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Updated July 14, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
21 Killed, 141 Injured in Three Mumbai Blasts
NATO Raid Kills Six Civilians in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: 'Deadliest Six Months' for Civilians


6 Killed in Suicide Attack at Wali Karzai Funeral


5 French Soldiers Slain in Afghanistan Ambush


Huge Blast in Eastern Afghanistan Wounds 22 Coalition Troops

British DM: Libya War Could Last Months
  Offensive Stalls, Gadhafi Forces Reclaim Territory Near Tripoli

Libya Says 1,100 Dead in NATO 'War Crimes'


In Libya's West, Rebels Rise Amid Rights Concerns

Reports: 27 Protesters Killed in Syria

Arab League Tells US to Stop Interfering in Syria

US to Yemeni Opposition: Saleh to Return Soon
Israeli Army Kills Man in Nablus, Hits Gaza Targets
Judges Defer Decision on WikiLeaks Founder's Extradition
Attacks Show Taliban Not as Weak as US Claims  by Patrick Cockburn
Avoiding Impunity: The Need to Broaden Torture Prosecutions  by Marjorie Cohn
How Our Shady Counterterrorism Policies Are More Dangerous Than Terrorism  by Fred Branfman
Hiding Behind the Troops  by Jeff Huber
The Military-Industrial Complex: The Enemy Within  by John Whitehead
Israel Expands Its Borders Into Europe  by Dahr Jamail

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23 Senators Upset Somali Suspect Could Get Fair Trial

Palestinians Won't Learn Israeli Lessons

Juan Cole Sues to See if Government Kept a File on Him

UK Intelligence and Security Committee Wants More Power


US Building New Jails Across Afghanistan Despite Drawdown

As Karzai Brother Buried, Afghans Ask Who'll Replace Him

Afghan Governor Targeted En Route to Karzai Brother's Funeral

WFP: Three Million in Afghanistan Will Need Food Aid

US Military Uses Biometrics to Identify 'Militants'


UN: Nearly 900 Iraqi Children Killed in Violence

Anxiety Hovers Over Iraqi Commandos

Rights Group Says Draft Law on Demonstrations Would Erode the Rights of Iraqi Citizens

Iraq to Fly Home Despairing Sri Lankan Workers

New Role for Najaf

Visa Delays Put Iraqis Who Aided US in Fear

Iran Rejects US Claims of Role in Iraq Attacks

Wednesday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 13 Wounded


Netanyahu: Boycott Law Reflects Democracy in Israel

EU Expresses Concern Over Israel's Boycott Law

Hamas: Fatah PM Candidacy Imperils Reconciliation

'War on Terror'

Guantánamo Detainees in Court Victory

Pentagon to Unveil Cybersecurity Strategy

Lawmaker: US Airports Are Not Secure Enough

The War at Home
CIA Officer May Face War Crime Charges for Unofficial Interrogations at Abu Ghraib

'Ground Zero Mosque' Clears Legal Hurdle to Build


Turkey Says EU Ties Will 'Freeze' if No Cyprus Solution

Dresden Museum Seeks to Tell Truth About War

Police in Belarus Beat, Detained Dozens of Anti-Govt Protesters

Myanmar Accused of Using Prisoners to Clear Landmines

China Warns North Korea Against New Attacks

Analysts: Kim Jong-Il Touts Son to China

In Other News

Bahrain Releases Poet Who Became a Symbol of Resistance

Nigeria: Boko Haram Strikes Again, Kills 50 in Maiduguri

Obama, Russia's Lavrov Meet at White House

Mumbai Blasts

Q+A: Who Could Be Behind the Mumbai Blasts?

Mumbai Blasts Renew Scrutiny of Pakistan's Crackdown on Militants


ISI Chief in US for Talks

CIA Vaccination Ruse Sparks Fear in Pakistan

Pakistan May Free Doctor Who Helped CIA Track Osama bin Laden


Italy Says West 'On the Right Track' in Libya

Libyan Council Announces Unified Command

Libya Warns Rebel-Held East of Water Shortages

Libyan Rebels Deny Committing Recent Abuses

Gadhafi Facing Fuel and Cash Crises


Western Govts Up Pressure for UN Action on Syria

UN Security Council to Discuss 'Secret' Syrian Nuclear Program

Syrian Reform Conference Eclipsed by Showdown With America

Damascus Escalates Its Iron Fist Policy

Syria: Some Doubt Explanation for Mystery Blast


Yemeni Security Forces, Opposition Clash in Taiz

Yemen Inflation May Soar to 30%

Saudi Govt Reports Spike in Infiltrations From Yemen


Egyptians Protest in Cairo Despite Promised Concessions

Egypt Fires 669 Officers to Cleanse Police Force


Bashir Uses Lofty Language, Hinting at Fresh Start for Sudan

UN Body Recommends South Sudan Be Newest Member

Sudan's South Kordofan Hit by 'New Wave of Bombings'

Khartoum Cancels Sudanese Nationality of Southerners


18 Dead in Bloody Ciudad Juarez Day

Mexican Army to Heed Supreme Court Rights Opinion


US Deports Ex-Guatemalan Soldier Linked to Massacre

Critic of Venezuela's Chavez Sentenced for Remarks


Justin Raimondo
The Debt Ceiling and the Warfare State

Philip Giraldi
Apparently, We Are All Belarusians

Ivan Eland
Sudan's Lessons for Iraq

Ran HaCohen
Things You Can Say, Things You Cannot

Kelley B. Vlahos
Afghanistan: Leaving as Tragic as Staying

Nebojsa Malic
A Tale of Two Secessions

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

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