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Updated May 7, 2011 - 11:26 PM EDT
Military Support Linked to Attacks on US Citizens
Al-Qaeda Vows Revenge for bin Laden Death
  CIA Had Safe House Near Osama bin Laden Hideout
US Drone Strikes Kill 17 in North Waziristan
  Unusual Quiet From Radical Pakistani Groups
  Probing Link to bin Laden, US Tells Pakistan to Name Agents
30 Killed as Tens of Thousands Protest in Syria
  US Warns Damascus Over Protest Killings
  Amid Syria's Turmoil, Israel Sees Assad as the Lesser Evil
Ahmadinejad Told to Accept Minister or Resign
  Ahmadinjad Allies Arrested on Suspicion of Sorcery
Opposition Rejects 'Revised' GCC Deal on Yemen
  Yemen Al-Qaeda Head Anwar Al-Awlaki 'Targeted by Drone'
Fierce Fighting Follows Kandahar Attack
Libyan Rebels Reject Turkey's Revised Road Map
Kurdish Separatists Threaten 'Great War' With Turkey
What Not to Learn From bin Laden’s Killing  by Benjamin H. Friedman
The Defeat of the United States by al-Qaeda  by Kevin Carson
Gunfight at Abbottabad: Dismantling the Myth of an American Hero  by Pratap Chatterjee
Obama Kept Us Safe  by Jack Hunter
Thank Goodness for WikiLeaks  by Sheldon Richman
A Monster of Our Own Creation  by Robert Scheer

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Record Number of Americans Targeted by National Security Letters
Bin Laden Death Sparks New Talk Over PATRIOT Act
Osama bin Laden Role in Bosnia: 'Guidebook' for al-Qaeda
Sectarian Violence Kills 25 in Southern Guinea, Mosque Destroyed in Latest Clashes
Power Struggle in Iran Enters the Mosque
Scottish Pro-Independence Party Wins Majority
WikiLeaks Fallout: US Envoy to Mexico Sets Departure
Libya at War
Libya's Western Rebels Run Tighter Operation Than Eastern Brethren
Report: Gadhafi Forces Spreading Landmines in Misrata
Opposition Outline Post-Gadhafi 'Road Map'
Gadhafi Regime Hits Out Over Rebel War Chest
Libyan Rebels Launch TV Station
In Libya, a Long-Dead Hero Rises Again in East
Libya and the World
Russia Criticizes Libya Contact Group
Marathon Reports $761 Million Libya Assets, Conoco Production Down on Unrest
Amnesty: Ghadafi's Troops Suspected of War Crimes
Obama Talks Libya With Kuwait Emir
France Expels 14 Libyan Diplomats
Foreign Office Warns Britons to Avoid Libya-Tunisia Border
Marrakesh Bomb Suspect Was Expelled From Libya: Minister
Morocco Cafe Bomb Suspect Posed as a Hippie
Egypt Salafists Honor bin Laden With Death Prayer
Protest at Cairo Embassy Calls for Intifada
Northern Nigeria: 16 Die, 20 Houses Burnt Down in Sectarian Violence
Nigeria Police, Troops 'Abused Rioters' in North
Fraud and Fights Mar Final Nigerian State Election
Ivory Coast
Ouattara Takes Oath Months After Ivory Coast Vote

UN Heads to Suspected Ivory Coast Mass Grave Site

Tunisian Riot Police Break Up Second Day of Protests
Five Algerian Soldiers Killed, Others Injured by Armed Group
UN Worried About Standoff in Disputed Sudan Region
Protection Fees, Stolen Ammo Extend Somalia's War
Cargo Ship, China Crew Rescued From Pirates
Morgan Tsvangirai: Zimbabwe Elections Likely in 2012
As Tanks Line the Streets, Syrians Stand Firm to Defy Brutal Regime
European Bid to Censure Syria Faces Opposition Citing Libya
EU Agrees to Sanctions Against Syrian Officials
Media Group Urges Release of Al Jazeera Journalist Held in Syria
UN Urges Israel Not to Withhold Palestinian Funds
Some Palestinians Perplexed by Fatah-Hamas Deal
Hamas Edges Toward Tacit Acceptance of Israel
Egypt to Oversee Palestinian Security Talks
Israel Sees Progress in Its Hamas Fight
Cyprus Upgrades Palestinian Delegation to Mission

