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Updated July 6, 2011 - 11:24 PM EDT
At Least 36 Killed in Latest Baghdad Bombings

Sources: US Could Keep 10,000 Troops in Iraq


100 Iraqi Lawmakers Demand Departure of US Troops

  Tuesday: 47 Iraqis Killed, 59 Wounded

Senate Abandons Authorization of Libya Conflict


Libya Denies Report Gadhafi Offered to Stand Down


NATO Rifts Strain Libya Campaign


Rebels: Gadhafi Shelling Kills 11 in Misrata, Most Civilians

British Drone Kills Four Afghan Civilians in Helmand
  US Wants 'Backup Plan' If Pakistan Closes Drone Base

Taliban 'Could Have Political Future'

Yemen: 40 Militants Killed in Two Days of Strikes

22 Killed in al-Qaeda Attack on Mauritania Base

Somali Detainee Interrogated for Months on US Ship

Army's $2.7 Billion Intel Computer Doesn't Work
Is a Broader Peace Movement Finally Here?  by Kevin Zeese
Don't Remove the MEK From the Terrorist List  by Muhammad Sahimi
Channeling Cheney, the President Oversteps on National Security  St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The Folly of Nation-Building  by Daniel Larison
Let's End TSA Abuses and Failures  by Rep. Ron Paul
Comparing Israel's and Iran's Nuclear Programs  by John Steinbach

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Reporter's Ordeal Continues in Convoluted CIA Case

LA City Council Calls for US to End Afghanistan, Iraq Wars

Mental Problems of Soldiers' Kids Tied to Wars

UK Navy Medic Detained for Refusing Training Over WikiLeaks Claims


Iraq: Provincial Council Accuses US Forces of Blackmail

US Says Time Short for Iraq to Request Troops Stay

US Opens Consulate in Iraqi City of Basra

Remains of 32 Iraqi Soldiers Handed Over by Kuwait

Australia 'Linked to Abu Ghraib Abuses'

Weapons Prove Iranian Role in Iraq, US Claims

US General: Turns Out, Iraq's Violence Bad for Business

'Kurds Have Right to Independent State,' Kurdistan Speaker Says

Tuesday: 47 Iraqis Killed, 59 Wounded


Britain's Afghanistan Pullout 'On Track' for 2014 Deadline

Cameron Pledges Afghan Aid Despite British Pullout

Karzai Urges Halt to Attacks From Pakistan

Canadian Troops Formally Hand Over Kandahar Battlefield to US Forces

UN Security Council to Discuss Afghanistan


12 Killed in Karachi Violence

Abbottabad Commission Seeks Info From Public

Did Pakistan Have Reporter Killed?

Israel's Easing of Blockade Helps Gaza Strip Economy, Quartet Claims

West Bank Demolitions Highlight Struggle for Jordan Valley

Analysis: Gaza Flotilla a Foretaste of Future Diplomatic Furor

Pro-Palestinian Activists Occupy Embassy in Athens

Headed for Gaza, Flotilla Must First Fight Greek Ban

French Protest Boat Heads for Gaza

Greece Frees US Captain of 'Audacity of Hope' Flotilla Ship

Ya'alon to Discuss Flotilla Report With Turks

No Suicide Bombers in Handover of Dead: Israel

Israel's Probe of Radical Jewish Text Puts Rabbis in Spotlight


Russian Activist Blasts Brutal Tactics in Caucasus

Russia Criticizes US Over Abuses in Wars Abroad

'War on Terror'

Guantánamo Detainees See Legal Progress Reversed

Woman Escorted Off US Airways Flight for Snapping Photo

Rep. Paul: Abolish TSA

Revealed: The CIA Mastermind Who Cornered bin Laden

Bereaved Relatives of 7/7 Victims 'Had Phones Hacked'

US Indicts Somali on Terrorism Charges

S. Africa's Zuma Calls for 'Urgent' Libya Peace Talks

Libya Denies Russia Report Gadhafi Seeking Way Out

UN Introduces Regular Vessel to Ferry Aid From Benghazi to Misrata

France: Libyan Rebels No Longer Need Weapons Drops


Yemen Arrests Head of Shi'ite Opposition Party


Is Assad Losing Syria?

Syrian Forces Shoot Dead 10 in Hama: Activists

The New Focus of Syria's Crackdown Has Seen Similar Bloodshed Before

17-Year-Old Shot Dead in Clashes With Police in Cairo

Acquittals of Mubarak Ministers Anger Egyptians


Bahrain's Rulers Start Dialogue With Opposition

Rights Activists Say Crisis Is Unfolding in Bahrain


Iran Says to Close Hormuz Strait if Threatened

Iran Showcases Homegrown Arms in War Games


Video Shows War Spoils in Sudan's Nuba Mountains

South Sudan Balances North, African Trade After Split

Sudan's Division Echoes in War-Ravaged Darfur


Somali Pirates Use Yemen Island as Fuel Base

UN: Somali Refugee Crisis Is Killing Children


Ethiopia: Army Kills 15 Rebels, Wounds Swedish Journalists

Eq. Guinea Opposition Slams President After Summit


China Silencing Uighurs Two Years After Protests: Amnesty

Pressure Builds for F-16 Sale to Taiwan

China Warns N. Korea Against New Attacks


Drug War Bodies Expose Flaws in Mexican Forensics

Chávez Stays Home as Troops Celebrate Bicentennial


Italian Police Raid Notorious Hackers Group: Report

Dutch State Found Responsible for Srebrenica Deaths

Middle East

German Leaders Under Fire for Alleged Saudi Tank Deal


Justin Raimondo
Against 'Nation-Building'

Ivan Eland
Militarism Is Not Patriotism

Nebojsa Malic
A Tale of Two Secessions

Philip Giraldi
Winners and Losers

Kelley B. Vlahos
Neocons Return to War Debate With a Vengeance

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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