referendum
UN, Others Voice Concerns on Haiti Vote Fraud

Justin Raimondo
Gary Johnson: Caveat Emptor

Nebojsa Malic
Injustice for All

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Feels Like Armageddon

Ivan Eland
Across-the-Board Cuts Are the Only Road to Budget Reduction

Charles V. Peņa
You Cannot Be Serious

Philip Giraldi
Goldstone Recants, Gaza Dies

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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