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Updated July 17, 2011 - 11:23 PM EDT
NATO Struggles to Find an Endgame in Libya
  Confusion in the Mountains, Mixed Messages From the West
  Heavy Casualties Reported in Libya Fighting
Syrian Killings Stall Bid to Unite Opposition
  Impromptu Words, Actions Drive US Stance on Syria
Yemeni Protesters Announce Shadow Govt
Democracy in Steep Decline Around the World
Shake-Up Means UK's Smallest Army Since Boer War
$300 Million Navy Ships to Be Scrapped Before Deployment
Ottawa to Tread Carefully in War of 1812 Commemorations
Why the US Won't Leave Afghanistan  by Pepe Escobar
The American Fantasy of Irreversible Victory  by Paul R. Pillar
Petraeus Gives Afghanistan a Parting Spin  by Robert Greenwald and Derrick Crowe
Temptations of Empire  by John Payne
Warning: This Article Is Illegal  by Gershom Gorenberg
Those Damned Delegitimizers  by Todd Gitlin

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Bipolar Federal Court Slams Body Scans, Praises TSA in One Breath
Woman Gropes TSA Agent's Breast at Checkpoint
Arab Spring Drifts Into Summer Stalemates
Court: DADT Will Stay in Place but Not Enforced
'Ice Wars' Heating Up the Arctic
Heavy Clashes Erupt in Libya's Western Mountains
Libya Rebel Advance Slowed by 'Chemical' Trenches
Gadhafi Supporters Rally for Him in Former Rebel City
Canada Mulls Ways to Fund Libyan Rebels With Frozen Gadhafi Assets
Gadhafi Regime Declared No Longer Legitimate
Tripoli Rocked by Late Night Explosions
10 Rebels Die, 172 Wounded as Fighting Rages in Libya
Video: Thousands Are Bussed to Pro-Gadhafi Rally in Zlitan, 20 Miles From Rebel Lines
Libya Rebels Breach Brega: Spokesman
Austrian Right-Wing Populists in Libya for Mediation Effort
Arab States Committed to Help Libyan People: UAE
Australia Recognizes Libyan Rebels
Turkey Seeks More Pressure on Gadhafi
Egypt Protesters Heckle General as Tensions Mount
Egyptian Military Moves to Cement Muscular Role in Govt
Egypt's Entrepreneurs Look Beyond the Revolution
Fighting for a $50-A-Month Factory Job
Senators, Reps Back Amnesty for Boko Haram
Students Evacuated From Borno Over Degenerating Boko Haram Situation
UN Flies Aid to Islamist Somalia
Suicide Bomber Duo Kill 4, Injure 20 in East Algiers
Tunisian Police Fire in Air to Disperse 'Rioters'
UN Mission Accuses Sudan of Shelling and Torturing Civilians in Nuba War
Torture Allegations Raised in Ivory Coast
Zimbabwe Police Release 4 Independent Journalists
Plans to Deploy Additional Troops Along Pak-Afghan Border in Final Stages: Pakistan Army
10 Killed in Bus Firing in Northwest Pakistan
Three Dead, 16 Wounded in Attacks on NATO Tankers
Bodies of Four Missing Persons Found in Quetta
PPP Leader Killed in Karachi Firing Incident
Pakistan President Arrives in Iran for Talks
Woman Among Seven Injured in Karachi Firing
NATO Serviceman Killed by Afghan 'Soldier'
Killing of Karzai's Half-Brother Makes US Marines' Fight for Security in Sangin Even Tougher
Gunfight Leaves 14, Including 7 Security Forces Dead in Western Afghanistan
Youngest MPs Reject Afghan 'Old Guard'
Two Attacks on Finnish Peacekeepers in Afghanistan
India Police Have 'Good Leads' on Mumbai Blasts
5 Killed in Shootout in Indian Kashmir
Authorities in Indian-Controlled Kashmir Issue Advisory to Hindu Pilgrims Following Deaths
Obama Meets Dalai Lama
China Accuses US of Damaging Diplomatic Relations After Obama Meets Dalai Lama
North Korea
North Korea Faces Famine: 'Tell the World We Are Starving'
North Korea Refugees Fail to Thrive in South: Study
In Tajikistan, Islam's Rise Worries Government
Sri Lankan Military Unearths Weapons in 'No Fire Zone'
Kidnappers of 2 US Nationals in S. Philippines Demand Ransom
US Military
Navy's Newest Prison Set to Open in Chesapeake, Virginia
Coaster Death Shows Risks of Vets' Thrill-Seeking
Book Reviews

