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Updated August 9, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT

Gadhafi Officials: NATO Bombs Kill 85 Civilians

  UAE Would Occupy Tripoli in Post-Gadhafi Libya
  NATO Attack on Libyan TV Station Condemned
  Libyan Rebel PM Ousts Cabinet Over Younes Killing
Obama Vows to Continue Afghan War

Taliban Shootdown Forces Chinook Rethink

Pentagon Bans Coverage of Slain US Soldiers
Top US Officials Paid to Endorse Iranian Terror Group
Syria Replaces Defense Min. as Condemnation Grows
Dem: War Spending 'Biggest Reason' for Downgrade

Somali Govt Offers Amnesty, Fighting Continues

US Agents Operate Secretly Inside Mexico
Bahrain's Shi'ites Report Worsening Crackdowns
Did the Russians Bomb a US Embassy?  by Mark Adomanis
Syria and the Hole at the Heart of the Arab Revolts  by Brendan O'Neill
Sorry, Neocons, Adam Smith Was Not One of You  by Shikha Dalmia
Hiroshima and Nagasaki  by Ralph Raico
They Died in Vain; Deal With It  by Ray McGovern
Unwanted Missiles for a Korean Island  by Christine Ahn

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The DEA's Terrorist Hunters: Overreaching Authority?

Petraeus' Legacy in Afghanistan: The Limits of the Surge

Navy Develops New Combat Ships Amid Ongoing Criticism

Nagasaki Anniversary
Nagasaki Remembers Atomic Bombing, as US Sends First Representative to Memorial

Under a Mound in Hiroshima: A City of Ashes the Size of Santa Fe

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Must Never Happen Again, Says Church Org Chief

Nagasaki: 'I Thought I Would Go Out of My Mind With Grief ... I Will Never Forget It'

Silver Spring Woman Remembers Nagasaki Ahead of 66th Anniversary

East Tennesseans Remember Hiroshima, Nagasaki 66 Years Later
Middle East

Report: 81 Congressmen Going to Israel on Break

Fire From Gaza Intensifies as Three Mortars Hit Southern Israel

Fatah: Ex-Palestinian Strongman Mohammed Dahlan Poisoned Arafat

Former Israeli Diplomat Sees Waning Image

Lebanese Attitudes Towards Iran Defy Oversimplification


Somalia Famine: 'Hundreds of Thousands of Kids Could Die'

Nigeria Investigates 'Al-Qaeda' Hostage Video

Sudan, South Sudan Waging Proxy War in Khartoum and Juba

Zimbabwe Torture Camp Discovered in Marange Diamond Field


Kirkuk Joint 'Golden Lions' Face Uncertain Future

Iraq's Qaeda Asks Ex-Fighters to Return, Threatens Attacks

Iraqi Asylum Seekers Fret Over US Withdrawal

In Iraq, Last Days at Camp Victory's Version of Five-Star Hotel

Monday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 15 Wounded


British Soldier Allegedly Cut Fingers Off Dead Taliban

Afghan Forces Show Little Progress as Security Handoff Nears

In Afghanistan, a Village Is a Model of Dashed Hopes

Pakistani Official: 200 Militants Killed in Month

Chopper Makes 'Hard Landing' in Paktia Province


Chinese Military Chief to Visit Israel

China Unrest: Xinjiang's Zhang Chunxian Vows Crackdown


Mexican Military Chopper Mistakenly Lands in Texas

9 Salvadoran Soldiers/Officials Turn Themselves in for 1989 Civil War Killings


Justin Raimondo
Who Inspired Anders Breivik?

Kelley B. Vlahos
Iraqi Allies Scrambling for Exits

Ran HaCohen
Israelis Sick and Tired – but of What?

Philip Giraldi
Rick Perry Abuses His Office for Israel

Ivan Eland
Let's Hope for Continued Fiscal Gridlock

Nebojsa Malic
Law and Disorder

Charles V. Peña
Gates' NATO Gripes Ignore Biggest Failing

David R. Henderson
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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