Settlers Use Tourism to Draw Israelis to West Bank

Iraq Pays Kurd Oil Contractors
5 Civilians Injured Near Baghdad Blast
Iraq Spent Lavishly on Postponed Arab Summit
Friday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 8 Wounded
Middle East
Balloons Carry Yemen's Protest Message: Leave, Ali
Protesters Across Oman Demand Reform, Jobs
Prosecutor Files Amended Indictment in Hariri Investigation With 'Substantive' Changes
US Military
US Halts F-22 Flights Over Oxygen System Concerns
Hybrid Vehicles Are in US Military's Future
Pakistan and the Death of bin Laden
Pentagon: No Firm Evidence of Pakistani Complicity
PM: US Shouldn't Have Bypassed Pakistan
Musharraf: US, Pakistan Must End bin Laden Tension
Pakistanis: bin Laden Lived in Abbottabad House for 5 Years
Bin Laden's Wife Spent 6 Years in Pakistani House
Pakistan Paints Dismal Image of bin Laden's End
Pakistan Rounds Up Possible Osama bin Laden Associates in Abbottabad
Pakistan: bin Laden Was Isolated, Broke
Mystery Shrouds the Quiet Man Who Built bin Laden's Compound
World Reaction
Anti-Muslim Incidents in the US Follow the Death of Osama bin Laden
Rashard Mendenhall Fired by Champion Over Osama bin Laden Tweets
Fury Erupts Outside US Embassy in London as Hundreds Stage Mock Funeral for bin Laden
Freshman US Senator Wants to Know if Torture Helped Nab bin Laden
UN Expert Asks US to Disclose Raid Details


Questions Linger After Osama bin Laden Raid
Internet Chatter Up on bin Laden Revenge Attacks
What bin Laden's Seized Data Stash Could Reveal
Seals' Deadly Mission to Kill Osama bin Laden Mild After Their Training
Gates: bin Laden Death Could Be a Game-Changer in Afghanistan
Taliban Say bin Laden's Death Will Encourage War
Frontline Taliban Promise Revenge Attacks After bin Laden
Afghan Official: 10 Militants Killed Near Border
Rocket Strike on Afghanistan Base: Coincidence?
Fragile Progress Builds Momentum in Afghanistan
Father Appeals for Release of Captured US Soldier
Gunmen Kill Eight People at Pakistan Cricket Match
Pakistan's Man in Washington
North Korea
US Troubleshooter Sees Momentum for North Korea Talks
Carter Held 'Confrontational' Talks in North Korea
US and China Race Political Calendar to Curb Irritants
Thai Premier Calls Election, Dissolves Parliament
Vietnam 'Seals Ethnic Hmong Protest Site'
Philippine Condo Guard Outed as Militant Kidnapper: Police
Russia Says Breakthrough Needed on US Missiles
Putin Proposes New Popular Front, Trying to Take Heat Off His Party Before Elections
Moscow Murders: Two Russian Nationalists Jailed
Northern Ireland Vote May Put Sinn Fein in Top Job
International Crisis Group: Bosnia in Post-War Crisis
Albania Prepares for Local Polls After Violent Campaign, Outcome Unlikely to Ease Tension
Maldives President Says Protests Can't Defeat Him
Police Block Maldives Protest Over Food Prices
Australian Military to 'Cut 1,000 Civilian Jobs'
'War on Terror'
Top Terrorist Had Ties to Düsseldorf Cell
German Train Evacuated Over Terrorism Scare
7/7 Inquests: Emergency Delays 'Did Not Cause Deaths'
Canadian Court Denies Appeal to Extradite Terror Suspect to US

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You Cannot Be Serious

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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