Feeling Betrayed: The Roots of Muslim Anger at America

Midnight on the Mavi Marmara

The Story Behind the Permanent War

Robin Wright's Rock the Casbah: Rage and Rebellion Across the Islamic World
Syrians Mourn Slain Protesters as Opposition Figures Discuss Ways to Oust Assad
Syrian Dissidents Plan Strategy at Istanbul Meeting
Syrian Opposition Calls for Civil Disobedience
Syria Releases 28 Anti-Government Intellectuals
RSF: Journalists Targeted by Security Forces in Syria, Jordan and Yemen
Gaza-Bound Ship Carrying Pro-Palestinian Activists Sets Sail From Greece
Erekat: US Has No Reason to Veto Palestinian Bid for Statehood
Israeli Air Strike Wounds Gaza Gunman: Medics
Israel's High Court: Explain Why Israeli Arabs Discriminated Against by Airport Security
Report: Hamas Agreed to Deport 82 Prisoners as Part of Shalit Deal
Israeli Police Clash With Ultra-Orthodox Protesters
US Soldier Killed in Southern Iraq, Fourth American Fatality This Month
Deadly Blasts Target Iraqi Cities
Iranian Forces Penetrate Iraqi Kurdish Border Areas
Saturday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 85 Wounded
Thousands Rally for Political Reform in Bahrain
Bahraini Woman Dies After Inhaling Tear Gas
Iran to Cooperate in Probe of Argentina Jewish Center Bomb
Iran's Top Leader Tells Pakistan President That US Is the 'Real Enemy'
Iran Seeks to Triple China Trade to $100 Billion
14 Suspected al-Qaeda Militants Charged for Allegedly Planning to Attack US Embassy in Turkey
Clinton Says Turkey Must Address Concerns on Backsliding on Rights
Northern Ireland
Three Arrested in Overnight Riots
Northern Ireland Violence Drives Out Immigrant Families
Georgia Says 3rd Photographer Confessed to Spying for Russia; Lawyer Says He Earlier Proclaimed Innocence
Royal Navy Tracking WWII Mine Off Essex Coast
Clinton Pushes Cyprus Solution in Turkey, Greece
Mexico's Border With California Resembles a Demilitarized Zone
US Issues Emergency Warning for Citizens in Chihuahua
Argentina Jails 'Dirty War' Officers Accused Over Killing of German Girl
DNA Tests on Publisher's Adopted Children Shows No Match With Dictatorship Victims, Bolstering Claims of Govt Harassment
Chavez Delegates Powers to Rule From Cuba
Colombia's Guerrillas: The Rebellion That Would Not Die
The Canadian War Vet Is No Longer an Old Guy
'War on Terror'
Judge Questions Proof in Fla. Terror Finance Case
Ex-NSA Official Accused in Leak Case Gets One Year Probation
London Court Outlines Terms for Release of Islamic Movement Leader
Airport Security Measures Prompt Outrage From Elderly and Children
'War on Terror'
Slain Iowa Guardsman Was to Return Home This Month
Laredo (TX) Soldier Killed on Second Iraq Tour
Coeur d'Alene (ID) Soldier Killed in Action in Baghdad
Family Remembers Littleton (CO) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Warner Robbins (GA) Soldier Dies of Wounds Suffered in Iraq
Killed in Afghan Attack: 'A Soldier, a Father, a Son, a Big Brother' (NY)
Utah Marine Leaves Behind Wife, Two Young Children
Wife Remembers Slain Battle Creek (MI) Soldier
Fallen Tega Cay (SC) Marine Returns Home to Tears and Honor
San Jose (CA) Soldier Dies in Firefight in Afghanistan
Family Mourns Sandy (UT) Soldier Killed by Afghan IED

Justin Raimondo
The Banksters and American Foreign Policy

Philip Giraldi
Apparently, We Are All Belarusians

Ivan Eland
Sudan's Lessons for Iraq

Ran HaCohen
Things You Can Say, Things You Cannot

Kelley B. Vlahos
Afghanistan: Leaving as Tragic as Staying

Nebojsa Malic
A Tale of Two Secessions

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

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